Come Back, Love: Promos + BTS

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This already released in theaters months back but I seriously didn’t pay attention. (My bad!) But the lack of news is harder to track stuff as well. I finally hunted down a clip of the BTS so not all lost.

It seemed like a light comedy at first when I was just looking at the stills provided. But according to the narration and various comments from the cast and crews, it seemed not so. I hope there would be a variety of comedy and seriousness because I’m too overwhelmed with recent soaps already. With 92 minutes, I don’t think they could drag it out too much, but I hope it’s not too much. Even if the overall message is a deep one.

Here’s the song from the movie for those interested.

Come Back, Love: Ken Chang’s new movie

After much success in his recent roles, I’m was more than happy to find out that he’ll be starring in a movie. Not to mention it’s modern. (Yes, I’m sort of overwhelmed by the whole ancient theme of recent, lol.)

Ken Chang (張智堯) as Chi Jun Jie (池俊杰).

Ni Jing Yang (倪景阳) as Jiang Xiao Yue (江小月).

I’m hoping for this to be some light romantic comedy. Considering various hilarious stills released so far.

Well, there will be a wedding.

Or will there be one?

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