Nothing Unusual by Freya Lim

(Credit: 滾石唱片 ROCK RECORDS) Song Title: Nothing Unusual (痛癢) Music & Lyrics by: Qu Shi Cong (曲世聰) Key:Bold = ChineseGreen = Pin YinLavender = EnglishRefreshing = Vietnamese 別抱有太多幻想 別抱有太多慾望bie bao you tai duo huan xiang   bie bao you tai duo yu wangDon't hold too much delusions, don't hold too much desireĐừng ôm quá nhiều ảo … Continue reading Nothing Unusual by Freya Lim

Love, Suddenly

First off, I wanted to kill the person who designed the thing since it's now considered wrecked for my case. Perhaps it's my butterfingers' hands that are causing it while trying to open it yet it was seriously a challenge for me. I finally gave up and tore it. So the above image, I sort … Continue reading Love, Suddenly