Once Again by 183 Club

(Uploaded by: ferlin) Song Title: Once Again (再一遍) Music & Lyrics by: VJ - James Chu and Victor Lau Key:Bold = Original LyricsFaded Blue = Pin YinBlue: JackyGolden: EhloPink: JohnnyGreen: Ming DaoPurple: SamSea Green: Chorus 親愛的寶貝 感謝你給過的一切qin ai de bao bei   gan xie ni gei guo de yi qieDearest darling, thank you for all you've given … Continue reading Once Again by 183 Club

183 Club’s First Album

Old album, but for sentiment's sake, I'm digging it out and reviewing it anyway. First thing I want to say is: I regretted not getting the other version. 'Cause I got the simple version so I could take advantage of a certain deal. I swear it was a bad idea. Free stuff isn't all that. … Continue reading 183 Club’s First Album

Asian Wave Moments: The Return of Zhu Shi Xiong Di

(Uploaded by: kankanews) Just the other day, James posted up an old picture of the brothers' performance on one of the shows. It sent me chasing a possible new performance down. One question later and some unfruitful findings, I finally matched the outfits to a certain tiny clip of them singing something only to find … Continue reading Asian Wave Moments: The Return of Zhu Shi Xiong Di

Once Again

(Uploaded by: ferlin) I just replaced my mp3 player the other day and decided to load some old songs in along with the ones I still have around on my laptop. (Yeah, my old mp3 player died.) Anyway, I was listening to this song again and was thinking maybe I should blog about their reunion … Continue reading Once Again