Handsome Siblings 2018: Cast

I’m behind on this since they already posted the cast and some behind-the-scenes footage. Go here for their official Weibo page.

The role of Hua Wu Que (花無缺) went to Hu Yi Tian (胡一天).

As for Xiao Yu Er (小魚兒), he will be portrayed by Chen Zhe Yuan (陈哲远).

Vicky Liang (梁婧娴) will portray Tie Xin Lan (鐵心蘭).

As for Su Ying (蘇櫻), she will be portrayed by Liang Jie (梁洁).

The villain of this series Jiang Bie He (江別鶴) aka Jiang Qin (江琴) will be portrayed by Gallen Lo.

Jiang Bie He’s son, Jiang Yu Lang (江玉郎) will be portrayed by Zhou Jun Chao (周骏超).

Tay Ping Hui is also in here and will be portraying the role of Yan Nan Tian (燕南天).

Yao Yue (邀月), the head of Yi Hua Palace, is portrayed by Nikita Mao (毛林林).

The second leader of Yi Hua Palace and also Yao Yue’s sister, Lian Xing (憐星), will be portrayed by Meng Li (孟丽).

Little Fairy (小仙子) Zhang Jing (張菁) will be portrayed by Wang Zhen (王禛). And omg, really? Red again? I had to halt update and went to check on her name. I never read the novel properly and do not know what was supposed to be her style. But seriously? I’m so overwhelmed by the red outfits for female characters in recent years. It would have been better to have her wearing green or blue. Light colors, of course.

Zhou Bin (周斌) will portray Gu Ren Yu (顧人玉).

Anyway, moving on, the character Mu Rong Jiu (慕容九) will be portrayed by Shao Yun (邵芸). And that looks like pink. Not fond of the red background either although I know they tried to make it look cool and blend in with her outfit.

Will Song ( 宋文作 ) will portray the character Black Spider (黑蜘蛛).

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Handsome Siblings: New Adaptation

Yes, there will be another adaptation of it. However, it is Huace doing it. They’re once again teaming up with Perfect World Pictures–after the success of The Legend of the Condor Heroes. (Go here for the article.)

There are no words of the cast involved yet but they’ll be working on the script and other details for now. We’ll just have to wait, lol. But I wonder how they’ll tackle it with this version. On the announcement, it is said to be 50 episodes, but who knows? There was a poll on Huace’s page awhile back asking about the possible cast. I think I chose Yang Yang to be Hua Wu Que (花無缺). I don’t know about Xiao Yu Er (小魚兒) since I couldn’t imagine anyone in that role yet.

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The Missing 2017: In Theaters

Yes, it’s out! I didn’t realize it until I saw Jacky’s post about urging others to go watch it. Yes, I was stalking Jacky’s page again, but realized he and Ming Dao had a mini-reunion.

Jacky said that he could miss anything yet couldn’t miss his good brother’s movie. So yeah, he had to go support Ming Dao. But the message with “183 forever” got me all sentimental again. Speaking of “brothers”, today is also Ehlo’s birthday! Nice?

*Images credit: Jacky Chu’s Weibo

The Missing 2017: Ming Dao’s Comeback

I just stumbled upon this since I was just doing my random browsing on Weibo. (Click here for the movie’s Weibo page.) Anyway, this movie will be in theaters on April 1st. (No jokes!) It’s a crime drama produced and directed by Xu Jing Lei (徐静蕾).

I have to say that this might be the drama that allows me to take Ming Dao seriously again as an actor (since Angel Lover). It’s not like he’s a bad actor, but I seriously think he has been doing more popular dramas than the more serious ones so I sort of lost interest. Not to mention how there are too many TV dramas around to catch up on, etc.

Ming Dao will be portraying a police officer in here, obviously from the stills above. His character is Lu Ran (陆然).

Aside from Ming Dao, the other main cast include Director Hsu herself, Stanley Huang, and Bai Bai He.

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The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016: Guo Jing and Huang Rong – Valentine’s Special

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day (duh, I know) so Huace shared a poster of the main couple together, which was fine with me.

What got even cuter was when William took to his Weibo account to share how he was going to invite Rong Er to watch the show together. It was an attempt to promote the show but also a cute message of the two. She responded in a totally random way but it was still funny.

The point? If I wasn’t sold on this couple before, I’m sold now. (In fact, they’re like my favorite Guo Jing and Huang Rong after Felix and Barbara.)

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