Year 2017 in Recap

When I thought that 2016 was a terrible year for me, I was wrong. 2017 continued to tank to a new level of crappiness. There were many frustrating things–one after another. It was like when I asked, “How much worse could 2017 be?”, it was like a challenge to the universe. So stuff happening in real life obviously affected how much time I have for this blog or attempted to keep some sort of activity. I did better than last year regarding updates, but that was a lot of effort because I’m still way behind on some news that I wanted to talk about. Yet no time or more like didn’t feel like it at the moment. I continued to get drained to another level that I thought might not be possible–like several days before. Then the pattern just repeated itself at different intervals. I think somewhere along the way, I ended up revamping my blog by getting rid of the too random posts. Like those general update ones. Although my blog already is random on many levels, I didn’t want to just post for the sake of placeholders too much. Anyway, here are some stats for this year.

Total Posts in 2017: 155 (11.7% of all time).

January: 18 (% of the year)
February: 10 (%)
March: 21 (%)
April: 20 (%)
May: 11 (%)
June: 18 (%)
July: 6 (%)
August: 4 (%)
September: 20 (%)
October: 14 (%)
November: 9 (%)
December: 4 (%)

Books Reviews:

Sad, because I actually read a bit this year but didn’t feel like doing reviews for some of them. Maybe I’ll go back to do them later.

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries:

Fan Fiction:

Complete failure–unlike what I promised last year about getting things done. I started looking over some of the fanfics again and managed to get going on some, but I can’t promise how fast it would be rolled out. I’ll get it out when I’m happy with what I wrote.

Songs Translations:

I used “You’re Always Beautiful” to start the year, thinking that if I continue to retain some sense of positiveness, somehow things will get better. But it didn’t. Anyway, how was this year regarding translations? I didn’t realize I was that productive. Mostly, I tried to push the majority of 183 Club’s songs out.



I didn’t want to do this update like I said last year. However, I felt like I needed to persuade myself to continue on. Not to mention, I want to keep some sort of a teeny, tiny bit of hope that 2018 will actually be better. So we’ll see, right?

183 Club Reunion: June 2017

The other day, James (Jacky’s brother) posted an article from Apple Daily of the guys hanging out and getting caught. What was controversial about it was how Ming Dao was seen with one of the star actresses from the popular TV drama Nirvana In Fire (琅琊榜), Angel Wang. Ming Dao and Angel previously collaborated in a reality show called We Are In Love (我們相愛吧).

Aside from that, their gathering was missing one person, which was Johnny. So the gang felt incomplete. According to the article, Ming Dao’s management team hadn’t disclosed anything regarding the band’s future professional-wise. However, it was mentioned that they are still pursuing their individual careers at the moment.

It was also mentioned that Jacky’s new drama, Prince Coffee Lab, will be airing in August.

What the article failed to mention was that Ehlo’s new drama A Railway Life (車站人生) is currently airing. It’s also available on DaAi’s YouTube channel. (Click here to watch.)

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Prince Coffee Lab: Adaptation

This drama is adapted from the Korean version (or supposedly with some posts I read). Anyway, the reason why I was even interested in this drama was because of Jacky. Yes, finally updating on him at long last. I saw some posts about it previously that he updated but wasn’t into it. Yet now that it was coming together already, I could update without feeling like it was just a teaser.

Lulu Xu (徐璐) as Gao Xing (高兴).

Yang Le (杨玏) as Jiang Shang Wu (姜尚武).

Wayne Yang (王阳) as Qin Zhe Mo (秦哲默).

Shi Yu Fei (施予斐) as Han Xiao (韩笑).

Cao Wei Yu (曹卫宇) as Hu Zi Bing (胡子兵).

Jacky Chu as Xiao Jian Feng (萧剑峰).

Johnny Pei (裴立言) as Chen Hai Shen (陈海深).

Chris Chu (朱润) as Huang Huang (黄皇).

Lin Yi Ming (林奕明) as Chen Gang (陈刚).

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.