Year 2017 in Recap

When I thought that 2016 was a terrible year for me, I was wrong. 2017 continued to tank to a new level of crappiness. There were many frustrating things--one after another. It was like when I asked, "How much worse could 2017 be?", it was like a challenge to the universe. So stuff happening in … Continue reading Year 2017 in Recap

Suffer For You by Jeff Chang (Uploaded by: 958md) Song Title: Suffer For You (為你我受冷風吹) Music & Lyrics by: Johnathan Lee (李宗盛) Key: Bold = Original Indigo = Pin Yin Grayish Blue = English Navy Blue = Vietnamese 為你我受冷風吹 wei ni wo shou leng feng chui Because of you, I've endured the cold blasting wind Vì em, tôi cam chịu … Continue reading Suffer For You by Jeff Chang