Status of Fan Fiction XXI

The last time I updated this was more than two years ago. I thought I need to bring this up again, despite having literally no progress at all for almost two years now. What happened? The crazy and/or dramas just kept piling up that I couldn’t catch a break to do it. Well, I did write a lot but I kept backspacing or just scratching it out altogether. To be totally honest, my focus for the past few years has been the three parts of Wan Xin Bang (萬心幫). It’s listed in the some of the other updates, but I pulled it in the fan fiction section because I was changing it around too much. When I’m finally done, like absolutely no more changing my mind about the plot, I will post it up. Yes, there are three parts of Wan Xin Bang. It’s also my first wuxia attempt ever so it’s really hard but also fun. I also ended up starting my second wuxia, which would also be having multiple parts, lol.

Anyway, getting back to this current update, the current total vote is 69.

Current Fan Fics:

Hide & Seek – 25 Votes – One vote up from last time YET I’m still not moving. Again, I’m trying to preserve some sort of light tone to it, even if some details are leaning toward a more serious route. I don’t want to end up killing some characters senselessly just to finish the story off. So yeah, sorry, but I’ll try somehow to finish it. It’s just hanging in limbo for now.

Honey In Tea – 9 Votes – One up from last time I updated. Once again, didn’t want to ruin it.

Payback – 3 Votes – Regarding this, I merged part 2 with part 1 so now there’s only 1 part, nice? Yes, hence the updated poster to include Dou Hua Mei. She will be an essential character, and that’s all I’m saying for now.

Stranded – 3 Votes – Totally scrapping it. Or more like some of the cast/characters and revamping it to make it my version. It’s not working out. Not to mention a tragedy happening at the beginning of last month also drove my decision.

The Business – 7 Votes – Will finish it. I actually like this one so I’m not giving up on it. It just needs time for me to not ruin it.

Upcoming Fan Fics:

I know it’s like ridiculous to still maintain this section when I’m up in my heads with lack of updates for all the others. Yet I’m just couldn’t help myself.

Slanted Thoughts 3 – Okay, I know. You’re all like: This thing needs a 3? Yes, it’s crazy. I actually thought of part 3 like two years back. It’s mostly the first chapter and notes. But I think it’s going to happen. But rest assured that like some of my past sagas, this will only be three parts.

The Dating Game 6 – I’m almost done with this. Just need a few more chapters. I actually want to do another read over to see if I should go with that route or backtrack. I might post it up to keep my lack of updates for fan fics less pathetic.

One-shots is now at 22. I’m not sure what I should be writing about, even if it’s just one-shots. I actually have some drawn up, but then ended up scrapping it, because of recent events, etc.

So overall, all I can say is I can’t promise anything regarding updates, considering how the craziness just keeps piling up. Now, I have other more pressing things in my life to take care of. Maybe when that front is more stable and I’m less stressed, updates will happen. If you haven’t noticed yet, I don’t want to get updates out for the sake of it.


Nylon and Lene’s Wedding

This was the end of last year, but once again, I’m a slow poke for updating and all.

The beautiful bride and her bride-maids.

The groom and his best men.

Of course there were other friends whom attended the wedding and even performed for the couple.

Of course, Nylon didn’t pass up the chance of serenading his wife.

Chen Yi caused quite a stir on his page, because he posted a picture of him and Mandy as well as another picture with Qiao Qiao. (Fans were fighting, lol.)

Anyway, congrats to Nylon and Lene!

*All images were from Nylon, Lene, and Chen Yi’s Facebook pages.

Year 2017 in Recap

When I thought that 2016 was a terrible year for me, I was wrong. 2017 continued to tank to a new level of crappiness. There were many frustrating things–one after another. It was like when I asked, “How much worse could 2017 be?”, it was like a challenge to the universe. So stuff happening in real life obviously affected how much time I have for this blog or attempted to keep some sort of activity. I did better than last year regarding updates, but that was a lot of effort, because I’m still way behind on some news that I wanted to talk about. Yet no time or more like didn’t feel like it at the moment. I continued to get drained to another level that I thought might not be possible–like several days before. Then the pattern just repeat itself at different intervals. I think somewhere along the way, I ended up revamping my blog by getting rid of the too random posts. Like those general update ones. Although my blog already is random on many levels, but I didn’t want to just post for the sake of placeholders too much. Anyway, here are some stats for this year.

Total Posts in 2017: 155 (11.7% of all time).
January: 18 (% of the year)
February: 10 (%)
March: 21 (%)
April: 20 (%)
May: 11 (%)
June: 18 (%)
July: 6 (%)
August: 4 (%)
September: 20 (%)
October: 14 (%)
November: 9 (%)
December: 4 (%)

Books Reviews: Sad, because I actually read a bit this year but didn’t feel like doing reviews for some of them. Maybe I’ll go back to do them later.

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries:

Fan Fiction: Complete failure–unlike what I promised last year about getting  things done. I started looking over some of the fan fics again and managed to get going on some, but I can’t promise on how fast it would be rolled out. I’ll get it out when I’m happy with what I wrote.

Songs Translations: I used “You’re Always Beautiful” to start the year, thinking that if I continue to retain some sense of positiveness, somehow things will get better. But it didn’t. Anyway, how was this year regarding translations? I didn’t realize I was that productive. Mostly, I tried to push the majority of 183 Club’s songs out.



I didn’t want to do this update like I said last year. However, I felt like I needed to persuade myself to continue on. Not to mention, I want to keep some sort of teeny, tiny bit of hope that 2018 will actually be better. So we’ll see, right?

Joanne Tseng: Flowers and Life

(credit image: CTE)

A new article came up outlining Qiao Qiao’s achievements, latest dramas, and her recent album release. However, what was new to me this time was her flower arrangement abilities and somewhat tying it to her life philosophies. The article also mentioned Calvin briefly. Anyway, click here for full article. Short article, but still worth reading.

This Kind of Feeling is Love by Joanne Tseng

(Credit: ForwardMusic 豐華唱片)

Song Title: This Kind of Feeling is Love (這種感覺就是愛)

Music by: Chen Zhi Yuan (陳志遠)

Lyrics by: Qiong Yao (瓊瑤)

Bold = Chinese
Magenta = Pin Yin
Amber = English
Teal = Vietnamese

dang san bu shi hui xiang dao ni
The moment when I took a stroll, I would think of you
Trong lúc mà em tản bộ, em sẽ nghĩ đến anh
dang you dang shi hui xiang dao ni
The moment when I roamed about, I would think of you
Trong lúc mà em lang thang, em sẽ nghĩ tới anh
dang ni liang kong hui chu xian zai wo de meng li
The moment when your face would appear in my dream
Trong lúc mà khuôn mặt của anh xuất hiện trong giấc mộng của em
dang ni de sheng yin hui chu xian zai wo de er ji
The moment when your voice would be heard by my ears
Trong lúc mà thanh âm của anh lảng vảng bên tai của em
我才知道 你己經住在心底
wo cai zhi dao   ni ji jing zhu zai xin di
Only then that I know that you’ve resided at the bottom of my heart
Trong lúc đó em mới biết được rằng anh đang ở tận trong lòng em

dang san bu shi you xiang dao ni
The moment when I took a stroll, I would once again think of you
Trong lúc mà em tản bộ, em lại nghĩ đến anh
dang you dang shi you xiang dao ni
The moment when I roamed about, I would once again think of you
Trong lúc mà em lang thang, em lại nghĩ tới anh
dang ni de lian kong you chu xian zai wo de meng li
The moment when your face would once again appear in my dream
Trong lúc mà khuôn mặt của anh lại xuất hiện trong giấc mộng của em
dang ni de sheng yin you chu xian zai wo de er ji
The moment when your voice would once again be heard by my ears
Trong lúc mà thanh âm của anh lại lảng vảng bên tai của em
我這才驚覺 我己經被你佔據
wo zhe cai jing jue   wo ji jing bei ni zhan ju
Only then that I suddenly realized that I’ve been occupied by you
Trong lúc đó em mới đột nhiên nhận ra rằng em đã bị anh chiếm cứ

dang shou ji li mei you ni de hu huan
The moment when my cell phone doesn’t have any calls from you
Trong lúc mà điện thoại di động không có một cú gọi nào của anh
dang dian hua li mei you ni de liu yan
The moment when my phone doesn’t contain any of your messages
Trong lúc mà điện thoại không có một tin nhắn nào của anh
當你的身影 不再陪伴我身邊
dang ni de shen ying   bu zai pei ban wo shen bian
The moment when your silhouette isn’t accompanying mine
Trong lúc mà hình bóng của anh không có bên cạnh em
我才知道 你己經是我最大的依戀
wo cai zhi dao   ni ji jing shi wo zui da de yi lian
Only then that I know that you’re my greatest reluctant to part with
Trong lúc đó em mới biết được rằng anh là sự quyến luyến lớn nhứt của em

dang wo xi guan ni de cun zai
The moment when I’m used to your presence
Trong lúc mà em đã quen với sự tồn tại của anh
dang wo hai pa ni de li kai
The moment when I’m afraid of your departure
Trong lúc mà em sợ rằng anh sẽ ra đi
當我們小別的時候 我痴痴等待
dang wo men xiao bie de shi hou   wo chi chi deng dai
The moment of our brief separation, I would foolishly wait
Trong lúc mà chúng ta tạm thời xa cách, em sẽ dại khờ chờ đợi
當我們吵架的時候 我默默發呆
dang wo men chao jia de shi hou   wo mo mo fa dai
The moment when we quarrel, I would silently stare in dazed
Trong lúc mà chúng ta gây gổ, em sẽ lặng lẽ nhìn một cách ngây ngô
我才知道 這種感覺就是愛
wo cai zhi dao   zhe zhong gan jue jiu shi ai
Only then that I know that this kind of feeling is love
Trong lúc đó em mới biết được rằng cảm giác này chính là tình yêu

*All translations were done by DTLCT.