True Love 365: Yu Xiang and Bi Ting

I know I already covered their relationship in the other post. But I couldn’t help bringing out another post regarding them. The other reason is I want to clarify some matters.

First of all, I had mentioned a lot of how Bi Ting was often rescued by Yu Xiang, whether because they were stuck together in the most unbelievable situations or because he was just teasing her. Or even later into the story when they finally became good friends. Yet that wasn’t the sole reason why I ended up loving them together. Because the whole rescuing formula often created the whole “prince in shining armor” that I had made fun of so often on this blog.

What I do like though was how Yu Xiang had rescued Bi Ting WAY before even acknowledging that she was actually quite cute in her own way. At times, even if they were in disagreements, he still steered her along when they were chased by those thugs that one time in the earlier parts of the drama. Even if he didn’t like her that much, he still chose to help her that one time during the awkward encounter with Shu Xin. Although he’d said later that he was just helping his brother, he still did it.

Not to mention that this drama finally took back the balance with allowing the male lead to do all the rescuing instead of just letting the second main guy shined throughout and let the viewers scold the main guy for not doing anything. It wasn’t like I needed the main guy to prove himself so much by doing those glorified acts while the female lead stood by helplessly. This one allowed Yu Xiang to be both hateful and likable at the same time, without tearing him apart or giving him too much credit by creating unrealistic characteristics out of him. Yet I liked it that there were many sticky situations also that the second main guy was going through as well so that was one of the reasons why it didn’t work out. No one was perfect. But their decisions had impacted the outcome of the story in the end, just like how life should be. So after the initial rescuing that Jun Jie did at the beginning and had caught Bi Ting’s attention, he was no longer active in that area, because of many other situations that he was pulled into.

What I also liked and was fascinated after the whole frustration subsided was how much Yu Xiang changed through time. It wasn’t like a change but like a sense of maturity. Because from the start, he wasn’t a bad person. He seriously wasn’t a bad person. It was his attitude that was terrible, even during work and having to communicate with some of the most renowned businessmen. He was too arrogant and had stomped on too many feet. He learned to curve that later. However, he wasn’t becoming all dull either. He was still funny, he was still running his mouth. But he became more appreciative of those around him.

Then there was Bi Ting. She wasn’t so passive or so ignorant of matters like other female leads often were portrayed with being cute and innocent and all. In some ways, she was still inexperienced. Yet she wasn’t too clueless about other matters in life. After all, she had been living alone for a long time now, supporting herself and working toward her ultimate goal. So she couldn’t be that naive. She also got mad at times, not just plain silly mad to attract viewers either. Yes, there were senseless banters with Yu Xiang from time to time, but that was different. From her serious conversations at times with Yu Xiang, she knew too well about realistic expectations and what might not work out, like her relationship with Jun Jie from the start. Even if she had dreamed of being with him and was somewhat silly at first but after the initial silliness wore off and obstacles started to present itself, she realized the reality of it all. It wasn’t like she wanted to give up, but after some attempted communications and persistence that went nowhere, she couldn’t just ignore those signs so blindly.

One last item, but probably there were some topics left untouched, lol. What I really liked about this drama, aside from all of the other aforementioned reasons, was the time the main couple spent together. Sometimes, especially in recent dramas, I felt like the main couple never spend enough time together. Sure, they fell in love somehow and then were torn apart by scheming, jealous people and then the female lead ended up crying in the second male lead’s arms while the leading guy was too stubborn to work things out or was helpless because of other side matters. (What I just described sort of fell into what happened between Bi Ting and Jun Jie in here, lol. But at least it got reversed a little this time, NOT just following on that same path.) Then somehow along the way, things fell together again, but the main couple just didn’t spend enough time together. This one, whether when they were in disagreements or the developments of the story, Yu Xiang and Bi Ting spent a lot of time together. They worked together later on helped, but at least the scriptwriters were aiding the main lead guy’s cause in a way that didn’t seem too WAY over. It at least convinced viewers more as to why they should be together, not just throwing stuff in randomly to let it be dramatic and toss the reasoning of the plot out the window like the more popular dramas often like to go on a tangent.

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True Love 365: Episode 20

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

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As Long Tian Xing was walking home, his father appeared out of nowhere and called out to him. (Well, that dude was spying nearby but still.) What was the topic of discussion this time around? Um…Tian Xing was telling his father how the Lai family weren’t a bad bunch, and that his father needed to open his eyes a bit to see how they were. Pouring some ice-cold water onto his old man’s face all right. Of course, he was still using the whole ‘family’ card to get Tian Xing to succumb to his plans. Bi Jing Ye threatened his son with the whole “I’ll tell Lai Da Fa you’re my son if you don’t do as I said” card. Great, so much for family. Yet Tian Xing said he was still following his old man’s plans, just that he thought the old man would reconsider the whole thing.

So back to Yu Xiang and Bi Ting’s stroll toward Bi Ting’s house. Suddenly they were so formal. She thanked him for walking her home. And then he was like asking for permission to speak. Well, it was more like he said he had something to tell her. Okay, she also had something to say to him. What? Bi Ting wanted to clarify all the rumors he must have heard about her breakup with Jun Jie. She said that the reason why she couldn’t let go of everything and leave for Paris was because of her mother, not because of him–like rumors have it. She also pointed out that she found out today how similar they were, treasuring family the most. Yu Xiang agreed that he couldn’t just let go of family. She was done talking and wanted to leave. Yet he stopped her. Was this the moment? No, too much impatient on my part. (Since it made sense he stopped himself if he was about to say it before.) Well, he asked her if she was willing to come to work for his company. Yet she said she already told him in the past that she was still pursuing her wedding planner dream and how she would eventually work her way up to earn the “Paris trip” herself in the future. Though she did thank him for thinking of recruiting her to work for him, etc. So that was it. End of conversation.

So it was ‘meet the parent day’ with Mrs. Lai. Of course, she gave them her blessings. She sure was sharp though, stating that she had a friend who had a similar background as Tian Xing’s descriptions. However, she let it off. He quickly made up some story to dodge the situation altogether. (Nice one.) When Tian Xing excused himself to go to the restroom, Yu Jie steered the conversation right back to convincing Mrs. Lai to forgive Chairman Lai.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Bi Ting was out and about and bumped into Jun Jie (literally). There was some awkwardness yet he invited her to breakfast/lunch. She agreed. They were having fast food out at the park, but Bi Ting didn’t mind. She never minded about that stuff anyway. Besides, the more important thing was trying to resolve their past conflicts and ‘maintain some sort of friendship’. It was interesting how things turned out. After they cooled down and had some time off from all the pressure, they were able to talk again and even apologized to one another. And the most interesting thing was how Bi Ting suggested that Jun Jie moved into her apartment building since he was trying to cut back on spending, considering how he had just closed his company and was still searching for a job.

And as all that was going on, Yu Xiang was at home on his laptop while Tian Cheng walked in whistling like an idiot. Yes, he was feeling high. Yu Xiang was teasing him about how it was just a matter of time before Tian Cheng and Yi Ru got back together. Tian Cheng told Yu Xiang not to say those things, considering how Yi Ru just broke her engagement with Michael, and how he (Tian Cheng) wasn’t able to come out and say it after so many things had happened. Yu Xiang, being the advisor that he was, told Tian Cheng to seek out his daughter to help. Nice move, eh? Yet Tian Cheng turned the table on Yu Xiang when he pointed out that Yu Xiang couldn’t have a say in it with the whole ‘courage’ deal. Tian Cheng went on to say that he heard from Yu Jie that Yu Xiang had feelings toward Bi Ting yet wasn’t brave enough to pursue her. So Tian Cheng pointed out that Yu Xiang should take some actions to better convince him. Yu Xiang was so clever, he blurted out that their situations weren’t the same so it couldn’t be compared and rushed to the restroom instead.

Yu Jie and Tian Xing’s next stop was at Chairman Lai’s office. They were just sending along Mrs. Lai’s words regarding the meeting earlier. Chairman Lai was more than happy to oblige to Mrs. Lai’s requests. He even gave Tian Xing a check for all the wedding arrangements and such. Yet Tian Xing turned it down, saying they could manage. But Chairman Lai said it was for his daughter, not for Tian Xing, lol. So there it went with them shoving the check back and forth about twenty times before Yu Jie interfered. Soon, Tian Xing finally called Chairman Lai “Dad” and they settled down to chat some more. The topic of conversation suddenly moved to how Chairman Lai was saying Tian Xing reminded him of an old friend. Yu Jie jumped in to say that Tian Xing and Bi Jing Ye sure resembled one another. (Wow and they didn’t figure that one out until now? Great…) Tian Xing used that time to ask about that particular “Uncle Bi” who Yu Jie was talking about. So he finally got to hear Chairman Lai’s side of the story. Yet it wasn’t like Chairman Lai was bashing the other party or defending himself. He actually blamed himself for not paying attention to Bi Jing Ye thus causing even more understandings and worsening their ties. Tian Xing assured Chairman Lai that if that friend of his understood, he would soon be forgiven.

So at Sam Brunch, Tian Cheng was really enjoying it with finally being able to spend time with his ‘wife’ and kid without other interruptions. Well, not really, but it seemed like they were back to where they started. Just needed to muster up some courage and tell Yi Ru. Sam looked like he wanted to tease them yet he didn’t.

Back on the Yu Xiang and Bi Ting front, they were meeting up with Yu Jie and Tian Xing again. The wedding was going to take place three days later. Yu Xiang was beyond shocked with the time. Yet Yu Jie said their mother had wanted to travel south, etc. After the explanation and all, Yu Xiang promised that he and Bi Ting would help them out, etc. They went shopping together and tried to make ends meet. It was so funny how she made him beg this one lady. It was so funny yet cute. Then they were moving on to searching for other items. So funny how he was using chopsticks to propose to her.

Jun Jie and Shu Xin were also enjoying their time together–although they were just working on their proposals. Yet it was a change that Jun Jie was sharing his feelings to her, etc. She was indeed happy with his change in attitude and outlook as well.

Back on Yu Xiang and Bi Ting front again, they were settling old scores. At least Bi Ting was saying how he was picking at her work during their first official meeting yet now he had to stay up late to do all the work. He was actually enjoying past arguments? Yet he was right. Though they were arguing nonstop daily, it was rather simple than the situation they were in now. Then things got awkward again before they tried to go back to work on the decorations. It wasn’t until Yu Xiang finally couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to tell her AND ended up knocking the decorations over by accident. Or more like they both turned at the same time to call out each other’s names. Oy… What was there to do except retrieving those items from the floor? And he still used that time to say that she was unlucky?

Much, much later in the night, Yu Xiang walked Bi Ting home again. He repeated his appreciation for her working so hard on his sister’s wedding, etc. Of course, she said it was nothing since it was part of her job. After the usual chat, they parted ways again with her going upstairs and he waited until she was safely inside before leaving. Well, not really going yet since he stepped aside to dial her number. Then he stopped himself by beating himself up by saying he wasn’t thinking about Jun Jie’s feelings, and no wonder Jun Jie kept misunderstanding him in the past, etc. When Bi Ting finally picked up, he told her he dialed the wrong number.

Then came the day of Yu Jie and Tian Xing’s wedding. Everything seemed perfect. It took place at Sam Brunch. They had to transform the atmosphere and decorated the place to be suitable for the wedding. Guests were showing up already. Then Yu Xiang came. He spotted Bi Ting checking over the decorations to make sure it was tip-top and walked over to her to deliver some words of tease. Yet he did thank her once again for her effort. Jun Jie soon stepped in though and addressed both parties. A round of awkward staring was in place. That was until Jun Jie said that he was going to go and give Yu Jie his blessings. Yu Xiang seconded and they left together. After that, guests pilled in one by one, even some of the key characters. Jun Jie soon got his turn to talk to Yu Jie–to which he told her he wasn’t staying since he had to leave for some business matters in a bit. But he had promised to return later. She then asked him if he found a place yet and he told her he was living at their mother’s past apartment–across from Bi Ting. Yu Jie teased him for having some ‘motives’ but he shrugged it off. He also mentioned how he and Bi Ting already talked it out. Shu Xin arrived next and gave her blessings to Yu Jie as well. Then Chairman Lai came. They chatted a bit and the surprising moment arrived when Mrs. Lai came (since they weren’t sure if she would come, considering how things were between her and Chairman Lai at the moment). Mrs. Lai wanted to talk with Tian Xing in private. That set off some alarms but she was only giving him some pieces of jewelry. A pair of rings to be exact. It was from her parents and she wanted to pass it on to Yu Jie and Tian Xing. Indeed Tian Xing was feeling worse and worse after Mrs. Lai left, considering how much they trusted him, especially Yu Jie’s parents.

Then it was finally the time when Tian Xing stepped up toward the stage area and called for attention. (That was after he handed over the pair of rings to Yu Jie and said it was from her mother.) He said he had an announcement to make. He broke it to the others that he was actually Bi Jing Ye’s son. He went further to explain that he initially wanted to execute his father’s plans hence going forward with this whole thing. Yet now, he had really fallen for Yu Jie, and their family’s warmness had caused him to realize that he shouldn’t continue with his schemes anymore. He went on to clarify that he wasn’t saying all those things so that they would accept him. He only hoped that they would give him a chance and forgive him for what he’d done. He ended the speech with a sincere bow. Yu Jie had no choice but to flee the scene. It was too much to take, who could blame her?

Outside, Tian Xing had successfully caught up with her. She told him to let go. Then she asked him why he had to trick her like that. He explained it was because of his father, but now he really loved her. He even asked for a second chance. Of course, she couldn’t accept it and couldn’t take him back like that. It was too much to take. So she fled the scene again.

That night at home, the men were busy trying to comfort their princess. Yet they still dared defended Tian Xing in front of her? Well, it made sense since it was indeed one of the upsides that Tian Xing had told her before the wedding instead of after. But she was too heart-broken to care or think rationally at this point. So they were still going back and forth with the argument whether Yu Jie should accept him or not. Yang Bo Wen said that he could see that Tian Xing knew he was wrong and he ‘truly’ loved Yu Jie so he voted one for Tian Xing. Yu Xiang and Tian Cheng were still on the out with saying that Tian Xing was still wrong to trick others. Regardless of the men’s side argument though, it would be up to Yu Jie to decide since she will have to live with it. What made Yu Jie laughed, at last, was how Tian Cheng was pondering why Jun Jie wasn’t picking up. Yu Jie clarified that it was because he was busy with a case and how he was living at their mother’s previous apartment now. Yu Xiang was mumbling how so those two hadn’t reconciled and all. That was about the time Yang Bo Wen jumped over to Yu Xiang and Tian Cheng’s place to investigate a certain ‘sour’ odor. (YUP, implying that Yu Xiang was jealous.) Yu Xiang quickly said that he needed to go upstairs and rest and fled the scene. Nice getaway indeed.

Back at an undisclosed location, Tian Xing had another meeting with his father. The old man didn’t look too happy. (I wouldn’t either if someone sabotaged my evil plans like that.) Tian Xing confessed that he had already told the others that he was Bi Jing Ye’s son and that he didn’t want to continue on with this ‘trap’ anymore. Okay, Bi Jing Ye sprung his ultimate plan: severing all ties with Tian Xing. Old plan but yeah. Tian Xing was still calm, he even urged his old man to go seek out Chairman Lai for a talk to sort things out.

At Sam Brunch, Yu Xiang and Min Ling were meeting up for a talk. So Min Ling was leaving. She thanked him for looking after her all these years. Yu Xiang asked her where she was going. She told him she was going to the States to study for a while. He wished her luck and told her to take good care of herself. Min Ling then told him that he should take good care of Bi Ting since Bi Ting had let go of her Paris dream because of him so Bi Ting must really love him. He promised. (Really? When was he going to carry through?)

Still, at another location, Tian Xing sought out Mrs. Lai for a talk. He wasn’t trying to pull strings to get back into Yu Jie’s heart. He was out to do damage control and ask for forgiveness. Mrs. Lai was apparently still in shock that Tian Xing was Bi Jing Ye’s son. But she was willing to forgive him since she said he was only fulfilling his filial duties, and that it took a lot of courage for him to step out and say it. Then she asked about Bi Jing Ye, hoping that he would eventually accept it and move on.

Somewhere at a playground. Or more accurately at the playground that Tian Cheng and Yi Ru often took Xiao Die out to play, Yi Ru was walking around calling out for Xiao Die. Xiao Die soon jumped out from somewhere to surprise her mother. But that wasn’t the real surprise since she wanted to take her mother somewhere. Awww…Xiao Die teamed up with her father to give her mother a surprise. Well, Tian Cheng dressed as a clown to surprise Yi Ru and popped the question again. It didn’t matter what her answer was. They were having too much fun goofing off.

Yu Jie finally met up with her mother. It was an interesting conversation really. Because how Yu Jie was saying her father was wrong too yet he still clarified the matters with everyone. So why didn’t her mother forgive her father? Great question really. How was it different? The father sure took his precious time about it. (Okay, I’m not helping but it’s still funny to see how Mrs. Lai dodges out of this one.) Yup, Mrs. Lai was indeed sharp all right since she said the situations were different. Yu Jie was using the whole ‘forgiveness’ thing to bargain with her mother (aka if she forgave Tian Xing, then Mrs. Lai will have to forgive Chairman Lai.) It was funny how Mrs. Lai agreed, but she added a term to it. Yet she stated it was impossible since Chairman Lai would never do it.

At a construction site, Jun Jie spotted Shu Xin. Wow, she sure was taking it easy nowadays, willing to go out in the world and get ‘dirty’, not caring for the ‘perfect’ image anymore. It was indeed cute (if I really have to admit it) that they were joking around so comfortably, unlike in the past. And they were able to share so much with each other as well. Well, more him than her at the moment. But definitely progress. (I actually thought it would be madly rushed if the scriptwriters try to pull these two together at the last moment but it actually worked out quite well, considering how their time apart had made them acquire a different perspective toward many things, including toward each other.)

Back home, Yu Jie descended the stairs, calling out for the others, wondering why they hadn’t come back yet. However, when she switched on the lights, Tian Xing was standing in front of her. (How in the world did he get in? Who was the culprit who let him in?) Anyway, he was reenacting a part of some script to try and win her over again. She was willing to reconsider if he wasn’t going to pull any sort of tricks again.

Next step? Massage parlor. Tian Cheng and Yu Xiang were pretending to be the employees of this one spa to sneak in and find Mrs. Lai. After they were done confirming her location and had brought in water, they left. Chairman Lai was going to carry out the ‘terms’ that she proposed earlier with how if Chairman Lai was willing to wash her feet for her, then she would forgive him. YES, it was an ‘impossible’ one with how he had his own pride and dignity. Mrs. Lai was counting on it. Yet Chairman Lai wasn’t so into ‘saving face’ like some other people. It wasn’t until she could feel the pain (since Chairman Lai wasn’t a pro master after all) that she screamed out and pulled off her eye patch to see Chairman Lai there. She added another term, that he had to do the massage too and then she would reconsider forgiving him. Tian Cheng and Yu Xiang were outside cheering. They took it up another notch to celebrate and Tian Cheng was gloating as Yu Xiang tried to sabotage him. It wasn’t until Tian Cheng pointed out that everything worked out for everyone yet Yu Xiang and Bi Ting was still not making any progress at all that Yu Xiang realized he was in for good. Time to dodge again. Yet he didn’t this time. Not really. He was really considering Tian Cheng’s words.

So sometime later, Bi Ting came home to see Yu Xiang drawing on a wall next to her apartment building. (Wah…he’s so getting it for graffiti.) Just for kicks, what was he drawing anyway? Well, a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Then there was Bi Ting. His answer to her question about what he was doing was he wanted to compensate her ‘dream’ since she’d given it up because of him. She told him not to get too carried away with his imagination. (The not everything is about him talk, lol.) So she walked toward the door but he grabbed her hand and steered her around again. Just when he was leaning in to kiss her and she almost closed her eyes, she opened her eyes again and hit him. What? That was funny indeed since I was thinking of a ‘mushy’ moment or something. But she just thought of something. She forgot something so she had to go get it. He had to chase after her. It was almost like the scene where he was fleeing some gangsters in the past and just plain grabbed her and used her as a shield to get away from them. Yet this time, he was sincere. So he told her that he couldn’t help her fulfill her dream at that point but he promised to work hard for it–if she would give him a chance. Yet she wasn’t touched as easily. She said that she wasn’t the ‘perfect’ girl that he was seeking for. He said it was all right since he wasn’t perfect either. He continued by saying that he was ‘Ji Che Nan’ (機車男) so he was more compatible with ‘Dao Mei Nv’ (倒楣女). She finally laughed. But that was before she beat him up for keep calling her ‘unlucky girl’, lol. (Awww…finally…)

So on that same rooftop that Tian Xing often meet up with Bi Jing Ye, Bi Jing Ye was having another meeting with Gao You Da. Bi Jing Ye was begging Chairman Gao to give him another chance to bring Lai Da Fa down. Chairman Gao said it was too late since Bi Jing Ye was worthless at that point. Then he mentioned about collaborating with Chairman Lai in the future. But that wasn’t all. Chairman Lai and Mrs. Lai showed up at that time. They asked him for his forgiveness. He thought for a bit before saying that he was also wrong. (Possibly because he had nowhere to lean on now so he needed to get out of there quickly?) He said he would transfer his shares to his son, hoping the others would take good care of his son for him. Then he left. Mrs. Lai tried calling after him. Yet Chairman Lai said that it was hard to let go at their age so he told Mrs. Lai to let Bi Jing Ye be for the time being.

Three months later, it seemed like it was back at the beginning again. Well, at least it seemed that way with Yu Xiang driving to work and how he received a call from Tian Cheng with coming to the ceremony. This time, it wasn’t a separation party but a wedding. And Yu Xiang wasn’t driving his fancy sports car but a van. Tian Cheng’s message also consisted of asking Yu Xiang to call Yu Jie since she was quite forgetful. He really wanted her to be there. As for Jun Jie, he was seen in his office working away. Some things hadn’t changed. Yet he seemed more relaxed, using a basketball to entertain himself as he was trying to work out of a cram. It was also when he finally thought of the solution that Tian Cheng called in. He was reminding Jun Jie to come to his wedding. What about Bi Ting? She was home getting ready. Or so it seemed. Soon, she received a call. Yu Xiang or someone else? Yet she said she remembered. So it was probably Yu Xiang calling to remind her about the wedding? Then the scene zoomed to Shu Xin. Jun Jie called her up to remind her as well.

So back to Bi Ting, she was out waiting for a bus when Yu Xiang drove up and stopped by the sidewalk, teasing her about the time and how she was still waiting for a bus. She called him “San Shao Ye” (三少爺) and he returned it with calling her “San Shao Nai” (三少奶). How cute! YET she hit him for calling her “San Shao Nai”. So apparently they were not married yet. OY, I thought they were. But still cute. He was rushing her though, telling her they would be late if they were still there. Then she ordered him to drive as they got in the van. And as interesting as it got, they got into an accident (just like how she witnessed the accident at their first meeting and even chided him). This time, it wasn’t them though because the guy in front of them stopped so he had to brake. Luckily, they weren’t hurt. The same old trick with some old lady trying to pull the pitiful card. Bi Ting soon realized what was going on and how it was so similar to their first encounter. The new victim was as fierce as Yu Xiang was at the beginning yet there was no “Bi Ting” around to argue with that guy. The old lady finally got up and said that it was harder and harder to ‘earn a living’ and how she should find a ‘dumber’ person the next time she pulled that trick. It was also then that Yu Xiang turned to look at Bi Ting while Bi Ting had her mouth wide open. He grabbed at the chance to tease her yet she turned it around with how she was just kind-hearted yet he was the dumb one who fell for the trick. What? NICE…He was so getting it since he asked her where she learned such an ‘attitude’. It was funny how he realized it was like staring into a mirror. And he even questioned what he had done to himself, lol.

Jun Jie’s presentation this time seemed successful and he was leaving. So the scene finally zoomed to the ‘main couple’ of the moment. Xiao Die was seen in the bride’s room all smile. It was indeed better times for them at last. The same old Iron Man trick from Tian Cheng as he stepped in to greet the pair of mother and daughter. Yet they were definitely in higher spirits. It was so cute with how Xiao Die was saying her father was tall but not handsome. Kids’ innocent answers. Those were the best. He told her to stay away from her uncles since they were bad influences. He quickly repeated the mantra with him being ‘handsome and tall’. Soon, Yi Ru chided him for coming in to see the ‘bride’ before the wedding and shooed him out. Yet he said it was their second time getting married so it didn’t count. But she shooed him out anyway, saying it was bad luck. So he had no choice but to bid a temporary goodbye to Xiao Die before exiting.

The scene soon zoomed to Tian Xing. He was waiting for Yu Jie. She told him some good news. But she would have to travel overseas for some filming in the coming days. He faked the upset scene yet soon turned it off, saying that he was an actor after all. He sure got it good. Yet he stopped her attacks and told her they have to go since the ceremony was commencing soon. They were on their way, then she asked if Bi Jing Ye was coming. Tian Xing said probably not since he hadn’t gotten over the other matter yet. And that he had gone on a trip to the mainland for the time being. Tian Xing told Yu Jie it was best to give everyone more time to adjust and accept. So they were finally on their way.

At the ceremony, at last, Yu Xiang and Bi Ting finally arrived. Like usual, Bi Ting went to check on everything and even adjusted some decorations like the beginning. Just a sigh from Yu Xiang and it got Bi Ting on a roll again, lol. Then there they were again, arguing over whose taste was more suitable. OY! Then he moved on to testing her about her knowledge. He turned the whole thing toward himself when she finally answered his question, saying since she first saw him, she already fallen for him. (It was a crafty question though since she was answering and the “I Love You” fitted with the answer and how he eventually took it from there, lol.) She faked nausea. Soon, she told him to go find his brothers to talk or the more they talk, she would reconsider why she chose such a guy. He obliged but before he went, he tossed her an ‘air kiss’, telling her not to miss him too much. OY! Crazy but cute.

Even more interesting with the scene unfolding was how Bi Ting was on the phone with her mother and Jun Jie walked by. He was on his way in (like at their first meeting) and helped her retrieve her phone since she dropped it after trying to put it back into her purse. They congratulated each other on finding their own happiness already. Then the usual catch up with what was up recently.

Back inside, Yu Xiang and Jun Jie finally have their talk. What a time to have the talk, but still they needed even more time to cool off than that one time at the company. They were joking and talking like brothers again. It was indeed so funny how Yu Xiang was grabbing onto Jun Jie and saying how there were no problems between them. The way he took Jun Jie’s hand suggested a different relationship than a brotherly one. LOL! At least that got Jun Jie laughing. Jun Jie then apologized for causing so much ruptures yet Yu Xiang shrugged it off, saying that they were brothers after all. Jun Jie said that he was glad he was a part of the Lai family. Yu Xiang then faked coldness since he realized his ‘2nd bro’ was back already. (Yes, Jun Jie and his mushy talks would cause shivers all-around all right, lol.) Yu Jie soon showed up with Shu Xin (just like the beginning) and chided Jun Jie for abandoning his other half so she had to do the honor of escorting Shu Xin in. They were getting shivers again as Jun Jie and Shu Xin were playing ‘lovey-dovey’, lol. Yu Xiang wanted to go before he couldn’t take it anymore and dragged Yu Jie along. Yet Yu Jie said she was waiting for her Tian Xing to come so she could do a face-off with the other couple. Yu Xiang faked nausea and was about to flee the scene. Yet he said he wasn’t going to lose to them in the ‘lovey-dovey’ department so he turned around and yelled for Bi Ting.

Yu Xiang finally found Bi Ting by the bridge. She was sitting there enjoying the scenery. So indeed it had been a year already since their first meeting. She told Yu Xiang that her feelings during both times weren’t the same. Just some reminiscent moment. There he went teasing her again. She chided him for a lack of maturity this past year. He was still able to smile. Yet he soon launched into a somewhat of an enlightened talk about fate. That got her smiling again. Then they got up to go since it was almost time.

OMG, it was actually four weddings, not one. The other three couples were also getting married. Yet they made it like it was just Tian Cheng and Yi Ru’s wedding. (I had a feeling it might be three more weddings, not one because of some words being said in between, but I wasn’t too sure.) Their parents were late again with attending, just like last year. But they were more happy and willing this year, considering how the event was different. Indeed, Yu Jie jumped out of the line to chide her parents for being late and even-handed the whole ‘host’ job to their uncle. Mrs. Lai was sharp as always and delivered her speech ever so convincingly. Then Chairman Lai delivered a powerful speech in blessing the couples, and also to wish their new beginning a happy one. Then they danced off to the main theme song. Suitable since it was full circle already. Good ending!

True Love 365: Episode 19

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

The others were as surprised when they heard the news of Mrs. Lai wanting a divorce. Though they either had chided him or was upset over the whole ‘affair’ yet they didn’t want to see the family breaking apart. So, of course, they were surprised by the move executed by Mrs. Lai. Yet Yu Jie told Chairman Lai that she would go seek out Mrs. Lai tomorrow to tell her about the good news of her (Yu Jie) getting married so she (Mrs. Lai) would change her mind. Tian Cheng even chimed in by saying that Mrs. Lai was just messing with him so he didn’t need to worry, considering how it was one of the tactics that Yi Ru had used on him in the past. (Wow, nice example, look where their marriage went, lol.) Indeed Yu Xiang had caught on and pointed out that Tian Cheng and Yi Ru ended up in divorce anyway, causing their father to cry out again. It was then Yang Bo Wen’s turn to reassure Chairman Lai. Yu Xiang finally tried to patch things by telling Chairman Lai to get it together and perform well during the important meeting so Mrs. Lai could be proud of him. It was indeed a good feeling to see that everyone was supporting him at the moment.

As Jun Jie was typing away that night, he stopped for a short break and even looked at their family picture on his phone. However, Bi Jing Ye’s call interrupted his thoughts and soon, the plan was on its way again. Was Jun Jie really going forward with it? When he looked at their family picture, it seemed like he showed some hesitation, but was that enough to stop him? Or was Bi Jing Ye’s words so dead-on that he didn’t want to let this chance pass by with overthrowing Chairman Lai? (It was hard to blame since Bi Jing Ye really done his research well to know where to hit, but still trying to see what would come out of it in the end.)

Back on the Bi Ting front, she found out that Mrs. Lai was leaving. Bi Ting asked her if she going out of the country. Mrs. Lai joked that she was leaving for Paris as not to waste the tickets. Yet she said she wasn’t going to study over there since she wasn’t too into French, etc. Bi Ting begged her not to tease anymore. Mrs. Lai’s smile proved that she was really joking and not trying to get back at Bi Ting for dumping her son. It was interesting how Bi Ting told Mrs. Lai that she and her third son were so alike with their jokes, always nabbing at others. Mrs. Lai was surprised that Bi Ting knew Yu Xiang. Yet Bi Ting told her that Yu Xiang was her supervisor at the old workplace. It was funny how Mrs. Lai was looking at Bi Ting with curious eyes–like she knew when Bi Ting mentioned Yu Xiang that there was something up. It was cute how Mrs. Lai was still able to joke about it since I thought she would go all ballistic on Bi Ting, considering it was normal that the mother would be protective of her sons when it came to outsiders, etc. I have to admit that Mrs. Lai and Yu Xiang were so similar all right. The way they strike at others and how their teasing tactic was. And Bi Ting had no choice but to admit that the other person they’d been discussing the whole time was Yu Xiang. Mrs. Lai was so sharp anyway, it was hard to deny. Mrs. Lai quickly reminded Bi Ting of what she told Bi Ting earlier about letting Bi Ting choose between her handsome, good looking sons yet she didn’t realize it had already come true.

It seemed that Chairman Lai was camping over at Yang Bo Wen’s house that night. Yu Xiang came downstairs and saw him still sitting around, not sleeping. He told Yu Xiang that he was going to let go and sign the divorce papers. Yu Xiang was surprised that he was giving up. Yet he said that it was best he let Mrs. Lai go, allowing her to be happy rather than seeing him and hating him all the time. After some more rants, Chairman Lai decided to go for a walk and told Yu Xiang to go to sleep. Yu Xiang was still worried yet let his old man be.

It was finally the day when Mrs. Lai moved out of the apartment building. Yet she didn’t forget to come over and say goodbye to Bi Ting. She told Bi Ting that it wasn’t their last meeting since Bi Ting would still be around whether Bi Ting would end up choosing Jun Jie or Yu Xiang. But she decided to let Bi Ting off this time, telling Bi Ting that it didn’t matter who Bi Ting choose, Bi Ting must take good care of that person for her. (Nice?) Indeed, Bi Ting nodded, agreeing to her terms. (How cute!)

Interestingly enough, the day of Mrs. Lai’s move was also the day of the important meeting. Yu Xiang and Jun Jie bumped into each other at the lobby, having a showdown. They finally proceeded to the conference room after some initial taunting. It was the time when Chairman Lai would open his eyes because he was quite shocked upon hearing of Bi Jing Ye’s suggestion in choosing a new chairman. Yu Xiang already warned him the dude was up to something, if only he had listened. Bi Jing Ye continued to list all the reasons why Chairman Lai should step down. Chairman Lai still let him finish, telling Yu Xiang not to interrupt. One by one, the others agreed with Bi Jing Ye. Yet Chairman Lai seemed to have known something? Or had he pretended to be dumb all these times? Yup, Yu Xiang was as surprised that his old man had said that Bi Jing Ye was too abrupt with his moves. It showed the old man had known. It would be too much of a joke that he’d been in the field all these years yet didn’t seem knowledgeable or too naive with his moves. Even if he was exposed, Bi Jing Ye still didn’t want to back down. He had worked too hard for it, how could he, right? Man, seriously, Bi Jing Ye was cunning all right. He was indeed a pro. Because he didn’t want to step up himself, but he had pushed Jun Jie forward by putting out his name. It was a great move, because that would cause an even bigger rip between their family. It sure had some effect all right. Even if Jun Jie was equally surprised, it was too late. Yet the more surprising thing was Chairman Lai didn’t disagree with the suggestion. The voting quickly ensued with 3 vs. 2, Chairman Lai being out. Yu Xiang voted for Chairman Lai and Chairman Lai voted for himself. Bi Jing Ye and the others voted for Jun Jie. Jun Jie still had two votes, one from himself and one from his mother. It was all up to him now. What was he going to choose? To proceed with the plan? Another interesting thing unfolded at that moment, because Mrs. Lai walked in to cast her own vote instead of letting Jun Jie do it like previously. Perhaps it was more than a relief for Jun Jie since he wouldn’t have to face the betrayal later? Or perhaps it wouldn’t be as bad? But what had happened that had changed Mrs. Lai’s mind to come to the meeting after all? She chose Chairman Lai. It was 3 vs. 3 now. What next? The vote was down to Jun Jie now. In the end, Jun Jie had chosen his father. Nice turn of events actually because Bi Jing Ye was so counting on his plan to work. Indeed, Jun Jie was looking at his family picture the previous night and was having mixed feelings. He was also torn at the moment to even waited for so long until Mrs. Lai came in. So it made sense he wouldn’t want to ruin all of that. Even if he had chosen not to cause more rip on a personal level, he still chose to leave the company to pursue his own path.

Yu Xiang chased after Jun Jie after realizing what had happened. He managed to catch up to Jun Jie outside, thanking Jun Jie for what he’d done in the conference room. Jun Jie said that he was just doing what he had to, what was there to thank about? Yu Xiang didn’t want to lose the opportunity to explain to Jun Jie, so he went ahead to say that he didn’t try to affect Bi Ting’s decision previously. Yet Jun Jie brushed him off, stating that he had already let go. Moreover, Jun Jie had also gotten over the fact that Yu Xiang had won over him, knowing that Yu Xiang didn’t do it on purpose either. Jun Jie also confessed that he was just a bit saddened by the turn of events, that was it. Yu Xiang was reassured that things were cleared between them. Yu Xiang then asked Jun Jie why he had to quit. Jun Jie replied with how he was in the wrong with not letting their father know of Bi Jing Ye’s intention hence it was the only thing he could do to make up for it.

Back inside the conference room, there were only three people left. Chairman Lai, Mrs. Lai, and Bi Jing Ye. The inevitable confrontation ensued. Bi Jing Ye’s answer to Chairman Lai’s question as to why he had to do it? Um…because of love. He finally let it known that he was hating on Chairman Lai because Mrs. Lai had chosen Chairman Lai ages ago. After all that was said, Mrs. Lai said that she wouldn’t choose Bi Jing Ye regardless of whether Chairman Lai had hurt her or not. It was around then that Chairman Lai got his ‘power’ back and asked if Bi Jing Ye was resigning. Before leaving, Bi Jing Ye vouched that he wasn’t going to be struck down because of this one fall. (Nice?) Yet it was so cute that Mrs. Lai was pulling out her usual tricks again after Bi Jing Ye left. Chairman Lai rushed to thank her, thinking he’d been forgiven yet she clarified that she was doing this for the company, not because of him. So her decision with the divorce was still intact. (Great?) I totally agree with Bi Ting that Yu Xiang took after her. They were so alike with their tactics. Not to mention sharp reaction to matters.

At Sam Brunch, Yu Xiang recounted the events in the conference room earlier to Yu Jie, Tian Cheng, and Yang Bo Wen. His storytelling method was indeed appealing to the audience since they listened attentively. But that didn’t mean they had a lot to contribute after Yu Xiang was done. That didn’t stop Yu Xiang from celebrating though. Their victory was indeed something. Yu Jie soon pulled Yu Xiang aside (literally) to discuss some matters. She wanted Yu Xiang to ask Bi Ting for help with some of the wedding arrangements. (Or was that her attempt to match-make? I meant like since after Jun Jie was already over Bi Ting and how she was more than willing to pull some strings to get Jun Jie and Shu Xin together as well.) Yu Xiang agreed after much consideration, which earned some gratitude gestures from Yu Jie. And on a sadder note, Yi Ru was seen crying at another corner of Sam Brunch. One of her friends finally found where Michael went and even notified those debt collectors. Though Yi Ru was really lucky that she still wasn’t married to Michael yet, she was still saddened by the situation. Yet Tian Cheng cheered her up and told her she still had him…and the rest of the crew at Sam Brunch, and that they would work hard to take care of her, etc.

Back to the drawing board as Bi Jing Ye and Long Tian Xing had another meeting via rooftop. Bi Jing Ye told his son of the bad news but said that now his only hope left was on his son’s shoulders. It was indeed his only chance left to hurt the Lai family. But Long Tian Xing was already torn enough between various parties, how could he carry through? Or would his father work the usual tricks again to convince his son of how devilish Chairman Lai was so the plan would go forth?

Yu Jie finally broke it to her mother that she was getting married soon. Yet Mrs. Lai said that she already knew since Yu Xiang had already told her. Yu Jie quickly scolded Yu Xiang for being a big mouth, but they soon returned to the happy subject of the upcoming wedding. And Yu Jie’s plan didn’t work like how she had expected it for her mother to agree with her to forgive her father. Soon though, she cheered Yu Jie up by saying that they should go eat–and it was her treat.

And it was finally the day when Yu Xiang sought Bi Ting out to ask her for help with overseeing his sister’s wedding. Bi Ting turned him down, stating that she didn’t want to run into Jun Jie at the wedding. Not to mention how she probably couldn’t pull through, telling him to seek out other co-workers from Happiness Began. Yet he begged her to help. Bi Ting was surprised that Yu Xiang was willing to ‘beg’ someone. Yu Xiang said that it was his sister after all so he was willing to do it. She finally agreed to help him after realizing how much he cherished his family and placed them before himself. He was happier.

That night, Yu Xiang and Bi Ting met Yu Jie and Tian Xing at a lounge bar like Yu Xiang had said previously. It was also then that introductions were made and Yu Jie was able to see the ‘Zhang Bi Ting’ that had ruptured their family life at one time or another. This time though, she was more concerned about her wedding arrangements than settling old scores. Yu Xiang soon launched into asking when the wedding was taking place and he teased them if they were trying to meet the deadline Chairman Lai had set for them previously. Yet Yu Jie quickly defended herself that it wasn’t so. Yu Xiang was, of course, kidding. Yu Jie soon brought the attention on Bi Ting with saying that her initial feelings toward Bi Ting weren’t too good (mostly due to her brothers’ brawls) but she really liked Bi Ting’s style hence seeking her out for help with the wedding arrangements. Bi Ting had promised to make the best of it. Then there were awkward stares between Yu Xiang and Bi Ting.

Another happy event was taking place as Tian Cheng and Yang Zi were helping Yang Bo Wen propose to Sammy at Sam Brunch. This one, was more successful than the previous, considering how it was more carefully planned and executed. The funniest thing was Sam had exuded some attitude beforehand at the counter as Sammy was walking in to ask for Tian Cheng. So, of course, she had no idea such a touching proposal was in place.

Back at the company, Chairman Lai was holding a meeting to make some announcements. One of them being that Bi Jing Ye had resigned due to some reasons. Another was regarding his three sons. One of the employees wanted Yu Xiang to return to oversee a certain department. Yu Xiang thanked him for his support yet said he had already decided to break out on his own. Moving on, Chairman Lai also made an announcement that his daughter was getting married–and that his ‘Seeking For Love 365’ plan wasn’t in vain.

On the Jun Jie front, it seemed like Jun Jie and Shu Xin were getting along quite well this time around, unlike their forced interactions in the past. Perhaps the whole thing with Shu Xin letting go and leaving for a while had given them both time to cool down. They had indeed stepped back and looked at the situation from a different perspective. (And Jun Jie’s recent break up had indeed aided the situation majorly.)

The day that Jun Jie was moving, at least it was his company, he seemed down. (Obviously.) Yet he didn’t realize Tian Cheng, Yu Jie, and Yang Bo Wen came to help him, telling him that they would always be there for him since he would always be part of the family. Things were definitely getting back to normal with them. It reminded me of the earlier episodes where they were gathering at Sam Brunch to eat breakfast and talk nonsense. Yet this time around, they had been through so much and was even more understanding toward one another, ready to reunite once again as a family. Yu Jie even told Jun Jie he had to attend her wedding. After they were done moving stuff for Jun Jie, they each bid him the usual temporary goodbye, but told him to come back that night for a celebration–since they were welcoming Tian Xing. Yet Jun Jie turned them down, claiming he couldn’t face their father anymore. Yang Bo Wen soon interfered and invited him to move back since he needed to introduce his daughter to Jun Jie. Jun Jie was more than surprised that Yang Bo Wen had a daughter. They indeed needed to do some major catch up. Before leaving though, Yu Jie told Jun Jie it was Shu Xin who told her to come and help Jun Jie move since Shu Xin wanted them to have a chance to interact and patch things up once again.

Then there was the day when Bi Ting was seen back at her tree. Would she bump into Yu Xiang again? She was talking to her tree and asking for advice again. She confessed that she didn’t want to see Yu Xiang anymore yet she needed the money to forgo her dream of going to Paris. It was funny that Shu Xin spotted her and even smiled at how she was talking to a tree. And funnier that Shu Xin was now taking over as the advice-giver. Since Shu Xin soon approached Bi Ting to have a talk with her. So at somewhere in town, Shu Xin and Bi Ting sat down to do the usual catch up at last. Perhaps it made sense and not so random like I initially thought when I saw the previews that Shu Xin should be the one having the talk with Bi Ting to convince her of the situation. Well, Bi Ting was already cleared of the situation, but she was at a stalemate, not daring to move forward because she feared she would hurt even more people. But Shu Xin would be a suitable candidate to clear things even more for her, because Shu Xin was front and center during the past encounters to understand Bi Ting’s actually feelings at that time, even if she was in the process of sabotaging Bi Ting and Jun Jie. Now? Bi Ting had changed. Or at least her feelings had changed. It also made sense that these two women should finally have some kind of talk to wrap up their past chapter. Because Shu Xin left suddenly like that and didn’t say much, even if she knew she had failed to win Jun Jie’s heart at that time. These two really needed some closure and resolve some past conflicts also. It was strange to see how Bi Ting was encouraging Shu Xin on to be her courageous self and pursue her happiness, but Shu Xin was saying how she had already changed her perspective, knowing that Jun Jie didn’t love her, etc. After some more side talks, Bi Ting left to meet with Yu Jie while Shu Xin said she had other matters to tend to.

Then there was also the time when Chairman Lai finally met up with Gao You Da to discuss some matters. Chairman Lai was willing to do business with the latter if the terms were appropriate. What would Chairman Gao’s decision be? Sink with Bi Jing Ye or try to work out another alternative route for himself?

Wedding pictures and all those fun stuff aside, Bi Ting and Yu Jie finally have the talk with how Yu Jie was still not having good impressions toward Bi Ting because of what happened. Yet Bi Ting clarified that regardless of what happened in the past, she didn’t do it on purpose. And it didn’t matter if Yu Jie like her or not, but she had already done her best with preparing the wedding plans for Yu Jie. Because just like how Bi Ting had said that she really loved that job. Yu Jie actually liked it that Bi Ting was that blunt hence inviting her to Sam Brunch that night for their gathering.

Yi Ru finally found Michael and even bought him some food. Tian Cheng was suspicious of her sudden departure so he followed her hence finding out of their meeting. That Michael dude was indeed despicable, even daring to say that he loved Yi Ru the most, and how she still cared for him hence doing all these for him now. He tried to convince her to help him start over again, but he received a slap instead. That also riled him up, so he proceeded to Plan B, wanting to use Yi Ru as the bargaining chip to extort some money from her father. It was then that Tian Cheng jumped out to kick Michael’s knife away and managed to savor the whole situation. It seemed like ‘the hero saving the beauty’ scene wasn’t so old after all if done right.

Yu Xiang’s new plan–or more like his old plan but new partners–was really coming along with their meeting. Yu Xiang indeed was showing more and more signs of maturity as his partners complimented him for his sincerity, but they weren’t too used to it yet. After they left, Min Ling said that their company was a tad too small and that he should seek Bi Ting out. Yu Xiang said that he also had to think for Jun Jie so it was best that they revisited the plan in the next life. (LOL) Min Ling said Yu Xiang and Bi Ting were so similar, saying those similar words. She pointed out that they both were very kind-hearted people yet were carrying too heavy a burden. She said that they should cherish the people in front of them. Yu Xiang agreed that he should cherish the person in front of him, but he said Jun Jie was hurt so deeply and he had to take partial responsibility for it. Min Ling trapped him at last by saying that he finally admitted to liking Bi Ting. He tried to dodge yet Min Ling forced him to admit it at last. Yes, he nodded. (That was so cute.)

Back at Sam Brunch, Tian Cheng guided Yi Ru toward a seat and even went to get some water for her. She then apologized to him for not believing him previously when he said Michael was a bad guy. He didn’t mind at all. Everything was already sorted out, right? It didn’t matter anymore.

Jun Jie and Shu Xin were having dinner together like once upon a time. Yet this time it wasn’t forced or anything. Perhaps (like I mentioned before), their time apart had allowed them to appreciate these moments more. Being too persistent or too into it might have the opposite effect and giving each other pressures. Yet now, it seemed like they were more fitting than ever. Indeed, Jun Jie admitted that Shu Xin had changed a lot these past few months. It was probably more comfortable to talk to her, without the whole ‘perfect’ personality that he had to face previously.

Yu Xiang came to Sam Brunch to find no one around. It was indeed strange. Yet he soon found Tian Cheng and Yi Ru chatting in one of the rooms. Yang Bo Wen walked in with Sammy and Yang Zi around then as well. They were introduced. Next to arrive were Yu Jie and Tian Xing. Yu Jie said that she also invited Bi Ting over, hoping that the others didn’t mind. She soon called out to Bi Ting–to which Bi Ting entered and Yu Xiang was in full nervousness around then. Though he wouldn’t outright admit it to them–or anyone for that matter. Tian Cheng, of course, said he didn’t mind since they were one big family after all. Even if they weren’t family, they were friends, etc. Tian Xing soon confessed that it was his first time attending such a large family gathering event. Bi Ting also felt the warmness of their group. Soon, Tian Cheng clinked his glass to call for attention, announcing his welcoming message to their new friends. Bi Ting was more than touched of the gesture. She was more than touched that she was finally allowed into their circle. They even welcomed Chairman Lai! (It was so cute.) The next item on the ‘To-Do’ list? Of course, like Tian Cheng said, Chairman Lai had to pursue their mother back again so they could be a complete family. The pressure was definitely on their old man. (Jia you!) It was indeed “Hong Men Yan (鴻門宴)” for him, lol. Yet he wasn’t afraid of it anymore. He swore in front of them to carry through.

Out somewhere, Jun Jie and Shu Xin were taking a stroll after dinner. That was until fate intervened. Yup, somehow, she carelessly tripped and he came to the rescue. The typical formula to bring them together. But it was all right, I guess. Yet Shu Xin broke off the stare and made her move. In a way, it was up to Jun Jie to pursue her now, not making her do all the work like previously.

Back at Sam Brunch, they were leaving in Taxis, taking cautions since everyone had drunk some. It was indeed a joyous night after so much had happened so it was excusable that they were a tad off. Chairman Lai was especially unusually happy, blurting out random stuff. Yet Yu Jie insisted on sending him home. She reminded Tian Xing of the meeting with her mother the next day before saying goodbye to her brother and Bi Ting. After saying goodbye to Tian Xing as well, it was just Yu Xiang and Bi Ting again. (Aww…their awkward smiles. Cute…) He offered to walk her home–to which she agreed since it was good to take a walk after they just ate. She walked off first as he smiled and followed.

True Love 365: Episode 18

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

The episode continued with Bi Ting stepping into the break room to give Yu Xiang a bow of gratitude as he was taking off his makeup. Yu Xiang, being himself, shrugged it off and told her not to be so touched. He even threw in some words of teasing. Yet he finally admitted that it was him showing his appreciation for her help these past few days too and stating that she should treat it as his wedding gift to her. Before Yu Xiang realized it, Bi Ting was already breaking into tears. Alarmed, he got up from his seat, abandoning his mirror and told her to not cry. She told him that it was just that no one had anything done anything like that for her before hence she couldn’t help but be moved to tears. He only knew to wrap his hand around her shoulders and told her not to cry at that point. It was also at that moment that Min Ling walked in. The interesting thing about the whole scene was Min Ling wasn’t the least bit jealous of the two. She had flashed on a knowing smile after the initial surprise worn off upon the discovery of their embrace inside the break room.

On the Jun Jie front, Chairman Lai finally went to his company to confront him about the whole ‘betraying the company’ incident. They were finally having a face to face talk and not beating around the bush anymore. As words intensified with how Chairman Lai was accusing Jun Jie of betraying their family, Jun Jie returned with how Chairman Lai didn’t believe him because he wasn’t Chairman Lai’s real son hence not giving him a chance to explain. Things got uglier as Jun Jie reminded Chairman Lai that Chairman Lai had also betrayed the family by cheating on Mrs. Lai. At that point, of course there was no way to ‘talk things out’ so Chairman Lai just declared Jun Jie dead to the Lai family and stormed off.

Opposing to the previous scene’s hectic confrontation, Yu Jie was at a restaurant celebrating with the cast and crew. It was their wrap up party and it was said that Long Tian Xing wasn’t able to make it to the party because he wasn’t feeling well. However, as Yu Jie was parting from the group and opened a certain door, she saw a set of candles in front of her forming a question. Yes, Long Tian Xing had a surprise for her. He had worked out a proposal really good with the romantic candles as well the crowd cheering him on, urging Yu Jie to accept him. Yu Jie, more than touched of his words at that moment, was not only moved to tears but even nodded her acceptance at last. And as they shared a hug after Long Xing placed the ring on her finger already, the crowd cheered even louder for the newly blessed  couple.

Back on the Jun Jie front, he had contacted his new father “Bi Jing Ye” to talking things over. Bi Jing Ye, being the mastermind that he was, quickly jumped into empathizing with Jun Jie and continued to condemn Chairman Lai even more. (Well, in a way the old man deserved it for being so trusting of Bi Jing Ye.) He finally got Jun Jie to help him in overthrowing Chairman Lai altogether at the next “big” meeting.

Meanwhile, at Happiness Began, Bi Ting walked back into the office to find Min Ling still around. She immediately questioned Min Ling about it, pondering if the latter was crazy. Yet Min Ling was only smiling her ‘secretive’ smile, not caring if Bi Ting was upset or accusing her of other possible ‘crimes’. As Bi Ting was chiding Min Ling for not showing up to help her and wondering why Min Ling was still around when it was now off work, Min Ling continued to smile on. After Bi Ting was finally done with her series of questions, Min Ling spoke up at last to unleash her own series of questions. Before Bi Ting could defend herself with the ‘intimate’ hug, Yu Xiang stepped in to clarify of the situation, telling Min Ling not to think too much of it. Though Min Ling didn’t say anything more yet she was far from convinced there wasn’t anything going on between the two of them. Bi Ting’s guilty expression while Yu Xiang was explaining the situation had said it all. What ruined the whole somewhat routine yet fun atmosphere for them was Bi Ting’s declaration of her early departure because of some changes in the school schedule in Paris. That really got to Min Ling and Yu Xiang as their expression changed. Yu Xiang’s calm state was ruptured (and could be seen through his eyes) as Min Ling took a glance at him to see how he was holding up. Min Ling, not wanting to leave things on such a note, stepped out from her desk and apologized to Bi Ting for her previous joke. Yet Bi Ting brushed it off as nothing and told Min Ling not to worry about it. As Bi Ting collected her bag and was leaving, Min Ling tried to rush after her, still disturbed by the turn of events. Yu Xiang finally stepped out to stop Bi Ting, telling her that he would send her home for the last time. Unexpectedly though, Bi Ting turned him down stating that since he didn’t send her home on her first day of work, it was all right that he didn’t send her home on the last day of work. Before she left, Bi Ting reminded Yu Xiang to take good care of the person beside him (Min Ling). After she was gone, Min Ling turned to stare at Yu Xiang, still worried. Yu Xiang was still in a confused state and soon turned to stare at Min Ling as well. He finally let out a sigh at last.

As Bi Ting made it home, Jun Jie was in front of her apartment building waiting for her. Bi Ting was more surprised than ever to see Jun Jie there. Though it would be natural that he would show up at her place at random times, right? After all, they were going to get married soon. Yet Jun Jie didn’t answer her, he just grabbed a hold of her and hugged her to him. Alarmed and worried, she asked what had happened. Not only was the day so bad for Jun Jie already with Chairman Lai severing his ties off with Jun Jie but he also found out that Xue Ming had betrayed him ONCE AGAIN and ran off already. (Wow, no one saw that coming, right? YES, I’m being sarcastic here. But it was somewhat off that Xue Ming did it again. I meant after he was so touched that Jun Jie was willing to give him a second chance when Jun Jie chased him down that one time and was even willing to forgive him. But it was indeed not too far-fetched since it was in Xue Ming’s nature to pull another fast one.) Bi Ting, being her strong and independent self all these years, quickly comforted Jun Jie with her enlightened words. (But I swear the scriptwriters really set it up bad for Bi Ting. She would be a monster to leave him now–IF she was going to change her mind that was. It didn’t matter if he had done all of that stuff to hurt her in the past, it was all on her now–according to some people since she’d already forgiven him for the other thing and moved on. So YES, good luck on getting out of this one.)

Back in her apartment, Bi Ting was feeling worse than anything at the moment. (Well, her face said it all.) As she was sorting her turmoil thoughts though, someone rang the bell. She had to pull herself together again to face the other person. Yet she was more than relief that it was Mrs. Lai coming over to share some snacks with her. Mrs. Lai was able to detect Bi Ting’s mood immediately though she had forced a smile on her face. After Bi Ting confessed of her ‘sticky’ situation that she had gotten herself into, Mrs. Lai–so unlike her usual helpful, enlightened self–said that she was not able to give Bi Ting any types of advice at the moment to forgo the decision into the right direction. She, indeed, had her own worries after that confession from Bi Jing Ye. But have no fear, because Mrs. Lai was willing to give her a suggestion to solve her own obstacle. Bi Ting quickly thanked Mrs. Lai for her suggestion and also broke the news that she was leaving for Paris soon. Mrs. Lai was more than shocked by the news. It was indeed quite fast with the move. Though she was more than happy for Bi Ting upon learning it was ‘Mr. 20 Seconds’ who had helped Bi Ting turned her dream into reality. But she was pondering why Bi Ting looked so sad and even joked that Bi Ting was not willing to part from her. Bi Ting, her guard off at that point, said that she was unwilling to part from “Lai…” (fill in the blanks here). She soon turned it into something else that would fit with the character ‘lai’ and said that she was unwilling to part from her mother. What she was willing to confess to Mrs. Lai was that after she had finally made the decision, she was feeling even sadder than before. Mrs. Lai quickly reminded her she was listening to the voice of her heart and she emphasized that whatever Bi Ting decided, Bi Ting must let Mr. 20 Seconds know because the more she delayed the situation, the more she would end up hurting the other party.

Days later at Happiness Began, Min Ling was saying how she had already cleared out Bi Ting’s stuff and was going to send it to Bi Ting later. Min Ling even went on saying how it was a pity that Bi Ting left because it was getting even more lonely around there. Yet Yu Xiang quickly assured her with the naturalness of life, people coming and going. Soon though, their boss–Gao You Da–walked in. Chairman Gao was breaking some news to Yu Xiang. Definitely bad news. Yu Xiang’s reaction? He quit. Even if he didn’t want to, but he honestly wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he had gone forward with Chairman Gao’s plans.

Meanwhile, at the airport, Bi Ting and Jun Jie were heading toward the terminal to catch their flight. As she was walking and still not paying attention to her surroundings, some music finally came on to wake her up. (Was that in her mind or around the airport?) Anyway, Bi Ting was reminded of all the things that Yu Xiang had done for her in the past. It was also at that moment that she realized her true decision. And yes, it was all in front of her all these times yet she wasn’t able to see it. (AND this time, I swear I don’t blame her because they got off on a very rough start so how in the world was she supposed to know that her true fate was actually Yu Xiang?) A tad later, Jun Jie finally realized that Bi Ting had stopped and wasn’t following him anymore. He turned around and called to her. She returned to the current moment, no longer in her trance, but she looked determined. It indeed was a very hard speech to deliver, but she had mustered up all her courage to explain to him that there were too many things that she couldn’t let go yet so she couldn’t go with him to Paris. She even told him that she should have told him earlier. Yet his expression turned from sad to anger within seconds, asking if what she was stating that she was unable to let go was actually Yu Xiang. Yet she denied it, stating that she couldn’t let go of her mother, Xiao Q, and her work. (I seriously don’t blame her for dodging at this point. It was already a miracle that she was admitting fault and everything; and it was too sticky at the moment to mention anything like that, considering how ugly it was with the fight at Happiness Began previously.) What was surprising about the whole situation was how Bi Ting’s courage recovered faster than anything when Jun Jie said that he knew there was something going on between Bi Ting and Yu Xiang. She was indeed offended and hurt that Jun Jie didn’t trust her, because like she stated there wasn’t anything going on between them YET. Then she recovered and told him to forget it since if he couldn’t trust her, they couldn’t walk the rest of the way together anyway. He returned that one with a smart-aleck response by saying that Yu Xiang had finally succeeded. Yet she was determined to explain herself, she said that the reasons why she couldn’t go with him to Paris were numerous. She nailed it when she asked him why he kept picking on Yu Xiang–because Yu Xiang didn’t do anything. Jun Jie, being even more upset than before, asked if Bi Ting was speaking on Yu Xiang’s behalf. What? Jun Jie dared to say all of those? Oh yeah, he thought he was right hence saying he was really disappointed in her for speaking up for ‘those’ people who had hurt him so badly. He even told Bi Ting that she didn’t have to worry about him bothering her anymore since his feelings for her had ‘died’ along with the betrayal. He was determined to find Yu Xiang and confront Yu Xiang, even telling her not to meddle into it.

As interesting as it got, Bi Ting bumped into Shu Xin (literally) outside and exchanged a few words before rushing off. Shu Xin was back for some business trip. Or was it settling some old and personal scores? Regardless, Bi Ting had promised to keep in touch after she apologized for needing to rush off to tend to some matters.

Back at Happiness Began, Yu Xiang was packing up and preparing to leave the place. Min Ling was helping him pack. He was telling her that it was just a matter of time before he left since he didn’t want to force himself into doing stuff for Chairman Gao anymore. He would be able to do his own things now. It was also then that Yu Xiang took the time to thank Min Ling for being so supportive of him. He even apologized for using her as a shield all these times yet she said she didn’t mind, and he didn’t have to be so serious about it since she was really enjoying those moments and that he didn’t have to blame himself for it. Later, Yu Xiang was returning a box of files back into storage. On his way back to his desk, he was ambushed by Jun Jie storming in when he had his back turned. Min Ling soon jumped to the rescue, trying to push Jun Jie out of the way. Jun Jie yelled out that Yu Xiang deserved it. (What happened to ‘the talk’. I guess you couldn’t trust some people.) So after all those rants at Yu Xiang, Jun Jie left so Min Ling turned around to ask for Yu Xiang’s well being. Some ‘talk’ that was since Yu Xiang was only able to jump in to yell out that Jun Jie shouldn’t ‘pin some random crimes’ on him.

That night, Bi Ting returned to her apartment like usual. Yet after lugging her stuff inside, she just sat there by the door, not even bothering to turn on the lights. Mrs. Lai saw the opened door and rushed in to check on her, and finally turning on the lights. Only turning to look at Mrs. Lai briefly, Bi Ting returned to stare at the ground. Mrs. Lai didn’t mind but had on her usual motherly smile, sitting down at the bench next to Bi Ting. Mrs. Lai just calmly asked Bi Ting all the usual questions to narrow down the list of possibilities as Bi Ting nodded away at every single question. When Bi Ting finally spoke up though, she said that what she hated the most was hurting others. Yet Mrs. Lai told her she couldn’t make the decision for Bi Ting but told Bi Ting that Bi Ting shouldn’t ‘force’ herself into anything. She also told Bi Ting that Bi Ting should seek out Mr. 20 Seconds later to have a good talk after everyone calmed down to clear the air so they could at least be friends. (Seriously?) Bi Ting promised Mrs. Lai she would do that later. Mrs. Lai soon moved onto the next topic of conversation, stating that Bi Ting should accompany her to go eat. (Awww…)

Yu Xiang returned home that night with a box and bumped into Yu Jie–who questioned him about the mark on his face. Yu Jie wouldn’t let him off with the ‘nothing’ answer but soon ended up taking care of his wound instead of rushing out for her ‘date’. (Yu Jie was indeed growing up now since she was caring toward others more than her own situation.) Yu Xiang finally came up with the answer that he had bumped into the door. (What? Nice one…) Yu Jie didn’t believe him. But he soon moved on to tease her about her ‘date’ again. She let it loose that she was getting married. His teasing continued on, though he soon stopped and asked her about the upcoming wedding ceremony. She told him she wanted a simple wedding within the family only, etc. He pondered why the rush and even blurted out of his suspicion of her pregnancy. Of course, she hit him. Wild guesses all right. But he quit it and congratulated her at last. Yu Xiang soon learned that Yu Jie was actually having a girl’s night out that night with Shu Xin. Yu Xiang mumbled something about a coincidence. Then he told Yu Jie to go talk to Jun Jie later. As Yu Jie launched into another round of interrogation, Yu Xiang brushed it off and said he was going upstairs.

Soon, Yu Jie was heading to Jun Jie’s workplace to see him. But according to his words, he was the one who called her. He admitted in hitting Yu Xiang previously but said he was too upset at that time to think it through. (Really? Nice dodge. Okay, it did make sense since he was really upset at that point, but if he didn’t let Bi Jing Ye get to him, then he wouldn’t keep picking on Yu Xiang. Have to give Bi Jing Ye so much credit for perfect execution of his plans though.) Wow, look at Jun Jie talking like an expert. Oh yeah, he was indeed an expert in that field since he played the card in the past already so he knew it when people were doing it, right? But anyway, moving on, Yu Jie was really maturing since she was discussing in a more matured perspective than before. (Okay, again, I get it that she was supporting her friend in the past, but this time, she took it further with trying to dissolve the matter more than pointing more fingers to intensify the situation.) After all that was said, Yu Jie finally broke it to Jun Jie that she was getting married. He was more than happy for her. After some teasing from him, she said she would introduce a friend to him. It was none other than Shu Xin. She had returned and it wasn’t for a visit. She was thinking of doing business with him. Then Yu Jie broke it to Shu Xin that the other two had already broken up so no one had to worry about causing misunderstandings anymore. It seemed like Jun Jie was more than happy to see her (Shu Xin).

After the meeting with Jun Jie and Shu Xin, Yu Jie returned home to a surprise planned by Yu Xiang, Tian Cheng, her uncle, and her cousin. It was indeed a joyous moment and worth celebrating for. A change of atmosphere for once after all the initial teasing from one to the other. Yu Jie was indeed the leading lady of the night so they shouldn’t talk randomly. It was time to tease her and her soon to be husband. Yet Yu Jie didn’t let them off so easily for teasing her.

A new day yet some old moods were still in place. Bi Ting was seen at her tree, talking to it again. She was still beating herself up for being a horrible person. Like usual, as she was getting up to leave, she spotted Yu Xiang standing right there. Had he heard? His first question to her was why she didn’t go with Jun Jie to Paris. She could only see the mark on his face thus asking him about it. He sharply responded that it was none of her business and she should answer his question. After some staring between the two of them, Bi Ting finally answered him. Not the top one, but one of the other reasons. He blamed her for not telling them earlier hence causing everyone’s unhappiness at that point. What was even more surprising was how she lashed back at him, stating it was his fault for doing all those stuff for her before she left. She stormed off after saying what was on her mind. He chased after her, asking her about her future job situation but she told him it was none of his business and left for good, leaving him behind still unsure.

Back on the Jun Jie front, he was definitely falling deeper into Bi Jing Ye’s traps. Or was it? Because even though he was believing Bi Jing Ye’s words with how Chairman Lai was active on bringing him down, he told Bi Jing Ye he was quitting. What? That was strange. Bi Jing Ye was off his game all right. He quickly rushed to convince Jun Jie about how they should join forces and reclaim what was theirs. Jun Jie said that he didn’t want to sever all ties with the Lai family just like that. (Okay, this was strange since he was really pissed off before. Or was it because of how Yu Jie had treated him like a brother still and others still worrying for him that he decided to not go forth with bringing Chairman Lai down?) Bi Jing Ye was indeed cunning all right since he managed to drag Jun Jie back into the game again just seconds later.

At the Lai resident, Yu Jie wasn’t just coming back to see her old man, but she had also brought Tian Xing along. It was only after she broke the news of her upcoming wedding that she confessed that Tian Xing was outside at the moment, waiting to be seen. Of course, the old man was more than happy to hear some good news and looking forward to the upcoming wedding. He only needed a word of assurance that Tian Xing would treat Yu Jie well and take good care of her, etc. The usual talk from a concerned parent. Still touching moment. (And somewhat of a hilarious one.)

At a restaurant somewhere, Bi Ting and Min Ling were catching up on the latest developments. Min Ling was asking Bi Ting about her next move and whether she was returning to Happiness Began, etc. After that, they were moving on to the juicy part of the conversation–Yu Xiang. Bi Ting quickly went into full panic mode and told Min Ling not to say those things, etc. Yet Min Ling clarified that she wasn’t going to go ‘there’, why was Bi Ting panicking for. Min Ling soon relieved Bi Ting of her worries since she clarified that she and Yu Xiang weren’t together, and she was just playing along with Yu Xiang’s schemes so Jun Jie wouldn’t misunderstand Bi Ting and Yu Xiang, etc. Bi Ting was surprised yet she said that Min Ling did indeed like Yu Xiang. Min Ling denied it, stating that she only treated Yu Xiang like her idol. It was funny how she was saying how if she was choosing someone to date, she wouldn’t choose such a bad attitude guy. Min Ling moved on to saying that Bi Ting should consider Yu Xiang. Bi Ting said that so many things had happened, it was better that they didn’t see each other again. Yet Min Ling said it was weird that they both said the same thing. That got Bi Ting thinking. So, would they have a chance later? (YES, it was killing me how slow they were getting together. I do understand the current situation with it being too inappropriate to get together but I sort of am impatient with the scriptwriters for throwing in too many obstacles for them.)

Back at Sam Brunch, Yi Ru got some visitors. They had introduced themselves as Michael Kwan’s friends. Yet they looked too threatening to be ‘friendly’. Tian Cheng wanted to come along for the talk but Yi Ru told him he didn’t need to. Still, it was hard for Tian Cheng not to worry. And it was one of the good calls Tian Cheng made to follow them, because they were indeed not that ‘friendly’ like they tried to let on. Though it had worked against him, Tian Cheng would rather be there at the moment than regret later for not taking any actions toward the suspicious signs seen from the other parties. The person stealing the show, in the end, was the uncle, Yang Bo Wen. Though Tian Cheng couldn’t complain since he would be beaten to a pulp if Yang Bo Wen hadn’t come out in time to spot them.

Back inside, Yang Bo Wen was helping Tian Cheng toward a chair while Yi Ru rushed to get the first aid kit. And in a way, the beating that Tian Cheng took was worth it after all since he was able to enjoy the moment when Yi Ru applied some ointment onto his wounds. It seemed like Michael had fled or something since Yi Ru was still unable to locate him. Though Yi Ru was touched by Tian Cheng’s previous courageous acts, she also chided him for acting rash, not thinking of Xiao Die in the first place. Yet he stated that he only thought of Yi Ru’s well-being at that point.

At the Lai resident, Yu Xiang and Chairman Lai were having one of those arguments again. YES, still the Bi Jing Ye talk. Yu Xiang wanted to tell him about Gao You Da’s plans and how Bi Jing Ye must be the mastermind behind it all. Yet Chairman Lai told Yu Xiang not to attack Bi Jing Ye anymore, etc. (He was seriously in for good this time.) Yu Xiang said the upcoming important meeting would prove his words right and that his old man should be careful before leaving. After Yu Xiang was gone, Chairman Lai received a call from Bi Jing Ye. Still unsure of what his next move was, but Bi Jing Ye had disclosed of Mrs. Lai’s whereabouts to Chairman Lai, urging him to come upstairs and persuade her to come back home. Mrs. Lai, thinking that Bi Ting was coming over, opened the door to her husband.

Back at Sam Brunch, Yi Ru was still trying to locate Michael. Tian Cheng finally told Yi Ru that Yang Bo Wen had spotted Micheal earlier with a girl and they said they were going to the south to see his mother. Yet Tian Cheng suspected they were fleeing. Yi Ru, unable to take the news, said she wasn’t feeling well and headed home. Things were definitely falling apart all around.

Jumping to Chairman Lai and Mrs. Lai again at her apartment, she asked him if it was Bi Jing Ye who had disclosed her place. He admitted it and launched into his apology speech. It was too crazy yet funny at the same time. (He had no idea what Bi Jing Ye was planning at the moment.) Mrs. Lai was definitely not letting him off. Served him right for trusting Bi Jing Ye too much and falling into all those traps. The last trick? Um, not tricks. She told him to sign a certain paper. Yes, it was the divorce papers so she could have her freedom again. After he left–devastated, Bi Jing Ye called Jun Jie up to tell him to go forward with their plan. YUP, it was unfolding. When Jun Jie finally received the address from Bi Jing Ye via text message, he realized it was also Bi Ting’s place. What now?

Talking about Bi Ting, she was at home, still lost in thoughts. With her door ajar, it was easy for Mrs. Lai to come in. She launched into asking of Bi Ting’s well-being as Bi Ting rushed to make space for her on the sofa. While she confided in Bi Ting, both heard Mrs. Lai’s doorbell being rung. Mrs. Lai was more than determined not to be caught so she sent Bi Ting out to chase Mr. Love At First Sight away. She had no idea. Yet it was Bi Ting’s turn to panic hence Mrs. Lai rushing forward to rescue her from ’20 Seconds Guy’. They had a plan! It was so cute, lol. Mrs. Lai said she would volunteer to investigate and if it wasn’t anything along the line of ‘friendliness’, she would chase him away. Yet the person the most surprise of the outcome was Mrs. Lai since she opened the door without looking through the peephole and called out his name when she somewhat recovered. He, of course, called her ‘Mom’ so Bi Ting was able to hear them because she was just behind some screen hiding. Bi Ting, not giving herself a chance to digest, jumped out from behind the screen and confronted the pair of mother and son. Mrs. Lai quickly asked Bi Ting if Jun Jie was really ’20 Seconds Guy’ and then she quickly introduced him as her second son. (OY! It was getting too complicated again.)

Stopping the coming dramatic moments temporarily, Mrs. Lai took Jun Jie to her apartment instead. She let him settle down and talk with her. They discussed about their family matters briefly. They soon moved on to how he should ‘represent’ her to sign papers with the upcoming important meeting. (WOW, really?) It was hard to blame her since she really trusted him. He was there with her way before she entered the Lai resident so it was only reasonable to trust him. And it was only Bi Jing Ye’s crafty planning that had allowed the plan to go toward this point. All business aside, Mrs. Lai was thinking of moving again. It was more like she didn’t want to stick around with how things were going with Jun Jie and Bi Ting. Yes, she had her own reasons for defending her son after all.

Back home that night, Yang Bo Wen was helping Tian Cheng inside. He called for Yu Xiang and Yu Jie to come help. Those two were reading inside yet they abandoned their books to go help. Not to mention investigate about the matter in general. That wasn’t all for the night’s tale, because Chairman Lai soon showed up at their door, crying out tearfully that their mother wanted to divorce him.

True Love 365: Episode 14

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

(image credit: captured by DTLCT)

Mrs. Lai finally launched an investigation as to what was really going on within the family. Or more specifically, what was really going on with Jun Jie and Yu Xiang’s current plans that had caused her husband to be so furious. The first candidate to ask? Her brother, Yang Bo Wen. (I swear that was more legit than asking someone at the person who didn’t even live with them.) Yet the most hilarious thing was how Yang Bo Wen had no idea what was going on with the two ‘kids’. (But I swore he was right, come on now, he was babysitting?) So after unable to extract information from her ‘useless’ brother, Mrs. Lai stormed off, stating that she was better off relying on herself.

As the next scene came forth, the answer to my question about Yu Xiang’s plan of taking Bi Ting to Paris was answered. No, he was not doing that. He was using Jun Jie’s name to order those tickets and have them delivered to Jun Jie’s company–with the intention of patching things up between Jun Jie and Bi Ting. (I swore that was a shocker. And I’m not ashamed of admitting that I didn’t see it coming. Based on Yu Xiang’s many arrogant and spoiled attitude in the past, it wasn’t too much to assume that he would take aggressive actions.) Yu Xiang’s only downfall was not able to see how Shu Xin had stepped in and claimed she was Bi Ting to accept the tickets on Jun Jie’s behalf. After the delivery man left, Shu Xin was forced to reminisce back about Bi Ting’s biggest dream about going to Paris and pursuing further education. It was only until then that Shu Xin felt shattered and cried out. That was also when Jun Jie came back. A confrontation soon ensued with Shu Xin confessing that she knew about Jun Jie and Bi Ting’s relationship, but she had pretended not to, etc. Yet she had tested Jun Jie first about how she wanted to go back to Singapore to start over–and insisted Jun Jie go with her. Right around the time that he said he didn’t want to give up this company that she snapped, stating that it wasn’t the reason why he wanted to stay. She even told him how she had accepted the plane tickets for him. Jun Jie, of course, had no idea what was going on. (For once and not faking it.) Shu Xin, unable to take it anymore, confessed all her doings in an attempt to break Jun Jie and Bi Ting apart, no longer caring that he knew what she’d done. And omg, for once, I felt so sorry for Shu Xin too. After all that was said and how she had repeated many times that because she loved him, he still asked why she did all those sabotage schemes? Despite all that was said and done, I must agree with Shu Xin that Jun Jie knew both she and Bi Ting liked him, why he kept hesitating, not making a decision? She nailed it with saying that he was using her connections to help with his career; and though she didn’t mind all of those, still hoping one day he would be touched and that he realized she was more suitable for him, BUT he was still keeping things so ambiguous with the both of them. (She seriously should just dump him and find someone else. There would be no drama BUT come on now, even I’m feeling bad for her.) So Shu Xin finally decided to return to Singapore alone, storming off altogether and Jun Jie was left behind, trying to explain still. (I swear it didn’t matter with this time’s plane tickets misunderstanding since he kept dodging and lying to her so it wouldn’t matter if he got misunderstood this time.)

And as Jun Jie finally chased after Shu Xin, she was gone. (God, she was seriously a good runner. But she had some martial arts background so it made sense she was fit.) Jun Jie was actually met with that Bi Jing Ye and Gao You Da out front. (YES, I guessed right again. Those two were really in it together with the schemes.) It was disclosed by Bi Jing Ye to Jun Jie that Gao You Da was the one who was willing to help Jun Jie out with the hard situation he was in at that point. Apparently, Gao You Da was willing to help–on some conditions. (No surprise, he wasn’t going to toss some money down the drain just like that.) Anyway, Bi Jing Ye jumped in to talk about the Lai family’s company and the big ‘pie’ involved (aka all shareholders and its stocks, etc). It was also revealed that Bi Jing Ye had already acquired two of the biggest shares from Charmain Wang and Chairman Yan. (Cue, suspense music around then.) Yes, at this point, Bi Jing Ye was the most influential person because it was up to him if Charmain Lai could still hold that position. Though he soon assured Jun Jie that if he had wanted to be chairman, he wouldn’t wait until now–and that he was planning something bigger than that. So to get to the main point, if Jun Jie wanted Gao You Da to help him with buying out all the ‘bad’ lands that the other clients bailed out on, he must sign a certain piece of document. (Nice and easy, right? Yeah right… But at this point, Jun Jie didn’t have a choice if he wanted to ‘pursue his dream’ and prove to the world he could do it.)

That night, Shu Xin called up Yu Jie to say that she was going back to Singapore the next day and would contact Yu Jie afterward. However, Yu Jie went into one of her ‘Bi Ting being the hateful third party’ rants again. Though super annoying with her not knowing the whole story, it proved that in real life, stories/recounts like these would end up influencing the overall story. And that people often support one side blindly without caring for a full version. (I do understand that’s showing support for friends BUT it’s the other side of making situations worse and slandering others’ reputation just because of a distorted picture of the story.)

So round two was up with Bi Jing Ye’s schemes as Jun Jie probably already signed the document, because Bi Jing Ye rushed into Charmain Lai’s office to tell about an important piece of information. Yup, Jun Jie sold them out. Or more like one of their big cases got passed onto Gao You Da. Chairman Lai, being hot-headed that he was, immediately wanted to open a press conference (or something like that) and severe the connections with his sons. Yet Mrs. Lai interfered and told him to calm down while she tracked out the two ‘kids’ to sort things out. (Good idea, why didn’t anyone think of that one first?)

That night, at home, or more like at Yang Bo Wen’s resident, the fight finally began. Or was that a continuation from last time that they didn’t finish yet? Before that though, Yang Bo Wen had arranged a meeting with Jun Jie and Yu Xiang as they walked in. Even if he had claimed with his sister that he wasn’t their babysitter, but he was part of the family after all, so how could he not investigate the matters, right? So, how did the fight began? It started with Jun Jie saying things that seemed to imply he wasn’t part of the Lai family. Then Yu Xiang finally snapped after being called a hypocrite. (Wow, really? Like Jun Jie was any better in the ‘honesty’ department. In fact, Yu Xiang was more outspoken, even if overly confidence bordering the arrogant side at times.) And despite the fact that they were arguing over who was right or wrong and whether Yu Xiang was plotting to snatch Bi Ting away from Jun Jie or not, they still managed to yell for their uncle not to interfere. Yet what fused the situation, even more, was Yang Bo Wen taking Yu Xiang’s side since Jun Jie’s supposedly “unveiling of Yu Xiang’s schemes” seemed too outrageous, even if Yang Bo Wen had scolded Yu Xiang previously–if the initial part was true. So Yu Xiang finally said what he wanted to say OR more like in the heat of the moment, he said he didn’t want to see Bi Ting together with such a person like Jun Jie. That had ignited Jun Jie’s anger, even more, leading to Yu Xiang receiving the first blow. Yang Bo Wen had reacted too late, but he was soon trying to separate the two. Even if Yang Bo Wen knew Wing Chun, he couldn’t handle two fuming guys at the same time. Yu Jie finally entered the scene and blurted out that it was enough already that he had hurt Shu Xin, now he was hitting his own brother as well. So Jun Jie was definitely feeling inferior to their family (aka Bi Jing Ye had hit the right spot) or whatever, but he finally said that Yu Xiang and Yu Jie were definitely siblings–and that he wouldn’t want to stay in the same house as them anymore. Yu Xiang had yelled out that he didn’t want to stay in the same place with such a hypocrite like Jun Jie anyway, and that he didn’t want to see Jun Jie again. (We’ll see how long that one last.) The conclusion? Yang Bo Wen sucked big time with being the peacemaker. Even if the argument would take place sooner or later anyway, it still showed they were definitely having issues to allow Bi Jing Ye and Gao You Da to manipulate their lives. Yang Bo Wen’s version of the whole fight? They weren’t teaming up to go against their father, they were fighting over a girl. (True to some extent, but it had to do with Bi Jing Ye and Gao You Da’s manipulation as well. Wish they would see that faster though.)

Round 3 began the next day when Yu Xiang opened up a certain package that had pictures of his father carrying a kid, and some related pictures with the same kid. It seemed like an extramarital affair? Even Yu Xiang knew his father was in deep water this time. Meanwhile, Yu Jie met up with Mrs. Lai at the Lai resident to play catch up and how Yu Jie’s career was finally taking off since she was more serious about her work now. The main point was finally discussed because Mrs. Lai went into mentioning about scheduling a meeting with the two brothers to sort things out. Yet Yu Jie said she would talk more next time, claiming work commitments. Mrs. Lai teased her daughter for falling for the leading actor before Yu Jie left. But that wasn’t the earth-shattering moment, because the earth-shattering moment arrived with a special delivery package for Mrs. Lai. She got a similar package as Yu Xiang’s. Before Mrs. Lai could comprehend the whole situation, Jun Jie was seen opening a similar package at his company. Then he was ranting about something like he finally understood. (HUH?) Still, the scene moved to the Lai’s business building, specifically Chairman Lai’s office. Bi Jing Ye had entered and informed Chairman Lai he was done preparing, etc. Chairman Lai soon confronted Bi about how a piece of certain information had been leaked. And Bi Jing Ye soon diverted the whole thing toward Mrs. Lai, claiming she might have been responsible. It was no surprise he was targeting Mrs. Lai since she was too smart for her own good. He had to eliminate her to forgo his plans. But anyway, the paper included in the package was a DNA test. (So it would make sense that Bi Jing Ye said Mrs. Lai might have investigated the matter.) No wonder Bi Jing Ye said he didn’t have to be chairman, it was too fun manipulating the chairman at the moment anyway.

Back at the Lai resident, Mrs. Lai was doing her own investigation with the help of Jin Gang. As Mrs. Lai was preparing to leave and ‘deal with the situation’, Yu Xiang and Yang Bo Wen also had a meetup. It seemed like that Yang Bo Wen also received the package the others had gotten. But as they were on their way, Chairman Lai was seen getting out of a Taxi nearby. Though Yu Xiang had seen to be the calmest upon receiving the package, his reaction when spotting his father had said it all. So their destination was actually the Lai resident since this was the outside view so it was not that easy to spot at first. As Jin Gang drove Mrs. Lai out of there, the other three tried to stop her. Yang Bo Wen attempted to talk Mrs. Lai out of leaving by stating all the irrationality of it all and it was probably a trap, listing all the reasons why that ‘woman’ wouldn’t be someone Chairman Lai would be interested in. Indifference to their pleas, Mrs. Lai told Jin Gang to drive, stating that if he started to drive, they would move out of the way. Well, it was that or she would fire him. Yet Jin Gang stated that his job was to protect people, not harm them so he would rather be fired. Having no choice, Mrs. Lai stepped out of the car and was forced to hear Chairman Lai’s mushy pleas. She asked if he was trying to act out an 8’oclock drama (LOL). Not being able to turn down his wife’s request, Chairman Lai finally stepped out of the way. As it was, Yu Xiang soon followed, calling to his uncle. Yang Bo Wen, not wanting to be isolated, told Chairman Lai goodbye before taking leave as well.

As coincidental as it was, Mrs. Lai was going to the airport. Shu Xin came into the scene and was seen sitting next to Mrs. Lai on the other side of a booth. Shu Xin’s sigh had caught Mrs. Lai’s attention and both parties turned around to spot each other. And they were indeed proving the phrase ‘misery loves company’ true since they were in similar situations, except Shu Xin was leaving an unhappy place to go home while Mrs. was leaving her supposed home.

Soon, Chairman Lai called for a meeting with the rest of the family members. Yang Bo Wen and Yu Xiang came together. As Yang Bo Wen pondered what the meeting was about, Yu Xiang said it probably had to do with Mrs. Lai because there wasn’t anything else that important at this point to call for a meeting. Tian Cheng soon showed up, but still no Yu Jie. Yu Jie showed up several seconds later as Tian Cheng clarified that he had already called her and she should be on her way. Yu Jie was pondering why he knew she was coming and Tian Cheng replied with how Yu Jie’s footsteps were so loud, it would be impossible not to know. The only person not present was actually Jun Jie–though Tian Cheng had already messaged him. Bi Jing Ye appeared at that time, escorting them into the meeting location. They soon found out it wasn’t a meeting with the chairman to find their mother as Yu Xiang had previously guessed. They were actually in a meeting with the board of shareholders. Chairman Lai soon arrived with Jin Gang in toll. So everyone received the ‘helpful information package’, not just the Lai family. Chairman Lai soon launched into explaining to everyone what happened. The side commentaries from Yang Bo Wen and Tian Cheng didn’t help move things forward either. The look from Yu Xiang did shut Yang Bo Wen up though, and Yu Jie had to stop Tian Cheng. (So who was it that just told Yu Xiang to behave out front earlier?) After the explanation and apologizing to everyone, including his kids, Chairman Lai was faced with questions from both Tian Cheng and Yu Xiang. Yet Bi Jing Ye interfered, not allowing Yu Xiang to blurt out what Chairman Lai had supposedly done in an attempt to ‘mold them into better persons’, because those weren’t even what Chairman Lai had in mind. Of course, Bi Jing Ye would be nuts not to stop Yu Xiang from bringing some details into light, explaining clearly more why he and Jun Jie were in the current state, even seeking out the enemies for help. Bi Jing Ye, being sinister that he was, cleverly used himself as a gamble, stating that he was the one who’d issued all orders so it had nothing to do with the chairman. Yet Chairman Lai fell right into his trap, stating that Bi Jing Ye was only doing what he was told, and even stating he knew everything about the ‘plans’. (Really? It was harder and harder to believe that he had managed such a successful business all these years.) When Yu Xiang wanted to explain that he didn’t steal the ‘client list’, Yang Bo Wen had stopped him. (Though Yang Bo Wen’s intention was to get Yu Xiang to calm down so things wouldn’t turn into a much worse situation, not like Bi Jing Ye’s agenda.) And the final statement from the chairman: handing all powers to Bi Jing Ye. (Did anyone see that coming? Yeah, sarcasm here. People must be nuts to think that Bi Jing Ye wasn’t after power.)

Back at Yang Bo Wen’s house, they all came back with much-troubled faces. Yet Jun Jie was seen indifference, claiming he was moving out. While Yang Bo Wen interrogated Jun Jie, Yu Xiang–in his worst mood–had his own interpretation of matters. Yu Xiang soon blurted out that Jun Jie didn’t even care that he had hurt two people who loved him dearly, so how could he care about their parents’ well-being. And Tian Cheng was still able to take a jab at their uncle during such a time? (He was asking why Jun Jie was taking after their uncle’s bad habits, lol.) Things escalated as Yu Jie blurted out that the others should just let Jun Jie leave, and that she didn’t want to be his sister if he didn’t care for them. Yu Xiang added more oil to the blazing fire by stating that he didn’t want to be associated with someone so cold-blooded, so selfish, etc. Jun Jie finally left after having the last word. Yu Jie soon followed but it wasn’t because of some unreasonable, stubbornness moment. She actually wanted to seek their father out to accompany him while their mother wasn’t around. Yang Bo Wen for once looked proud at one of the ‘kids’ for a mature moment.

Meanwhile, on the Bi Ting front, Jun Jie came to her company to seek her out, wanting to chat. As Jun Jie tried to explain, Bi Ting brushed him off, stating that it had already passed and it wasn’t important anyway. She soon clarified that she had been thinking these past days and accepted that they were two people from two different worlds. Jun Jie thought that she was still mad hence the ‘cool’ talk, but she stated that he shouldn’t ‘force’ himself into doing these things. Yet he stated she wasn’t forcing him. Then he got right to the point, asking if it was because of Yu Xiang. She clarified that she and Yu Xiang were just co-workers and friends, nothing more. He then said if it was so, then give him a chance to explain before she decided. As they were walking out of the place, Yu Xiang and Min Ling were seen walking together. Min Ling soon spotted Bi Ting and Jun Jie hence calling Yu Xiang’s attention to them. Correction, it seemed like Jun Jie was still chasing Bi Ting down in an attempt for a chance to talk while Min Ling was still trying to figure out who the other guy was. Yu Xiang (of course knew who it was) blurted out that Bi Ting was right in ignoring him (the guy)–and that Min Ling should take note. (LOL) Yet Min Ling had pointed out that they seemed so happy together thus causing Yu Xiang’s good moods to turn 180 degrees. Min Ling directed her attention to Yu Xiang again, realizing he looked terrible and questioned him. He claimed he indeed was feeling uneasy, and she then teased him about his jealousy. He sure was getting riled up. Was this leading to some future sabotage scene? At this rate, I welcome it whole-heartedly since I’m like not caring about Jun Jie’s happiness anymore. (It was his fault for hurting both girls. It was their choice to like him, but his fault for kept playing the ‘ambiguous’ card. And all the crap with his career could only go so far as an excuse for his behavior.)

At a fancy restaurant, Jun Jie was asking Bi Ting’s opinion of the place. She said he didn’t have to bring her there since the place wasn’t as important as the person she was with. Yet he claimed it was a compensation for her birthday celebration. (Okay, his explanation with Shu Xin kissing him first didn’t slide with me. At least from an audience’s point of view so can’t blame Bi Ting. But like seriously? He had promised to kiss her. It was an attempt to send her off but still a tactic that he was willing to pull.) When Bi Ting said that she believed him but that misunderstanding had changed their relationship, etc. Jun Jie jumped in to say that he had already explained to Shu Xin clearly. (Again, really? Shu Xin had to do all the ‘outburst’ herself and told him in the face that she was leaving, he didn’t say anything in that nature.) Again, the story perspective matters major time. From Jun Jie’s point of view, he was the hero; from Yu Jie’s point of view, Bi Ting was the witch that hurt her friend; and Bi Ting and Shu Xin both lost–regardless. After a silent moment, Jun Jie asked Bi Ting for another chance. While it seemed like Bi Ting wanted to cave in, she soon withdrew her hand from Jun Jie’s–at least tried to. She outright told him (again) that their problem didn’t lie with Shu Xin. She indeed nailed it again (like how Shu Xin said those things to Jun Jie when she confronted him). Bi Ting finally said it–after some hesitation–that their problem had to do with him. He recovered quickly and told Bi Ting that he knew it was his fault for not making the decision hence causing her pain yet he promised to never let it happen again. Bi Ting had to ‘clarify’ things even more by saying that his career was always #1 and that she would have to take a second seat. It didn’t matter if Shu Xin already left, there would be another one down the road. He needed a person who could advance his career, not her. As he was letting things sink in, Bi Ting finally succeeded in withdrawing her hand from his. Jun Jie was really a master of his game (more than some people would give him credit for it) since he soon told Bi Ting that his sole purpose of working so hard was so he could prove that he wasn’t a young master but could rely on himself and could have his own world (aka wanting to be able to provide and protect the person he loved). Then he asked Bi Ting for another chance, grabbing onto her hand again. She was indeed wavering and said she didn’t know since he never told her those things before. So now Jun Jie was really playing the ‘third party’ card. (Really? I don’t know why I’m surprised.) He was asking her if it was Yu Xiang. She didn’t answer him yet asked why he kept driving that point. They were definitely playing ping pong here since he didn’t answer either but asked why she didn’t promise (to give him another chance). (NICE….so he couldn’t take it that other people have choices too to choose him or not yet it was all right that he chose?) Bi Ting politely said that she wanted to think it over since a lot of things had happened recently. She asked him to give her a little more time. Of course, he was willing to wait.

So Bi Ting, instead of thinking things on her own, went to the park the next morning and talked to her tree instead. Yu Xiang soon walked up to her and scolded her for talking to a tree. Eh…wait, who was the one who gave her that tree anyway? Why did he have to be so mean? (LOL) And like she wanted to talk to the tree, Xiao Q wasn’t around. (“We’re not acting in an idol drama.” <- He said that with a straight face? LOL!) Anyway, before they knew it, they were arguing over the name of the tree. How random but not so out of characters since it wouldn’t be them if they didn’t argue over things like that. How did the whole confronting him with eavesdropping turned into the name of the tree? OMG, he was feeling bad for the tree to have to deal with Bi Ting’s problems? (LOL) Oy, it was getting too personal. Well, he called her stupid first. Okay, she stormed off after blurting out some random reason why anyone was better than Ji Che Nan (機車男) for that matter.

As Jun Jie finally signed his soul away to Gao You Da, Chen Guo Long was seen walking into the company, ordering Bi Ting to make tea while he headed to Yu Xiang’s office for round 2 of their showdown. Chen Guo Long was definitely enjoying himself as he tried to pick on Yu Xiang and his ‘hare brain’ ideas. Before Yu Xiang could do a counter-attack, Bi Ting knocked on the door and brought in Chen Guo Long’s tea. She accidentally on purpose tripped and spilled the tea on Chen Guo Long thus causing the latter to rush out screaming. And before they knew it, Bi Ting and Yu Xiang were slapping each other high fives. They were a team all right. And the awkwardness didn’t settle in until after the high five. Outside, Bi Ting finally felt that ‘special’ heartbeat that she confided to her tree earlier. It was definitely scaring her that it was because of Yu Xiang.

On the Jun Jie front, he was moving into a new place yet it seemed like not really since there was a family photo of the Lai family once upon a time. And the phone call from Bi Jing Ye confirmed so since Jun Jie wished to find a place of his own in the future. After that call, Jun Jie called up Bi Ting to chat. Bi Ting was having her strange expression on, like she was testing herself? Anyway, Jun Jie was asking her if she was free that day and she said she had to work overtime. (How did he like to be on the receiving end, right?) And what did he do? He asked if Yu Xiang was nearby. (What? Well, okay, he was but it was because he was sneaking up on her again, NOT because he was the influence for her decision. Okay, that was partially it but he didn’t directly tell her to stay behind, etc.) Nice comeback. Min Ling was really funny too since she was as sneaky as her boss, not letting in that she was also spying on Bi Ting. The priceless look on Bi Ting’s face when she realized that both Yu Xiang and Min Ling had been listening in.

Back at the Lai resident, Yang Bo Wen was being bullied by his brother-in-law. Chairman Lai, surprisingly, wasn’t asking about if Yang Bo Wen knew of Mrs. Lai’s whereabouts. He was interrogating Yang Bo Wen if the latter had leaked out the information. And what? Yang Bo Wen also had a secret? What about that needed to be concealed? And they were back to Yang Bo Wen comforting him and telling him not to cry. It was indeed pitiful seeing Chairman Lai like that. Yet Yang Bo Wen indeed was smart like his sister. He was questioning the chairman if he had told anyone else aside from Yang Bo Wen and Bi Jing Ye of the secret. And then he managed to narrow it down to other ‘woman’ blurting it out to her son and then the son might have accidentally blurted it out somewhere else hence his enemies know and catastrophe unleash. Not a bad theory. After Yang Bo Wen was done playing the blame game, he was confronted by the chairman as of his sister’s whereabouts. It was about time. And Yang Bo Wen managed to narrow it down as to where his sister would be, considering how he wasn’t in contact with her. So the guessing game began, but was he on the right track?