Esther Liu: Résurrection MV

The song is sung in French. There’s the Chinese lyrics in companion to the French ones so listeners won’t be so lost. Sweety fans might not like it because of her change in style as an individual artist. But hey, that’s the new Esther. Or it could just be her wanting to share some French art styles in her work yet haven’t had the chance in the past.

(Credit: Esther’s Official YouTube Channel)

Esther Liu: Résurrection

In the previous update about Esther, I mistakenly translated the title of the album as Rebirth, but from Esther’s page, it actually had taken on the name of Résurrection.

Anyway, she has been diligently working hard in taking care of promotions and all. More info will be out later on her page, along with the Frigga page. Some of the tracks will release slowly this month, in addition to MVs. I’ll definitely post more when I get ahold of information, lol. But then it’s much more accurate and faster to just follow her page.

*All images were from Esther Liu’s Office Facebook Page.