Fahrenheit Reunion: Calvin and Chun

The other day, Calvin posted some pictures of him and Chun, tagging Chun in it. I thought it was hilarious. (And how in the world did I miss Chun having a Weibo account since November 2013?) Anyway, I went to Chun's Weibo and discovered him also sharing a picture of their latest with an equally … Continue reading Fahrenheit Reunion: Calvin and Chun

BAZAAR Charity Event: Angela and Chun

One of the surprises for fans was their reunion at the event. They were assigned to the same team for activities but didn't arrive together. This was taken during the reception. *All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Chris and Angela: The Story Behind

Chris posted some old pictures earlier today stating that it had been ten years now since his and Angela's collaboration from Romantic Princess. That was seriously a surprise to me since I didn't really watch the drama properly. It was about time I dug it out and watch it for what it was worth. And … Continue reading Chris and Angela: The Story Behind

Ying Xing De Chi Pang

If Angela wasn't the singer for this song, I didn't think it would have made such an impact because she has such a unique voice and made the song so mystical and inspirational on so many levels. I also became her fan after listening to this song. And also because I was watching Bump Off … Continue reading Ying Xing De Chi Pang