Liao Zhai 2014: Review

(image credit: as marked) Story 1 - Judge Lu (陆判) Probably the most anticipated for me because of Qiao Zhen Yu yet I felt disappointed in it. Not because of the other cast or anything. I surprisingly liked Alice Ko in here since she hasn't really clicked for me in her past dramas. Then perhaps … Continue reading Liao Zhai 2014: Review

Liao Zhai 2014: Lian Suo (连琐)

Returning home after suppressing a rebellion, Soldier Yang Yu Wei (Royce Wong) wished to buy a big house, get married, and have kids. However, he unexpectedly ended up buying a 'haunted house.' Afterward, Yang Yu Wei uncovered the reasons behind the haunting. It was because the pair of mother and daughter of Lian Suo (Hu … Continue reading Liao Zhai 2014: Lian Suo (连琐)