Prince Coffee Lab: Adaptation

This drama is adapted from the Korean version (or supposedly with some posts I read). Anyway, the reason why I was even interested in this drama was because of Jacky. Yes, finally updating on him at long last. I saw some posts about it previously that he updated but wasn’t into it. Yet now that it was coming together already, I could update without feeling like it was just a teaser.

Lulu Xu (徐璐) as Gao Xing (高兴).

Yang Le (杨玏) as Jiang Shang Wu (姜尚武).

Wayne Yang (王阳) as Qin Zhe Mo (秦哲默).

Shi Yu Fei (施予斐) as Han Xiao (韩笑).

Cao Wei Yu (曹卫宇) as Hu Zi Bing (胡子兵).

Jacky Chu as Xiao Jian Feng (萧剑峰).

Johnny Pei (裴立言) as Chen Hai Shen (陈海深).

Chris Chu (朱润) as Huang Huang (黄皇).

Lin Yi Ming (林奕明) as Chen Gang (陈刚).

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Honey Enemy: A Wish Come True

(image credit: as marked)

So while some Wallace fans (myself included) have been calling out for a modern drama so they could watch because of his ongoing of accepting mostly ancient projects, their wish had finally come true. It’s actually a movie, and it seems like a fresh collaboration all around. (Go here for more info and join in on the discussions!)

On the other hand, it seems like Mr. Huo is gaining his weight back, which is a good thing. Considering how he was working soooo freaking hard since whenever and was to the point of causing many to worry for him. He’s finally back to normal. (Yet some people were complaining about him being fat? Seriously? Who would rather see him all so worn out and tired?)

If you want to stalk their official Weibo, go here.