Rookies’ Diary: Episode 18

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Another powerful scene unfolded as the others were lining up. Possibly because of the size of the group. Or the song in the background.

I seriously love these scenes. (Even if some people think it’s boring.) It really shows the unified spirits of all these soldiers–and more.

Ohhh…the scene seen in the previews! Shan Ren was so alert when Sheng Nan called him, LOL! So funny how he was so eager to answer her and stating his available status (for tomorrow, of course). LOL! And his exaggerated declaration of being able to carry out any of her requests, even jumping into the most dangerous places. Honestly, too much! Still funny though. I honestly wish they would end up together. They were too cute, except she thinks he’s too silly at times. (Which he is.)

Shan Ren’s happiness was even more obvious when he was unusually happy when trying to demonstrate for the others when they were practicing the bomb-throwing techniques again. So funny that was he so patient with the others, willing to teach them – without yelling. (Though his analogy wasn’t lost on Sheng Nan. It was too obvious! She probably regretted in asking him.) He was calling Lai Hu ‘Ah Hu’? LOL! It was surprising all right. Even if Lai Hu was slow, he was even slower this time, considering how he was so puzzled about Shan Ren’s attitude, not even yelling at him, but using the ‘soft’ voice, LOL! He was even being nice with Luo Gang? LOL! Maybe because he thought he won! (Sheng Nan was getting even more annoyed though.) He was asking Da Tong if Da Tong was in love? It was a miracle though! Since Da Tong got 40 instead of his usual unexceptional scores. Maybe because Shan Ren wasn’t yelling anymore so Da Tong wasn’t as nervous? LOL!

Wang Wei was so fast! LOL! Had to since he wouldn’t want the other guy to find out that Shan Ren wasn’t the first one Sheng Nan sought out to pose as her boyfriend. Wang Wei and the other guy were all heart, giving Shan Ren encouragements, LOL! The funniest thing was that they made it like they just found out and Shan Ren was telling them to keep a secret. Seriously? Shan Ren was so out on this one! Honestly, the parting laugh was so fake, especially with Wang Wei and the other guy, LOL! (Though I knew that was intentional.) And we found out how considerate Wang Wei was since he did not want to affect Shan Ren’s mood, causing the worst for the soldiers.

Hao Zhi and You Shun’s exchange, LOL! It was too funny. Hao Zhi misunderstood You Shun. (Different words, same pronunciation, LOL!)

Ooohhh…pretty cool. Aww…he thought she got lost. Nice scene. Less talk, just let us feel the moment with the music playing in the background.

The day everyone was excitedly waiting for finally arrived. According to previews, they should be quite a few humorous scenes to look forward to. Hao Zhi’s family’s bumped into Lai Hu’s family! LOL! Was Hao Zhi’s father that superstitious? LOL! What a disaster! I feel so sorry for Lai Hu’s family, being thrown stuff at. Lucky Lai Hu’s father was holding the umbrella so he was able to shield his mother from the stuff. Grandma to the rescue! LOL! I guess the men were too irritated with the attacks to reason with them. Only Grandma’s well-wishing for the to be married couple helped. So funny how Lai Hu’s father was forced to speak up and give the other family some well-wishing words too. PHEW! Grandma saved them from the worst.

Poor Hao Zhi though. He looked like he was going to his funeral more than his own wedding. Can’t blamed him since he was against the setup in the first place. Feel even sadder for him since Shan Ren was teasing him as well. Even worse, he encouraged others to jump in with the tease. He sure knows how to hide though. They had to search high and low for him–literally. That was funny, Hao Zhi said if Lai Hu likes Su Qing, he (Lai Hu) can have her? LOL!

Aww…poor Lai Ba Ba! That was sad! He wanted to hug Lai Hu but Lai Hu went straight to Grandma instead. He was going to sit down but Lai Hu beat him to it? LOL! His brother had to soothe him by grabbing a chair for him? LOL! Grandma told Lai Hu not to mind his father? The old man was already being ignored without Lai Hu needing to ‘neglect’ even more, LOL Aww…Luo Gang looked so lonely standing there observing the scene. At least Lai Ba Ba remembered him. AND that was messed up that Lai Hu snatched the drumstick out of his reach! He went for the fries instead.

The happier it seemed at Lai Hu’s table, the more morbid it seemed at Hao Zhi’s table since he was still trying to talk himself out of the wedding, but failed. So he was approaching the matter with much indifference. Too much superstition. AND Su Qing had to be all fake again, trying to score points with Hao Zhi’s father. He had to drink tea because his father hit his head AND not because he wanted to drink? OKAY!

So Luo Gang had a visitor after all? I thought it was An Bang’s attempt to get him to see his mother. OH WELL…It might still come up later though. OH…his father came to see him? For some reason, I had to clap Luo Gang for not letting his father see An Bang. Not sure if it was for his father’s sake or for An Bang’s. BUT at least he didn’t force things on An Bang (aka making An Bang accept the man). Maybe because An Bang felt that he was in the right (which might be possible) so he was able to stand firm on his decision and tried to patch things up between his mother and Luo Gang.

Aww…Lai Hu finally knew how to mix the drink. Even Lai Ba Ba was shocked. ( A sign Lai Hu was growing up.) They had a right to be proud of him. A touching scene indeed and a nice song in companion of the scene. Lai Ba Ba had to jump in to say he was right? (LOL)

Can’t believe the guys had time to stand around and talk nonsense. Well, it was their day off so they could do whatever they wanted to, right? That was so funny that they all fainted after realizing the ‘hot girl’ had a daughter! LOL! Serves them right!

Was Bo Wen honestly thinking that Tian Xin would come and see him? Not impossible but she could be too busy. Never mind, he wasn’t so optimistic. Though Hai Sheng tried to cheer him up by coming up with some possibilities for her delay. Hahahaha, Hai Sheng sure know how to praise himself! He was practically flying out of there, LOL!

Poor Ding Hao, had to deal with the situation now. Hao Zhi was temporarily happy. Oh well…he tried. Hao Zhi was hiding behind Ding Hao? Sometimes being the superior sucks! (LOL) Man, Su Qing was determined all right. Eh…Ding Hao couldn’t just lie? OH WELL…Hao Zhi’s father was childish all right, celebrating his victory like that. Su Qing should be his daughter and NOT Hao Zhi being the son.

Hahahaha. That was priceless! And he thought that Yu Ting was having a heartache? LOL! He was going to have a backache soon! LOL! Funny how he jumped right up and was so energetic as soon as she appeared! LOL! Can’t display the long face in front of his beauty, right? Yu Ting was so cute! Hai Sheng was still chanting his ‘No problem’ mantra!

Another hilarious scene. No wonder Wu Yong was such a happy-go-lucky guy. His father was one hilarious guy as well. He was trying to edge right out of it by saying that they were family because Hong Jie was Wu Yong’s godmother? LOL! And yay! Xiao Yan was back! She found Wu Ba Ba’s wallet? Cool! LOL! So funny that Wu Ba Ba ended up singing, affecting even his son and Da Tong into singing and dancing as well! Hong Jie seemed to be fine with it? Wu Ba Ba was so cute though! Trying to ease the whole situation. Aww…even Hong Jie urged Xiao Yan to be happy! LOL! The better!

What a light-hearted scene. So uplifting. And inspirational. Wu Ba Ba sure knows how to light up the atmosphere. Wu Yong took it after him, eh? And they were all heart, cheering the soldiers on.

Luo Gang finally ate the food? I guess he knew An Bang would try to get crafty again if he doesn’t. Besides, An Bang was so sincere. Kind of nice seeing how they were eating together, etc. Though An Bang could be pushing it again with mentioning their mother too much. Though An Bang might be right regarding some matters, somehow it was a bit amusing that he said their father didn’t come and see Luo Gang. (He had no idea!) No wonder Luo Gang looked kind of amused at one point.
Previews… More intense scenes between Luo Gang and An Bang–and their family. Exaggerated much? Regarding Hao Zhi’s wedding! Whoa! Su Qing was sure persistent. Crazy. Bo Wen and Tian Xin’s breakup for real? OR just another struggle? Actually seeing Hai Sheng pissed off at Yu Ting? Can’t wait to see that part. Yup, it sure looked like Bo Wen and Tian Xin broke up. The way he was absent-mindedly walking into traffic. AND Hai Sheng almost ran over him. Actually, I have to take back the other comment about the Hai Sheng and Yu Ting scenes since Shan Ren and Sheng Nan’s scenes seemed funnier. Wang Wei was helping his good friend in choosing the right outfit! Nice! Aww…what? I thought Luo Gang wouldn’t show up!

He was going to go forward with it? I still feel bad for Shan Ren…

BTS…of course was enjoyable. Tang Feng and Lin Dao Yuan! LOL! Poor Tang Feng, kept messing up with that one scene. Not surprised that the scene at the store had quite a few NGs. It was so funny! They had to resist in laughing themselves.

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