Man in the Mirror

Eric is back! I loved this album. More than the last one–of course since this one was more along the wavelength of So Far, So…Close and In the Name of…Love. The fact that I did not sneak listen to it beforehand made it even better. (Okay, I only listened to it once when the MVs were out–but that was it.)


1. Faithful Man (英) [OT: 不可含怒到日落] – Didn’t expect it to be so short since I was surprisef that the album started off with an English song. But it was really interestingly a good start and short was good at times.

2.  Little Suen’s Park (小孫公園) – Interesting…enough…

3. If Life  Still Has Music (如果生命還有歌) – Like!

4.  (圍城故鄉) – LIke the live version better? I don’t know. LOL!

5.  (談分論嫁) – This song reminded me oddly of Aaron Kwok’s “Tell Me Why” for some reason. Maybe it had some similar sounding at various parts.

6. Clothing (衣服) – Not really into it.

7. 36 – Interesting.

8.  Lost love, what should be done? (失戀得到什麼) – After several more rounds of listening, really like it.

9.  (困獸鬥) – Strange?

10. My Story (我的故事上集) – There was a story behind this song that I read on LL Musings’ blog–of course as all songs were. But this was very sad and touching at the same time. Since this was labeled ‘上集’, does that mean there’s going to be part 2?

11.  (不可含怒到日落) – How come this sounds like some of the others? I don’t know. Still like it.


1. 如果生命還有歌 MV – Nice, sad MV.

2. 圍城故鄉 MV – Oy…

3. 36 MV – Too strange?


4. 圍城故鄉

5. 小孫公園

6. 失戀得到什麼

7. 36

8. 不可含怒到日落

9. 談分論嫁

10. 衣服

11. 困獸鬥

12. 如果生命還有歌

13. 我的故事上集 (上集)

14. Faithful Man (英)

Of all those songs performed during the live concert, I actually like them a lot more for some reason. I don’t know. It’s just too weird that the studio sounds better because of all those effects placed in already but for this one, I like the live version more. (And then as I was listening to it, my bro-in-law helpfully contributed that it sounded like the ’80s music. Thanks a lot!) I actually like this concert a lot more than the one he included in one of the albums. Maybe the feeling was different and how it was only songs for this album.

And I was supposed to publish this ages ago but I got carried away with other obsessions and then I forgot that I haven’t even viewed the DVD yet so had to do that before putting this up. A bit lazy on the reviewing BUT it has been a while so I sort of forgot some things. But still a pretty good album overall.

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Only Want To Be With You

I was quite excited about getting this album, however, I think that I actually like the last two albums (In The Name Of…Love and So Far, So…Close) better because of their styles. This one, though trying to establish a new style–mixing in traditional songs with new music but is not as appealing for some strange reason. Though I must give credit for the efforts done with the album.

I must add that it actually takes a while to sink in since it sounds better the second time around, especially the song “Only Want To Be With You”.

The MVs were quite interesting and creative, especially with the song “West Dowager” with its complexity of imagery and other illustrations set in.

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