Step Forward by Hu Xia

(Credit: 胡夏 HuXia) Song Title: Step Forward (學著走) Lyricist: Shi Fang (十方) Composer: Tan Zhi Hua (譚志華) Key: Bold = Chinese Maroon = Pin Yin Blue = English 你那時候的溫柔 變成此刻的狂風 ni na shi hou de wen rou   bian cheng ci ke de kuang feng Your gentleness at that moment has changed into this moment's fierce … Continue reading Step Forward by Hu Xia

Silly Tango

The other album that I got because of True Love 365. However, not a single regret, just like the other one. 1. Static Electricity (靜電). The thing about this song is the mix is all wrong. I swear! I wanted to forward it so many times. Yet I tried to be patient for the lyrics. … Continue reading Silly Tango