Jean Lee on Super Star

Okay, so I’m a slowpoke for not noticing about her and her career since ages back. But seriously, I have to say some of the dramas of hers, I didn’t watch all the way or are still on the boiler. But I quite like her voice after listening to her on Super Star. I hunted down for more. You could check it out on YouTube if you want to. But I saw her album on YesAsia also. Probably going to try and hunt down for some listening and then putting it on my list.


What got me a tad disappointed thus far was seeing Jean’s character in The New World had been reduced to some helpless person. Well, she was indeed quite independent already and quite brave with not caring about what others say and trying to work hard with supporting her brother, etc. However, it seemed like she had become a weakling, needing to be rescued. Her background was indeed quite tragic. But I hope to see her character developing into much more.