Fan Fiction: Inspirational Songs

This is more like out of fun and to fill the blog with more randomness. One time I was talking to one of my fellow fan fic writers and she was surprised that I actually write with music on since it's more of a distraction for her than inspiration. So I started to wonder what … Continue reading Fan Fiction: Inspirational Songs

Mua Thu Co Nho by Tam Doan

Vietnamese Title: Mùa Thu Có Nhớ (Mua Thu Co Nho) English Translation: Autumn Memories/ Do You Still Remember That One Autumn? Music: Adapted from a Chinese song Lyricist: Khúc Lan Chờ đợi một người khi mùa thu văng lối Waiting for someone when autumn paved its way Em nghe như cơn mộng thấm trong tim … Continue reading Mua Thu Co Nho by Tam Doan