Bai Bai De

This could be considered the best song and probably the best MV of all the ones in The 5th Season. It was so breathtaking and mystical on so many levels. A very powerful song accompanied with such imagery.

It has been topping the charts for weeks now–though might not be #1 on all of them.

I especially like the MV used for this one. It was so mysterious with the many effects used and the overall theme.

It was fascinating how they design the MV also. Not to mention with such lyrics. It was just the more addicting to listen and watch the MV at the same time.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

The 5th Season

After the long wait of about two years, Angela’s 6th album–The 5th Season–is finally released. Though with some roughness revolving around some matters, but it was still welcomed and received by fans near and far (or so I hope).

Personally, I must admit that I was a bit doubtful or maybe was a bit afraid after hearing a vast amount of people praising it. I was afraid it was becoming over-rated because of the long period of time that people spent waiting. It was like a ‘finally’ than just the whole idea behind a real good album. However, I actually got it anyway (through YesAsia of course) and waited until I have the album in my hands before listening to it–instead of listening to samples on different media provided. It was not exaggerated at all since it was surprisingly good with a new style different from all her previous albums, surpassing the last one, which was Ang 5.0–and was missing something although there were memorable tracks as well.

The whole album was just amazing with the arrangement among other things. It could be seen that LinFair put a lot of effort into the album to get it to this point. Although some songs were written for commercial purposes as stated, it really suited with her style and brought out her many sides–though some might doubt of it lacking in one area or another.

The MVs were quite fascinating as well with “White” (白白的) being all mystical and breathtaking while “The Place We See The Furthest” (看得最遠的地方) was subtle yet full of emotions and innocence, and “Shaking Head” (搖擺頭) was lively and energetic, showing her active and playful side.

The lyrics booklet along with the photo album booklet were very nicely done also and worth it as for the goodies included for this album.

*All images were scanned by DTLCT