Love Won’t Change In This Lifetime by Kenny Lin

(Credit: Zk Fang)

Song Title: Love Won’t Change In This Lifetime (今生情不變)

Lyricist: Yang Shao Hong (楊绍鴻)

Composer: Chen Guang Rong (陳光荣)

Bold = Chinese
Indigo = Pin Yin
Orange = English
Sea Green = Vietnamese

遙望天邊 說恩恩怨怨
yao wang tian bian   shuo en en yuan yuan
Staring into the distant horizon, speaking of the many gratitude and resentments
Ngắm nhìn chân trời xa xôi, ta nói những chuyện ân oán
寒夜秋風就要 滄海變桑田
han ye qiu feng jiu yao   cang hai bian sang tian
The cold breezes of the autumn night is about to bring forth changes
Gió lạnh của đêm thu sắp mang lại những sự thay đổi
魂夢你視線 找一絲溫暖
hun meng ni shi xian  zhao yi si wen nuan
Dreaming of your eyes, hoping to find a little coziness
Mơ về ánh mắt em, mong có thể tìm được một chút ấm áp
今天的眷戀 是今生的掛牽
jin tian de juan lian   shi jin sheng de gua qian
Today’s longing is this lifetime’s yearning
Lưu luyến của hôm nay là sự mong mỏi của đời này

明日的變遷 怕聽到怕遇見
ming ri de bian qian   pa ting dao pa yu jian
Fearing that I would hear or see the changes of tomorrow
Thiệt sợ rằng sẽ nghe thấy được những thay đổi của ngày mai
隨著飛花不理 冰冷還是暖
sui zhe fei hua bu li   bing leng hai shi nuan
I only want to accompany the flying flowers, not caring about the cold or warm weather
Chỉ muốn cùng hoa bay lượn, không cần biết trời lạnh hay ấm
承諾卻沒變 人生悲喜少不免
cheng nuo que mei bian   ren sheng bei xi shao bu mian
The promise has yet changed, life’s sadness or happiness is inevitable
Lời hứa hẹn chưa hề biến đổi, chuyện vui buồn của cuộc đời khó mà tránh khỏi
今天的我 結局仍在轉
jin tian de wo   jie ju reng zai zhuan
Today, my ending is still shifting
Hôm nay, kết cuộc của tôi vẫn còn xoay chuyển

路縱遠 未計算
lu zong yuan   wei ji suan
The road is still far, it has yet to be calculated
Đường vẫn còn xa, dù không đo được
lang li tao tao bu hui juan
The overflowing waves within me are tireless
Những cơn sóng dào dạt trong tôi sẽ không bao giờ mệt mỏi
星光倚天邊 願天天月會圓
xing guang yi tian bian   yuan tian tian yue hui yuan
The stars depend on the horizon, hoping everyday would be full moon
Những ngôi sao ỷ lại trời cao, nguyện rằng ngày nào trăng cũng tròn
道再見 夢更遠 夢己甦醒非我願
dao zai jian   meng geng yuan   meng ji su xing fei wo yuan
Saying goodbye, the dream becomes distant, it’s not like I wanted to wake up
Lời chia tay, mộng càng xa, đâu phải do tôi muốn tỉnh dậy
但教青天讓我 繼續懷緬
dan jiao qing tian rang wo   ji xu huai mian
Yet the clear sky allows me to continue reminisce
Nhưng trời trong sáng lại có thể cho tôi tiếp tục hoài niệm

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

HK TV Series Worth Watching

This is the Hong Kong list, as promised in the other post.  This will be longer, mostly because I started watching HK ones first. And I also started this two years ago but didn’t launch it until now.


A Tough Side of a Lady – Mulan story going haywire. YET consider it a comedy and enjoy it for its humor. Wong Hei and Marianne Chan made such a cute couple in here.

Better Halves – A fun, light-hearted (for the most part, lol) drama. Nice collaboration between Steven and Maggie.

Destined to Rebel – Ignore the history and you’ll enjoy this since the cast’s really nice to watch. Tragic ending yet it wasn’t too lame.

Heroic Legend of the Yang Family – I don’t remember much anymore, but it was indeed a grand production that was worth it.

In the Realms of Joy – Many people might not even remember or care about this but I thought it was one of those best comedies because they managed to include major and minor characters into the plot. I hate it when they kept focusing on one or two persons SO it would get boring so fast.

King Maker – Was surprised. There were times that it veered off the road, BUT I guess compared to some recent ones, had to say it was good enough.

Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion – This was an adaptation of Huang Yi’s novel, which had gone haywire somewhat because of the alterations in characters and plot in general. Nothing new because adaptations could never match that of the original author’s intention and it often had to do with the capability to do it or not. But regarding characters, I think they did it on purpose with making some people ‘too good’ so as not to damage some reputations. (PUH-LEASE.) I wasn’t so against the cast though I had my doubts regarding some people. YET I watched anyway since I just love those ancient series and how it was wuxia too. Surprisingly, I enjoyed it.

Mystery of the Parchment – Some stuff didn’t make sense. Yet it was one of those if you don’t pay attention as much, you end up enjoying it for its ancient setting.

Road for the Heroes – Half comedy and half-serious. But it still retained some of the ancient feelings that didn’t make it corny at all.

Road to Eternity – This was surprisingly good without ruining it too much. This has a lot of Buddhism in it (obviously) and Zen stuff.

Safe Guards – What can I say? I’m a sucker for the Steven and Wayne team.

Square Pegs – The ending sort of killed it. Yet I guess it couldn’t be any other way. But it was too frustrating. Still worth the time with some parts though.

Swordsman Lai Bo Yee – It was quite draggy at one point too. But the overall was pretty good for an ancient one.

Ten Tigers of Guangdong – Major production from ATV. Can’t say there weren’t frustrated moments. But it was somewhat worth it with those series back then.

The Buddha Jin – One of the earlier adaptations of Ji Gong that was worth it.

The Commandments – I used to hate it when I was little since I didn’t get why people were so gossipy, etc. YET I learned to love this little comedy later on for its intention.

The Duke of Mount Deer 1984 – Interestingly, it was the version that got all the chronological orders right with how the main dude met all the girls/women in his life. Though the personalities and plot elements had gotten lost for some people. (YES, I’m technical so sue me.) There was also the start of the whole ‘Andy and Tony’ team that had grabbed the audience over the years when they reunite in another movie/series. Oh yeah, Elaine Chow Siu Lan actually got a role worth mentioning in that one.

The Gentle Crackdown II – One of the rare times that the sequel was better than the 1st part. Maybe because some parts made a lot more sense.

The Great General – The sequel of “Heroic Legend of the Yang Family”. Wasn’t super perfect, but was really interesting for the most part, not to mention excellent acting from the majority of the cast.

The Greatness of a Hero – One of the rare surprises of recent years.

The Hunter’s Prey – Despite the ending that left some of us felt like we were choking but the overall plot wasn’t bad. Eddie Cheung got sacrificed as usual but what else was new? (YET people still dare to say that he just got sacrificed recently just to boost some younger faces. YEAH RIGHT, he got sacrificed a longgggggg time ago. STOP making it into some stupid fan war to bash the new generation.)

The Legend of the Condor Heroes 1982 – Actually a big and long production that was worth it? The plot got shuffled around a bit but I guess the overall wasn’t too bad. (Don’t convince me how phenomenon it was or how “classic” it was, I watched it! Like more than 10 times too. AND then read the book right afterward so I know what the hell got shuffled and sacrificed. Despite being a grand production, it wasn’t that accurate either. IF you have the resource, at least DO IT RIGHT.)

The New Adventures of Chor Lau Heung 1984 – Despite the fact that it distorted sooooooo much from Gu Long’s novels, except for some parts, it was pretty good if look as a totally different series. (AND don’t even get me started on how they tarnished Gu Long’s vision of the actual story, the point got missed major time but turned into a popular route instead, which was a super shame BECAUSE those who watched this first will never appreciate the more accurate adaptations of the later years. OR should I say the ones that came before as well?)

The New Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre 1986 – Let’s just say, the first part of the parents’ generation was much more interesting than the rest. YET it was okay overall. You just watch for the cast ’cause if you really think about it, it was kind of frustrating at times. Not to mention it had distorted some parts and characters.

The Return of the Condor Heroes 1983 – OMG, it was more accurate to the novel than the first part. That was what made it even better to watch. (NOT saying it was better than part 1 here because technically this is just part of the trilogy, just saying it was more accurate hence making it even more enjoyable on its own.)

The Slicing of the Demon – Another surprise in recent years. Maybe because it didn’t go the typical, formulaic route with playing safe and all.

The Smiling, Proud Wanderer 1984 – OMG, this was awesome from the music to the acting, etc. Honestly, CYF was awesome as LHC. The story got shuffled around, some characters were tone down to be more endurable YET they sacrificed others to make a certain character looked better. But like that was news. The overall was good if you skip around more. Then I just did a re-watch of recent and I found the ending unendurable. I swear, NOT picking on this BUT XAJH is technically my favorite (after DOMD) BUT TVB killed the ending. (YES, it was so dragging with them trying to make heroes out of the lamest characters.) It’s sooo sad that they never do a correct adaptation for this one OR the casting is so off. I don’t know if there will ever be one that actually does the novel justice, BUT even this version didn’t satisfy me. Despite awesome acting with some people. AND oh yeah, the song that became the drive for LCH’s journey was practically forgotten halfway through already. OR maybe a third way through. What the hell was that? Then I pulled myself together and reminded myself that at least it focused on jianghu related stuff more than on the soaps side (cough cough). Not to mention they didn’t cut out some of my favorite characters just to make room for some characters that only got 2-minute fame in the actual novel.

The Two Most Honorable Knights 1988 – Umm…the cast made it good. I don’t know. There wasn’t much to go on because they butchered the plot. Once again, Gu Long got robbed but what else was new, right? I hated the whole ‘merge in characters’ for some people. I heard the ’70s version was more accurate but I can’t be sure since I didn’t watch that yet. And there was also the whole thing with me not finishing the novel yet.

Vampire Expert II – Those traditional vampire capturing stories. Great stories of various sorts, but also included some comedies as well.

Where The Legend Begins – Only some people made it good. Yet it was an interesting take from the other side of the whole ‘three kingdoms’ stories.


Au Revoir Shanghai – NOT because I liked most of the cast involved. That helped. But I thought it was well thought out. In fact, most Shanghai related series are good. I said ‘MOST’, NOT ‘all’.

Coincidentally – The first series that Frankie and Annie paired up together–despite the fact that they’ve been in several series together already.

Fist of Fury – It was awesome! One of those ATV classics.

Good Against Evil – I loved it. Not only because of Deric but how the plot seemed to have a mixture of mystery, comedy. etc.

Phoenix Rising – I was surprised to really enjoy this. A lot of gray areas come into play. And sometimes you really wonder if you should take some people’s words for it. Some were obvious, but others were hard to figure.

The Charm Beneath – One of those surprisingly good ones. Regardless of the cast. Or if the plot might be frustrating at times.

The Legend of Dragon Pearl – OMG, I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. The comedy was mad and random, but it was really charming because of everyone’s acting. OR more like most people’s acting.

The Price of Greed – Despite some poor acting in place, the plot was really good. It had really carried out some chilling effects with all the plots and schemes.

The W Files – Sci-fi/detective/crime-solving one. Pretty cool actually since it addressed a mixture of cases that had to do with the phenomenon side.

Thou Shalt Not Cheat – OMG, it was a riot! Despite some frustrations here and there, the series was good overall. The comedy wasn’t too over either.


A Great Way to Care – Ignore the somewhat lame title since it was overlooked somewhat because of that. I didn’t regret diving in though I had my initial doubts.

Black Heart, White Soul – Need I say more? It’s been a while since I enjoyed something so this one had to be placed in after I was done with the series.

Catch Me Now – One of the surprisingly good ones. YET the ending sort of killed it. But I guess it wasn’t the worst of them all when it was trying to kill the main character.

CIB Files – The only series ever that I could like Bowie Lam. (Don’t know why, just that he always seems to be intimidating regardless.) It was creative in the way it was shot at the beginning and led us into the story. The office dramas were reflected throughout and it was fun to see. Though the Wong Hei and Maggie Siu pairing was kind of odd but wasn’t the worst and was still cute in a way.

Cross Border Daddy – Inspirational one. NOT perfect since there were quite a few parts that could do without. Yet it turned out fine.

D.I.E. – The first one was enough. There were mixes of madness among other things since most characters were quite weird. Yet some of the foundations got ruined in the later parts, especially near the ending. But it was decent overall.

Family Man – I lost count on how many times I watched this already. Quite meaningful though not flawless. A good mixture of comedy and romance.

Forensic Heroes I & II – YES, I listed 2 as well because I still liked it despite it sacrificing some characters. The cases were all right.

Forensic Heroes III – MOST people were against it because of its link to the previous installments but it was really decent for a standalone series. There were glitches within the plot (like most TVB series) but it was NOT that terrible like some claimed.

Hearts of Fencing – A light-hearted, youth drama. Many might not care for it. But I thought it was worth watching if you want to reminisce about the old school days. AND for the first time, the ages of the students weren’t off since they used some fresh faces (at the time) to fit the roles.

Just Love II – It honestly was better than part 1 for some reason. Since the foundation was better with some clarifications. And perhaps I rather deal with Johnson’s Mr. 13 than some annoying ‘father-in-law’.

Last One Standing – Quite intense and mind games were involved. The deception and conspiracies from both sides were quite nerve-wracking at times. Yet worth it.

Life Art – Many will disagree since it seemed so average. Yet I felt it was one of those light-hearted ones. There were dramatic moments that the characters went through. But overall, it was really genuine.

Master of Play – Psychological theme, and other dark themes. Add in some more art. NOT everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s one of those that forces one to think about life in general and the choices people make (and much more).

My Date With A Vampire I, II, & III – YES, I’m the rare one who liked all three. Though there were parts that could do without and there were frustrations, I think I valued it for the story, the acting, and interesting interpretations at times. (LOL!)

Not Just A Pretty Face – Hilarious!

Odd Man Out – MOST people probably didn’t remember this or might not know of its existence. It was one of those nonsense comedies but didn’t go into the ‘lame’ boundary.

One Step Beyond – It was mad random and bordering on nonsensical at times. But it managed to capture some of the unpredictable at times.

Placebo Cure – I was surprised since I didn’t think much of it when it came out. But I checked it out anyway later.

Project Ji Xiang – I’m a sucker for those ghost-related ones. Not to mention it was a decent one overall with the plot NOT moving too fast or too slowly.

Reincarnated II – Didn’t watch the other version, and didn’t read the novel either, but enjoyed the series overall.

Seed of Hope – Loved it, very meaningful and not too much. Though I hated some of the ending stuff that happened to Kenix’s character, I tried to just erase that part for its traumatic effects. Patrick and Kenix also made an interesting pairing.

Shade Of Darkness – Ghost revenge type of series. Surprisingly interesting.

Speech of Silence – Another surprise.

Steps (aka The Whole City Is Dancing) – Steven & Bernice. AND Wayne. NOT the best since the ending sort of killed it. But decent overall.

The Brink of Law – Quite exciting and actually unpredictable at various points.

The Ghostbusters Gang – It was mixed with comedy and ghost-related stuff. But really nice to watch the cast battle it out at times.

The Hero From Shanghai – Good Gallen and Maggie collaboration. Didn’t realize they had so much chemistry and were quite cute together. There were also nice fighting scenes, lol.

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow – Fun, time travel drama. Loved the cast and acting.

Tiger Cubs – Short and simple. The end.

When Heaven Burns – A major surprise for me. Many things I already mentioned in the review since I actually did a long one for the series, but it honestly was worth it. Some might not like it because of the ‘slow’ pace but I didn’t think it was slow at all. Sure, there were times that I got impatient but I was worried the ending would get ruined. But the details were essential for later parts.

Who Is The Killer – Old, but good overall.


Be My Guest – It was sooo long ago, but I remember loving it.

Off Peddar – Despite the fact that the ending ruined it, it was pretty good overall.

Welcome to the House – Some of the cast annoyed the world out of me, but the rest made up for it. And besides, it was mostly a senseless comedy so I didn’t really mind.

NOTE: This list will be updated from time to time. Also, the list is by alpha order AND not by significance. And this will also be included in the “Helpful + Fun Posts” in case anyone’s interested.

Jin Sheng Qing Bu Bian

(Uploaded by: ryatutube)

Go here for Kenny Lin’s Mandarin Version.

I was randomly surfing through Youtube to find a song to listen and then I found this. It was the song contributing to Jackie Lui and Joey Meng’s story in The Great General. Great memory actually since I remember watching this a while back. It was one of ATV’s great series. (Not that the others weren’t.) However, I actually realized that it was a shame I did not watch it in totality since I was quite occupied with schoolwork. All was not lost since whatever I managed to watch was very memorable. I missed some parts here and there but thought that the chemistry between Jackie and Joey was awesome. Their tragic story was one of the most memorable stories in The Great General. In fact, it was the most tragic among all the characters in there.

At first, he was just a simple-minded person or it seemed that way. The only problem he had was losing his memory. But she gave him hope and made him realize he could have done lots more. He learned to loosen up and not blame himself anymore for having no past. They seemed to live a normal life–aside from getting thrown into other people’s conflicts. When things unmasked and he finally regained his memory, things complicated (as always in series where the memory thing was in play). They were no longer able to live a carefree life of their own. He remembered and wanted to seek revenge, gaining back what was his. She only wanted him to be the nice and kind person whom she met at the beginning. Though he had never forgotten her as the person who had saved him and taught him many things, he had become a man with greed among other things–which was unavoidable for an emperor. Actually, it was more like he returned to his true self. Still retaining a deep affection for her, he forged on to seek more power. What was the result? A tragic ending because in an attempt to stop him from his acts, she committed suicide. (That was also after many failed attempts to talk him out of the situation when she agreed to stay by his side.) He went ballistic and lost his memory again, becoming the nice and gentle person she once knew. He then carried her body away from everyone, claiming that he wanted to take her to a place where they were able to find peace at last (or was he saying that he was back–meaning that he was back to the person she once met him). He died in the snow at last still holding dearly on to her body. I forgot the majority of what happened already and was not sure if he died from madness or from the poison. But it was really sad. I actually remember crying at the part where she died and then afterward. Thinking about it now makes me want to cry all over again. Perhaps I should try to hunt it down and watch it again for old time’s sake.

I thought both Jackie and Joey portrayed their roles really well in here. They made the story lively and moving. Though their story was just a fraction of the overall series, they contributed majorly with their efforts. Jackie did very well as the kind and nice guy in the beginning when he lost his memory. He was just a simple guy who was trying to find out his identity. Yet he lost it in the end again. It actually showed her importance to him though to cause him to go mad like that. Jackie did not disappoint to show the transition between the innocent guy who was clueless on matters at different points to the intelligent and powerful emperor. What was the same after he regained his memory was his feelings for her, especially how he was always so protective of her regardless of what happened. It did not change and it was very precious. Something they still shared yet it was much more complicated. She was carefree and innocent at the beginning yet she became much more worrisome toward the end because of what happened. Joey showed her great acting in here with her grace and witty side. There was also a tragic twist at the end.

What I really liked about this was that though I mentioned many times in other posts about hating the idea of memory loss and the hassle in between, this one did it really well. It was not emphasizing on the idea of regaining his memory being good or hinting at a happy ending, considering how his role played in the overall story. He was a kind person when he lost his memory but he was a power thirst person when he regained his memory. Yes, memory was brought up as an important element because it was the key to discovering his identity, but it did not push forth and made it over-killed in a sense. The idea of the conflicts of different countries was brought more into focus. Not to mention the relationship that both characters shared.

What did Kenny Lin have to do with anything? If you listened to the Mandarin version of the song, it was him singing it. I just found that out after trying to search for the song. I thought he sang the song with enough amount of emotions in it although I prefer the Cantonese version. Jackie sang the Cantonese version. It was sad yet there was this hollow feeling to it. It was like a bittersweet feeling. There was a mixture of sadness and warmness. It was like emphasizing his character in the story or at least suitable for it since he was ruthless when he regained his memory yet he was still very caring toward Joey’s character. It seemed like the words were simple and the song not that good to some people but it was enough for me.  (His voice sort of reminds me of Deric Wan for some reason.) The song was, of course, the sub-theme for The Great General so that was interesting that Jackie got to participate in the soundtrack also.

Though the Mandarin version that Kenny sang was not as emotional as I thought, it was enough like I said before. His voice was not as clear as Jackie’s since I prefer that type of voice more. Kenny’s voice also brought a different feeling to the song while listening to it. There was this coldness within that was unexplainable yet made it even more meaningful. I have forgotten if he was in the series or not. Probably not.

Anyway, Kenny was also one of my favorite co-stars of Joey Meng. I feel really bad for him though since each time he paired off with her or somehow supposedly liked her in a series, he never ended up with her. Even when they were dating in Project Ji Xiang, they broke up later. (Kenneth Chan was the main dude! LOL! But I like both guys so can’t argue there.)