Hu Ge and Ady’s Wedding Banquet

I would never think the day would come so soon. YES, they have another collaboration. Eight years after their collaboration in Chinese Paladin as the memorable couple Li Xiao Yao and Lin Yue Rue, they’re once again reunited to bring us the production of The Wedding Banquet (喜宴). I saw a photo some fans were posting on Facebook and thought it was only some gathering that they attended together. Because I’m pretty much out of the loops regarding news and other stuff lately, I decided to search around some more regarding the photo. And it was true. They’re back!

Not only that but their crazy tandem is back too! It seemed like old times. What else?

This! LOL! A fan managed to capture the recent picture and placed the two images together. I guess time changes but some things just can’t change? (LOL) Are they the modern version of Li Xiao Yao and Lin Yue Ru then? Maybe. YET let’s hope no triangle OR I’m so going to protest. (Like I can but I had enough from the last time it happened.) And I want to be greedier this time (aka them ending up together). I mean come on now, it seemed to be a comedy after all so do I want to see such a sad ending like last time?

But anyway, with all the excitement going on among fans, I should put all of that aside and get ready to enjoy this collaboration. Who’s with me?

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners (as marked on the pictures).