Attention, Love!: Many Cute Moments

Since filming began for the drama, there had been many fun moments on set. I had a lot of fun following them. But of course, once again, I’m slow to update. So this post will be dedicated to that.

The cast and crew spent many holidays together since filming, including Valentine’s Day.

Wang Zi even sparked a bit of controversy when he posted the above picture, wanting others to guess who the person was as a Valentine’s Day gag. Of course, fans rushed to answer that it was none other than Qiao Qiao, which was true since they were also filming that day–as stated before.

Of all the special occasions, they also celebrated Qiao Qiao’s birthday on set.

Wang Zi also compimented Qiao Qiao’s hardworking attitude in another post he shared.

They sure had fun, but I hope that the drama would be equally exciting as following the production thus far.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.


Wang Zi and Qiao Qiao Reunion: Attention, Love!

Wang Zi just posted a message on Facebook saying he had a new project with Qiao Qiao, asking if we were looking forward to it. That was when I went to search for news. (Go here and here for articles.) It had been four years since their collaboration in Ti Amo Chocolate. This was his first project coming back to Taiwan since he had been working in the mainland for the past four years. The drama focused around high school years. It had been awhile since they were students so it might take some used to. However, it seemed like they were up to the challenge. Wang Zi disclosed in the message he posted that his character was Yan Li Zheng (顏力正) and Qiao Qiao’s character was Zhong Xiao Xi (鍾少曦). Apparently, it was also a reunion for the two with Gao Shu Yao, because she was also in Ti Amo Chocolate.

Anyway, they just had the blessing ceremony for the drama. The story supposedly was about how Wang Zi and Qiao Qiao’s characters were in a prearranged marriage and Wang Zi’s character lived with Qiao Qiao’s character’s family since Wang Zi’s character’s parents had already passed away. The basis was mentioned as that. However, if there would be any changes, we’ll just have to wait and see. But I’m wondering if they would sing the main theme together or possibly some other songs in the drama, considering how they had sang together in the past already.

Some other cast members included Huang Xin Di (who had worked with Qiao Qiao in True Love 365), SpeXial’s Riley, Greg Hsu, Zhang Guang Chen, Barry Qu, Carolyn Chen, Xu Fan, and Scott Yang.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Status of Drama Watching V

As promised, this is an update on my drama watching – and not delaying it like I used to, lol. Although I did wait quite awhile so I could do some reviews before doing this update. Not much of an update since I barely moved on some of them. But I’ve been occupied with lots of other stuffs, so yeah.

Past Dramas:

Current Dramas:

  • Empress Conquers (天后之征) – Episode 5 – NOT done with part one yet so can’t jump back to this one.
  • Home (回家) – Episode 2 – Still halting.
  • IUUI – Episode 2 – Might just plain cancel the episode reviews and watch it straight, seriously.
  • Love Family – Episode 15 – Yup, I halted it a bit since I was busy with other stuffs.
  • Monga Yao Hui – Episode 3 – Still halting.
  • The War of Beauties – Episode 39 – I had to halt again ’cause it was getting repetitive with some stuffs. I ended up watching the ending and then planning to go back later.

Upcoming Dramas:

  • 7 Friends.
  • Aquarius.
  • Blissful Dandelion.
  • Biao Men/ The Great Protector.
  • City of Angels.
  • Dan Shen You Yue aka Single & Still Dating.
  • Full Moon, Curved Saber 2012.
  • Fu Rong Jin.
  • Murphy’s Law of Love.
  • RPOGE.
  • TiAmo Chocolate.
  • The Crossing Hero.
  • The Four Horsemen.
  • The Queen.
  • The Way We Were.
  • Women on the Breadfruit Tree.

On-Hold – STILL:

  • Autumn’s Concerto.
  • Channel X.
  • Chinese Paladin III.
  • Disclosed – Episode 2 –
  • Father and Son (父與子) – Episode 12 –
  • Galileo II – Episode 2 –
  • Garden of Life – Episode 2 –
  • Love Buffet.
  • Lucky Touch – Episode 2 –
  • Sunshine Angel – Episode 2 –
  • They Are Flying.
  • Tong Flowers Love – Episode 2 –
  • Zhong Wu Yan.
  • Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2012.
  • You Are My Sisters – Episode 2 –


  • Evil Spirit 05 – I should have placed it here last time but didn’t think it through so yeah. YUP, I think my task list is too long for me to even have hope for this.

See you all next time again!

Status of Drama Watching IV

This is an overdue update since the last time I updated was in 2011. YES, you read it right. 2011! What in the world was I thinking in delaying, right? But life happened. Then I totally neglected this because of how I was relying on the ‘task list’ on the front page. But I thought I go ahead with it anyway, even if years later. I’ll try to update more frequent from now on.

Past Dramas:

  • A Great Way To Care II – It went downhill but what could I expect?
  • Angel Lover – Who knew I finally finished a Ming Dao series, right? NOT that I’m saying it’s bad. Just that I’m juggling too much that I sometimes feel bad, especially for some of the older dramas.
  • Be Home For Dinner – Long gone and don’t care for it anymore but placing in as another update.
  • Black Heart, White Soul – My last Roger series.
  • Borrow Your Love – My last Dylan drama. Episode summaries are done.
  • BOSS Seasons 1 & 2 – Yes, finished that ages ago but just want to place it in as part of the update as well.
  • Detective Tang Lang – Yeah, love it. But I swear I’m totally placing it aside for now, lol.
  • Falling – I almost forgot about this one.
  • Father’s Desire – Short and heartwarming. Just keeping it real.
  • Fondant Garden – Hmmmm.
  • Forensic Heroes III – Ah, the memories, lol.
  • Gentle Mercy – Enjoyable although also quite frustrating at times.
  • Home Run – Short and nice.
  • iHero – Yes, I placed in ‘placeholder’ posts. Then I had to go back and update. That kept me grounded for now. I’ll try harder to update. But can’t promise. Because of my schedule mostly.
  • Ji Gong 1995 – So in love with it! I’m up for another round of re-watching! LOL! Not kidding, it’s that addicting.
  • Just Singing And Dancing – I kept debating whether to go back and do episode summaries. But I’m just settling for some discussion posts for now.
  • King Maker – Really good and intriguing. But I got lazy with doing reviews, lol.
  • Legend of Star Apple – This will have the same fate as LT, I’ll post in ‘placeholder’ posts on Fridays so that it’s there and I’m forced to work in filling the gaps instead of procrastinating. Notice that I only summarize the main couple’s happenings for this one. YES, a very biased version of the drama. But I sort of don’t care for other stuffs and would like to continue that way. It takes the edge of frustration and boredom out of my watching. It also allows me to not pause all the time. Of course when more serious stuffs come into play, I’ll try to elaborate more. As of now, it’s that.
  • Liao Zhai 2014 – Yes, finished recently.
  • Li Wei’s Resignation – Hilarious and entertaining for the most part. There were draggy parts, but the humor and wit made up for it. Not to mention Paul Chun was the main guy and Deric Wan rounded up the comedy side as his somewhat crazy son.
  • Love Together (愛讓我們在一起)  – I finished with watching this already, ages back, in fact. But I kept holding back on episode summaries. But I got a solution at long last. I’ll put in a ‘placeholder’ posts so I’m forced to do it faster from now on. It’s going to post in its Monday slot, like intended at the beginning.
  • Madame White Snake (SETTV) – This is my last Ehlo drama. Quite enjoyable and loved him.
  • Master of Play – Wow, I didn’t realize it had been that long.
  • Only You (TVB version) – Okay, I think I posted like 2 episodes of this already? I was kind of lazy to continue on with the summary. But whenever it is I would pick it up, I’ll make sure to do the summary. At least finish it. I swear it has been soooo long so I already forgotten some stuffs, even with some notes I placed in while watching. So maybe a re-watch later to refresh my mind? Not sure. Might consider ‘placeholder’ posts for this one as well to push things forward a bit.
  • Mei Ren Long Tang – OMG, very enjoyable series for me. For once, I could say that I’m already done with the episode summaries. Holding back have its benefits?
  • Night Rose – Cute! Was I the only one whom thought it was cute?
  • Peak Times – I so need to go back and do episode summaries and caps! It would be fun! We’ll see.
  • Sisters (姊妹) – Along the way, it I had to put it on hold on and off. But I was glad I carried through. Because some of the things in the ending made it epic. Even if one of my favorite characters ended up in a quite tragic fate.
  • Rear Mirror – My last Wayne series.
  • Shen Yi Da Dao Gong 2013 – I want part 2.
  • The Dangerous City – Interesting short drama.
  • The Days of Days – Loved Sunny and Sonija in there. Just hated the other parts of the story that made Raymond Wong and Vivien Yeo seemed like senseless characters.
  • The Deer and the Cauldron 2014 – Yes, I managed to finish it awhile back. One of the new adaptations I actually watched and enjoyed, considering how it’s from the same team as the ones whom made the new version of DGSD.
  • The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013 – Finally a version I truly like. It’s all in the review so I won’t repeat here.
  • The Kind of Yesterday and Tomorrow – So long ago but really enjoyable.
  • The Legend and the Hero – I can’t believe I survived this but yeah.
  • The New World (新世界) – Although I was very disappointed in the ending and some of the repetitve stuffs (like I mentioned in different posts about the drama), I was glad I watched it. There were still some good things about it. So yeah, episode summaries finished already, lol.
  • The Legend of Dragon Pearl – Ridiculously amusing.
  • When Dolphin Met Cat – Frustrating on many levels but I just had to dive in, lol.
  • True Love 365 – The last Qiao Qiao drama that I watched fully and enjoyed.
  • When Heaven Burns – So long ago. Or it seemed that way to me with TVB series.
  • Xiao Hai Da Ren – Just epic!
  • Yours Fatefuly – The last Kingone drama that I actually watched fully.
  • Yuan Lai Wo Bu Shuai – So fun to watch at times. The randomness of old school days. Even if the later parts made me kind of mad, still enjoyed it as an overall.

Current Dramas:

  • Disclosed – Episode 2 – I was checking testing to see how it was before diving in for real later.
  • Dong Jiang Heroes – Episode 21 – This is actually my #1 priority. I had to stop because stuffs got deleted. But I’m back on track now. Just need to find time. After this, I might jump back to Monga Yao Hui or Love Family, whichever one I feel like it.
  • Empress Conquers (天后之征) – Episode 3 – I had to jump back and watch part 1 since I didn’t really get what was going on. AND yes, this saga is more along of the controversial side, not typical idol dramas. So some might not be able to handle it.
  • Father and Son (父與子) – Episode 12 – Yes, after 4 years and I’m still only at 12. It’s on and off for me since I got quite frustrated with some characters so yeah. I couldn’t believe I made it up to 12 either, lol. It’s like about 2 hours in episode so yeah. A bit trying. But I knew what I was getting myself into so can’t complain much, lol. Just watching it slowly in the background.
  • Galileo II – Episode 2 – I currently am halting this since I got a bit disappointed. Not giving up though.
  • Garden of Life – Episode 2 – Will go back to this one day. LOL!
  • Home (回家) – Episode 2 – I meant to continue this. It’s just that I need to clear off my list first.
  • IUUI – Episode 2 – I ended up jumping back to do episode reviews, that’s why I took so long.
  • Liao Zhai III – Episode 2 – YES, I hunted this down to catch up on as well. Watching it on and off so reviews will be delayed.
  • Love Family – Episode 9 –  I was surprised that it caught on with me so fast. But I had to put it aside for now to finish some others first.
  • Lucky Touch – Episode 2 – Yes, I need to go back to this.
  • Monga Yao Hui – Episode 3 – I finally got a hold of this and started watching. It’s actually quite intriguing. Will try to find time for it.
  • Sunshine Angel – Episode 2 – I started watching but like the other ones, had to halt.
  • The Four 2013 – Episode 15 – Yes, I was slowing down to wait for new episodes. So will come back to discuss when I get further along the way OR be done with it. Whichever comes first.
  • The War of Beauties – Episode 15 – I had to halt this since it got very frustrating. Will try to get back in it and watch past that.
  • Tong Flowers Love – Episode 2 – I totally forgot about this one, but yes, had watched it, somewhat.

Upcoming Dramas:

  • 7 Friends – I want to watch just for kicks, lol.
  • Aquarius – YES, I have a lot on my list yet still looking forward to new dramas.
  • Biao Men/ The Great Protector – I know it already aired. But I need to put it here as a note for myself.
  • City of Angels – Qiao Zhen Yu! LOL!
  • Dan Shen You Yue aka Single & Still Dating – Come on! I can’t believe we have to wait until the end of the year for this.
  • Full Moon, Curved Saber 2012 – OMG, please release this sometime in my lifetime. Some of the dramas from 2013 finally aired. Why can’t this one air faster?
  • Fu Rong Jin – Mostly because of Eric Huang, but we’ll see.
  • Murphy’s Law of Love – Aside from the stupid, overly corny beginning and an attempt to milk and/or shoved some drama into our throats again, I wanted to watch it for Danson and Li Jia Ying.
  • RPOGE – If I have time.
  • TiAmo Chocolate – Although it’s not so high on my list anymore BUT I hate to pass a Van Ness and Joanne collaboration.
  • The Crossing Hero – Not sure if I would carry through but might check it out.
  • The Four Horsemen – Dou Hua Mei! And I don’t mind the rest of the cast.
  • The Lost Tomb – I need to make time.
  • The Queen – Yeah, I let this one slip by too. So need to jump back and watch.
  • The Way We Were – Yes, I wanted to watch this. But look at my ‘current’ list already piling up, LOL!
  • Women on the Breadfruit Tree – Just because, lol.

On-Hold – STILL:

  • Autumn’s Concerto – I thought I had resurrected my excitement to continue watching but the buzz died down again so it’s still suffering on my list.
  • Channel X – Too long ago but I’m still planning to watch it in the future.
  • Chinese Paladin III – I took out the episode summaries already and decided to do a more detailed version instead of just a vague report. So yeah. Will take awhile though.
  • Evil Spirit 05 – Episode 3 – Unfortunately, I had to halt this after just several episodes because it was boring me to death. Sadly.
  • Love Buffet – Not too high on my list right now, since I have other things to watch.
  • They Are Flying – Still in the loop.
  • Zhong Wu Yan – Still in exile. I don’t think I need to explain anymore.
  • Xiao Ao Jiang Hu 2012 – I would love to watch it faster! BUT it’s annoying me to the point of infuriating. Then I had to fast forward too much so yeah.


  • Come Home Love – Sorry, I had to quit after like 432 episodes. It’s driving me insane with the plot getting lamer and lamer. So yeah. Such a shame though since it has great potential. If only they didn’t get greedy. On one hand, I love the majority of the cast. On the other hand, I just want to end already if they can’t come up with decent material.
  • Love Keeps Going – NOT so interested in it after several scenes. Yes, people are probably thinking I’m extreme with only several scenes BUT that’s my patience for dramas nowadays, especially when it’s trying too hard. NOT blaming the cast. It’s just that some of the dramas just suffer from constant repetitive path. Or more like producers kept choosing the similar books to turn into TV dramas.

What do you make of those lists, eh? YES, it’s epic long. But like I said before, it was since 2011. And I do know some were repeated/listed again since I did mark progresses with my end of year updates, but this is about dramas only so I thought it was not too over to include ’em all. I’ll try to remember and update more often so it wouldn’t be such a clutter in the future. I sure hope so! LOL!

Until next time…

All About Joanne Zeng


Favorite Role: Jiang Qing Mei (from Liu Mang Xiao Zhang). A princess role yet didn’t lose too much touch with reality. She was funny and silly but wasn’t overly obnoxious with her tricks. Her bubbly side made it cute but other times, she was a as normal as how a typical student should be. Qiao Qiao expressed that she was so happy when she received this role because she finally got a chance to portray a princess with beautiful wardrobes and I must agree. It was a different role for her and she wasn’t too over with it. Just the right touches here and there. This princess role wasn’t too much either or stayed the same, because she did learn something and become an even more matured person in that she did in the end.

2nd Favorite Role: Zhang Bi Ting (from True Love 365). I never like a role more than this. Perhaps it helped because it was fresh on my mind. But it was like she was portraying an independent girl but wasn’t WAY too silly like some past dramas. Sure, she got a tad too weird when she was meeting her ‘prince in shining armor’ at first but that was understandable with how people acted silly when they were in love (at least that was what I saw with some people). Other times, she really lived up to being an independent girl, living alone in some unknown place and trying to make a living, saving money to fulfill her dream but it wasn’t too silly of a dream. She was able to take care of herself and didn’t need help or rescuing. (Though she was helped at some point but she didn’t act super pitiful to earn more points or anything. Those people just happened to be there, etc.) Then there was the whole idea with her fashion wasn’t too badly snubbed as it was in other dramas where it kept saying how the main lead had poor fashion sense, etc. Though she seemed to not be up to ‘perfection’ with some other females in here, but she didn’t need to dress in weird outfits either to make the other characters WAY better. After all, she was in a business where she knew how to handle herself professionally and didn’t need to be told about everything. It sure added to her independent image and all.

Totally Ruined: Bei Ruo Yi aka Xiao Bei (from The Magicians of Love). I swore I tried to make a lot of excuses for her actions in here and how she couldn’t be blamed. Yet I find it really frustrating at times too. Though I had rooted for her with Ya Si/Ming Dao since the beginning, I felt there were many things that could have been better. In the end, I realized it was the plot that had dragged her character down more and more–to make the guys seemed so heroic and all. It seemed that way to me. I read comments in the past that blamed her lack of chemistry with both guys and that her acting was also lacking hence not being able to exude the cute/lovable image, etc. YET I think many had looked past the way the plot had been crafted. It didn’t help her cause at all. Then I wondered if that was another excuse I used to make myself feel better. But when I went and searched around for more information, I realized that there was an extension of episodes hence making it even worse and worse for her case.



Favorite Male Co-Star: Ray Chang. Honestly, I finally found someone opposite her that I really like without needing to make an excuse for her actions (whether regarding to the character or other factors). It’s not just because it’s still fresh on my mind either but finally a guy who I felt the chemistry too strongly because of their interactions and also appearance-wise.

2nd Favorite Male Co-Star: Chen Yi. I had to struggle a bit to think since it has been awhile with their last collaboration in a drama. But I remembered how cute they were together at times. Off screen? They’re like brother and sister (mostly visible through interactions on Weibo nowadays).

3rd Favorite Male Co-Star: Alien Huang. So cute and unexpected. I liked how their relationship developed in there. First, I thought it was another typical crazy girl scheming to go after the guy who saved her (which was true with her bizarre switching school at first), but it turned into a much more mature relationship than I expected.

4th Favorite Male Co-Star: Sun Quan. Don’t be mistaking this guy for one of Sodagreen’s band members. He collaborated with her in Dreams Link. Though there were many things I disliked about that drama but I loved them in there. They were like the comic relief for the show in general.

Missed Chance Pairing: Calvin Chen. OMG, how many fan fics must I write before I could finally see them collaborate for real? After the failed collaboration the previous time, I’m more than eager to see them in another drama together. Hope it would be a good script too so it’s not just about having them in the same drama for the sake of viewers, etc. Note that this was written way before her collaboration for the MV with Calvin so it would sound odd. So yes, their collaboration finally happened but I greedily want a drama too.

SO History: Ming Dao and Sam Wang. YES, I used to like her with them too. But I fell out of the obsession. Half due to other fanbase attacking her AND half because I no longer care. Maybe one day when I go back to watch those dramas again (which is rare of recent), I’ll get back into obsessing over these two pairings again. Who knows?

But talking about Sam, he and Qiao Qiao are also close outside, not just for the sake of promotion of dramas either. Or more like she, Chen Chen Yi, and Sam. Chen Yi’s message that one time said it all. (Click here.)

Frustratingly Unbelievable: Tang Feng. I couldn’t believe the day that I rooted for the bad guy more than anything when I watched Mr. Fighting. I enjoyed her chemistry and interaction more with Tang Feng for that role. I could even conjure up a side fan fic to change the ending too. It wasn’t because of his appearance either that made me root for him but more like how the plot was full of holes hence making me sympathize with him more than the supposed “good guys”.

Hope to enjoy: Wei Qian Xiang. I haven’t watched Our Love yet but the pictures showed a lot of promise. Just that I need to actually watch before I make more comments about it.

Interesting Pairing: Jacky Chu. Disregard all his ‘colorful’ lifestyles off screen, I always thought they would make an interesting on screen couple. There were some scenes in The Magicians of Love that had made me curious. First hilarious then later how their interactions suggested that they could make an interesting pairing. Like how she was giving him looks so he could explain and cover for them during the wedding reception. There were also signs of him being overly happy when she was able to stay at Neo-Image at one point (or so it was when the camera moved toward his direction). Yes, those little signs got me into writing fan fics for them. But what got even more interesting and the dream almost coming true for me was seeing them together in Liu Mang Xiao Zhang. Though that didn’t work out but I enjoyed their interactions in there. Off-screen, though they probably aren’t close (except for the few times they worked together and were even under the same management at one time), but I still enjoyed the few genuine interactions on shows or BTS.



*Will be updated in the future.

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