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Attention, Love! Wrap-Up & Whatnot

The cast are having their wrap-up one by one. So the excitement went up several notches. (Obviously from the picture above.) So, it’s coming together.

Wang Zi recently celebrated his birthday with different fan gathering events. What was more, Qiao Qiao showed up both times to those events, which garnered some praises from Wang Zi. (There were many other friends who showed up to support him too.)

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Attention, Love! Many Cute Moments

Since filming began for the drama, there had been many fun moments on set. I had a lot of fun following them. But of course, once again, I’m slow to update. So this post will be dedicated to that.

The cast and crew spent many holidays together since filming, including Valentine’s Day.

Wang Zi even sparked a bit of controversy when he posted the above picture, wanting others to guess who the person was as a Valentine’s Day gag. Of course, fans rushed to answer that it was none other than Qiao Qiao, which was true since they were also filming that day–as stated before.

Of all the special occasions, they also celebrated Qiao Qiao’s birthday on set.

Wang Zi also compimented Qiao Qiao’s hardworking attitude in another post he shared.

They sure had fun, but I hope that the drama would be equally exciting as following the production thus far.

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Wang Zi and Qiao Qiao Reunion: Attention, Love!

Wang Zi just posted a message on Facebook saying he had a new project with Qiao Qiao, asking if we were looking forward to it. That was when I went to search for news. (Go here and here for articles.) It had been four years since their collaboration in Ti Amo Chocolate. This was his first project coming back to Taiwan since he had been working in the mainland for the past four years. The drama focused around high school years. It had been awhile since they were students so it might take some used to. However, it seemed like they were up to the challenge. Wang Zi disclosed in the message he posted that his character was Yan Li Zheng (顏力正) and Qiao Qiao’s character was Zhong Xiao Xi (鍾少曦). Apparently, it was also a reunion for the two with Gao Shu Yao, because she was also in Ti Amo Chocolate.

Anyway, they just had the blessing ceremony for the drama. The story supposedly was about how Wang Zi and Qiao Qiao’s characters were in a prearranged marriage and Wang Zi’s character lived with Qiao Qiao’s character’s family since Wang Zi’s character’s parents had already passed away. The basis was mentioned as that. However, if there would be any changes, we’ll just have to wait and see. But I’m wondering if they would sing the main theme together or possibly some other songs in the drama, considering how they had sang together in the past already.

Some other cast members included Huang Xin Di (who had worked with Qiao Qiao in True Love 365), SpeXial’s Riley, Greg Hsu, Zhang Guang Chen, Barry Qu, Carolyn Chen, Xu Fan, and Scott Yang.

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All About Joanne Tseng


Favorite Role: Jiang Qing Mei (from Liu Mang Xiao Zhang). A princess role yet didn’t lose too much touch with reality. She was funny and silly but wasn’t overly obnoxious with her tricks. Her bubbly side made it cute but other times, she was a as normal as how a typical student should be. Qiao Qiao expressed that she was so happy when she received this role because she finally got a chance to portray a princess with beautiful wardrobes and I must agree. It was a different role for her and she wasn’t too over with it. Just the right touches here and there. This princess role wasn’t too much either or stayed the same, because she did learn something and become an even more matured person in that she did in the end.

2nd Favorite Role: Zhang Bi Ting (from True Love 365). I never like a role more than this. Perhaps it helped because it was fresh on my mind. But it was like she was portraying an independent girl but wasn’t WAY too silly like some past dramas. Sure, she got a tad too weird when she was meeting her ‘prince in shining armor’ at first but that was understandable with how people acted silly when they were in love (at least that was what I saw with some people). Other times, she really lived up to being an independent girl, living alone in some unknown place and trying to make a living, saving money to fulfill her dream but it wasn’t too silly of a dream. She was able to take care of herself and didn’t need help or rescuing. (Though she was helped at some point but she didn’t act super pitiful to earn more points or anything. Those people just happened to be there, etc.) Then there was the whole idea with her fashion wasn’t too badly snubbed as it was in other dramas where it kept saying how the main lead had poor fashion sense, etc. Though she seemed to not be up to ‘perfection’ with some other females in here, but she didn’t need to dress in weird outfits either to make the other characters WAY better. After all, she was in a business where she knew how to handle herself professionally and didn’t need to be told about everything. It sure added to her independent image and all.

Totally Ruined: Bei Ruo Yi aka Xiao Bei (from The Magicians of Love). I swore I tried to make a lot of excuses for her actions in here and how she couldn’t be blamed. Yet I find it really frustrating at times too. Though I had rooted for her with Ya Si/Ming Dao since the beginning, I felt there were many things that could have been better. In the end, I realized it was the plot that had dragged her character down more and more–to make the guys seemed so heroic and all. It seemed that way to me. I read comments in the past that blamed her lack of chemistry with both guys and that her acting was also lacking hence not being able to exude the cute/lovable image, etc. YET I think many had looked past the way the plot had been crafted. It didn’t help her cause at all. Then I wondered if that was another excuse I used to make myself feel better. But when I went and searched around for more information, I realized that there was an extension of episodes hence making it even worse and worse for her case.



Favorite Male Co-Star: Ray Chang. Honestly, I finally found someone opposite her that I really like without needing to make an excuse for her actions (whether regarding to the character or other factors). It’s not just because it’s still fresh on my mind either but finally a guy who I felt the chemistry too strongly because of their interactions and also appearance-wise. (Go here and here for more discussions about them.)

2nd Favorite Male Co-Star: Chen Yi. I had to struggle a bit to think since it has been awhile with their last collaboration in a drama. But I remembered how cute they were together at times. Off screen? They’re like brother and sister (mostly visible through interactions on Weibo nowadays).

3rd Favorite Male Co-Star: Alien Huang. So cute and unexpected. I liked how their relationship developed in there. First, I thought it was another typical crazy girl scheming to go after the guy who saved her (which was true with her bizarre switching school at first), but it turned into a much more mature relationship than I expected.

4th Favorite Male Co-Star: Sun Quan. Don’t be mistaking this guy for one of Sodagreen’s band members. He collaborated with her in Dreams Link. Though there were many things I disliked about that drama but I loved them in there. They were like the comic relief for the show in general.

Missed Chance Pairing: Calvin Chen. OMG, how many fan fics must I write before I could finally see them collaborate for real? After the failed collaboration the previous time, I’m more than eager to see them in another drama together. Hope it would be a good script too so it’s not just about having them in the same drama for the sake of viewers, etc. Note that this was written way before her collaboration for the MV with Calvin so it would sound odd. So yes, their collaboration finally happened but I greedily want a drama too.

SO History: Ming Dao and Sam Wang. YES, I used to like her with them too. But I fell out of the obsession. Half due to other fanbase attacking her AND half because I no longer care. Maybe one day when I go back to watch those dramas again (which is rare of recent), I’ll get back into obsessing over these two pairings again. Who knows?

But talking about Sam, he and Qiao Qiao are also close outside, not just for the sake of promotion of dramas either. Or more like she, Chen Chen Yi, and Sam. Chen Yi’s message that one time said it all. (Click here.)

Frustratingly Unbelievable: Tang Feng. I couldn’t believe the day that I rooted for the bad guy more than anything when I watched Mr. Fighting. I enjoyed her chemistry and interaction more with Tang Feng for that role. I could even conjure up a side fan fic to change the ending too. It wasn’t because of his appearance either that made me root for him but more like how the plot was full of holes hence making me sympathize with him more than the supposed “good guys.”

Hope to enjoy: Wei Qian Xiang. I haven’t watched Our Love yet but the pictures showed a lot of promise. Just that I need to actually watch before I make more comments about it.

Interesting Pairing: Jacky Chu. Disregard all his ‘colorful’ lifestyles off screen, I always thought they would make an interesting on screen couple. There were some scenes in The Magicians of Love that had made me curious. First hilarious then later how their interactions suggested that they could make an interesting pairing. Like how she was giving him looks so he could explain and cover for them during the wedding reception. There were also signs of him being overly happy when she was able to stay at Neo-Image at one point (or so it was when the camera moved toward his direction). Yes, those little signs got me into writing fan fics for them. But what got even more interesting and the dream almost coming true for me was seeing them together in Liu Mang Xiao Zhang. Though that didn’t work out but I enjoyed their interactions in there. Off-screen, though they probably aren’t close (except for the few times they worked together and were even under the same management at one time), but I still enjoyed the few genuine interactions on shows or BTS.



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Never Said Goodbye

At long last, I’m reviewing this. Yes, I sure took my precious time. Anyway, like the packaging and how it was with traditional booklet and all. The pictures inside were artistic with half black and white and the others with color. Nice touch actually.

This album is addressed to the audience (or fans). He wrote in the ‘thank you’ section about how he suddenly left Taiwan 9 years ago and never said goodbye so it was like an apology. It was also meant to say that he’s back. (When I said ‘9 years’, I meant that was what he wrote in the ‘thank you’ note and NOT according to the current time in case anyone’s confused.)

1. Count On Me. Starting out with an upbeat song. An inspirational, uplifting song. It started out with the somewhat sad theme of the inevitable turn of time and how people would grow old, etc. However, the lyrics eventually steered around to encourage everyone on with enjoying life the way it is and not worry too much about the inevitable that one can’t change anyway. Nice one, but I didn’t like the crazy yelling at the end.

2. Never Said Goodbye (沒有說再見). A sad love song. Donning on a totally different meaning than the actual intention of the overall album. Yet another good one penned by Eric.

3. You And I. A mellow love song. More hopeful than some of the past songs, which is a good thing. A change really, lol. Nice and sweet song overall.

4. The Tear That Doesn’t Belong To Me (不屬於我的淚). This song was actually also one of the songs used in Ti Amo Chocolate. (Don’t ask me which episodes since I didn’t touch it yet, not really.) Another song penned by Eric. He’s truly amazing! (I might be exaggerating but I don’t care.) The songs keep getting better and better. Sad song, but not too pitiful. The touches are just right.

5. When I See Your Face. Another good song and a nice collaboration between the two lyricists.

6. The Best Arrangement (最好的安排). The music was composed by Eric. Another nice song with trying to encourage one to bravely move forward and accept what is coming in life, whether regarding challenges or love. And not to live in the past all the time, etc.

7. Really (真的真的). Upbeat song. Mixed feelings. It was trying too hard to convince at various points. I meant the relationship/story between the two, not Eric’s singing. He made the song quite good if I’m not paying attention to the lyrics in totality. I do like some of the verses but it seemed like the other girl needed too much reassuring. It seemed to imply insecurity issues or something. OR it’s just me.

8. Have You Changed? (你變了沒有). Another mixed feelings. The lyrics are nice and flowery. The music is nice also. Yet I couldn’t get into it as much. Maybe I need more time to let it sink in for me.

9. Lost Glory (失落的輝煌). Yet another mixed feelings. Maybe it’s just plain me at this point. Because I feel like it’s also a good song with its lyrics and the way the music flows. But I can’t get into it yet.

10. The Next Page of Love (愛的下一頁). Finishing the album with a final morbid song. Another great song actually.

1. The Making of the Album aka Lao Sun’s 365 Days Production Diary (老孫365日創作日記). Eric’s recounts of the process they went through in making the album, plus other bonuses of interviews, perspectives, etc. What was funny though was how Eric kept switching back and forth between Cantonese and Mandarin throughout the narration/explanation of the process, etc. (But it made sense, depending on who he was conversing with at one point or another.) What was great was being able to see and hear some of the things from the other songwriters/producers too. They greatly deserve the credit, considering how they worked as hard putting everything together.

2. Count On Me (MV). OMG, mad lively and awesome! I think it was like watching art merging into pop. It’s like so amazing. Okay, I know I must be exaggerating. But I was surprised the MV was that good with mixture of playfulness yet lively. Apparently one could merge art into pop stuffs without making it too lame. Just have to know how. Great work! (Not to mention they didn’t need to put in some other shady/bordering selling yourself kind of stuffs in order to make the MV interesting. YES, I just have to put this in since I’m really sick of seeing how others like to throw some imagery in to sell stuffs YET keep slapping on the art label as an excuse to get by when you know obviously it’s NOT art. Well, art has no boundary, but sometimes you could see it and you would be like, “What are they trying to pull?”)

3. Never Said Goodbye (沒有說再見) (MV). Another great MV. Though there were no other people in there aside from him yet the morbid mood and the changes in the images help moved the song along. In fact, I think the vocal just overrides it and makes the MV awesome without trying.

4. You And I (MV). Cute one. Like the feeling of it and the hinting at changes of weather at times and its somewhat Heavenly feel.

5. The Tear That Doesn’t Belong To Me (不屬於我的淚) (MV). Did I mention loving the piano tunes at the beginning? Okay, might have missed it in the song, but it’s really nice. Anyway, very morbid, very intense–along with other emotions merging in all at once. It captured the feeling of the song really well. Another great MV.

Final decision? Totally recommended for Eric fans! You won’t be disappointed!

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