Tinh Anh Ngon Nen Album

I already titled the other one as something similar so had to clarify that this is actually the ‘album’ for this post. Anyway, saw this album at this one place when I was out shopping for CDs again and had to grab it just for old time’s sake. I didn’t realize that it was still around and glad it was. Though this album also has Ngoc Hue in it and she’s a fine singer but I honestly want to dedicate this one to Anh Tu. He was a great singer. In fact, one of the best out there, but he had to go too early. Listening to the songs on this album again honestly made me want to cry. Not just because I felt it was a shame to lose someone within the industry too early but also because he actually brought out all the emotions of the songs very well. One of those singers very rare to come by. I know most of the songs on this album were covered from Chinese Melodies but I felt he actually done it justice instead of just singing these types of songs just because of its popularity. I actually felt that he was someone who took music seriously for the art it was also. He also had a special voice, which is hard to find nowadays. (I guess that’s why they call it ‘one of a kind’ or ‘irreplaceable’.)

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Tinh Anh Ngon Nen by Anh Tu

The other day when I was listening to one of Minh Tuyet’s CD and there was one medley remix song where there was the song “Tinh Anh Ngon Nen” and I suddenly missed the old days so much. Okay, I’m not going to start talking about my life or the usual rant. What I mean is missing those old days of listening to songs from Anh Tu. He died too young. It was one of my favorite songs of him and I could never find anyone who could replace him in singing that song–though I’m sure lots of singers must have sang that song also.

Anh Tu had a very nice voice and was able to bring out the songs so lively and with much feeling. I really missed those songs of his (even if those were adapted from Chinese Melodies), such as 999 Roses.