Taste of Life: The 200th Mark

Just as I was afraid, the show dragged on and ended up focusing on other side characters that had nothing to do with the main cast. However, what caught my attention recently was Pan Bo Xi's presence. Pan Bo Xi portrayed Athena Lee's ex-boyfriend, Kenji. He entered in episode 200 so I guess that was … Continue reading Taste of Life: The 200th Mark

Taste of Life: Worth Waiting?

I originally didn't want to follow this but after seeing the above picture, I couldn't help it. NOT like obsessing over a picture could turn it into an awesome drama. But it's just too cute to resist. Not to mention how the previous aired drama has been beaten to death with its theme. Seriously? Yup, … Continue reading Taste of Life: Worth Waiting?

Father’s Desire

Five episodes so I see no harm diving in. How was it? Quite touching and meaningful--like most DaAi dramas. It was touching because it didn't try to be. It was just telling the story of a family. And I think it might be inspired by a real family since I saw the name of the … Continue reading Father’s Desire

Peak Times

I wasn't thinking of watching this since I've been quite lazy watching dramas lately. But it was more like wanting to check it out because of curiosity. Then it pulled me in. Mostly because of the suspense. I must admit it was pretty good overall though. The ending sort of killed it BUT I guess … Continue reading Peak Times