Refresh Man: A Reunion for Joanne and Aaron

I was browsing on Facebook and found Joanne's post. After reading the article, I realized it was a drama. It was totally unexpected but I will continue to tune in. Many of the QiaoLun fans would be soooo happy. Because I think many have thought that the ship already sank, even before it came to … Continue reading Refresh Man: A Reunion for Joanne and Aaron

iHero: Episode 6

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned. A body was found near some river. The victim was seen at a bar the previous night. The victim was a man dressed as a woman. The cause of death was drowning. There were drag … Continue reading iHero: Episode 6

The Dangerous City

Another one of those closer to real-life dramas. The plot indeed lived up to its title. Main Cast: Lin Qing Tai (林慶台) as Wa Dan (瓦旦). A security guard. A somewhat rouge character. That would mean that he was not the typical hero that would do just the right thing regardless of the situation. It … Continue reading The Dangerous City


One of the most depressing dramas ever yet captured different elements of life so vividly. And for the record, I didn't watch this because it got nominated for the Golden Bell Awards and then eventually won some. I was trying to watch it for Esther yet had to put aside because of my busy schedule. … Continue reading Falling

Xiao Hai Da Ren

(image credit: captured by DTLCT) Because I wanted to watch Yvonne and since it was 8 episodes, I thought it should be all right, considering how I don't have any problems with the rest of the cast. So how was it? Pretty good actually. In fact, surprisingly good. Lin Zhen Sheng and Xiao Meng Feng … Continue reading Xiao Hai Da Ren