Mainland China TV Series Worth Watching

Okay, here’s the 3rd list as promised. (Although I sure take my precious time, lol.)


Journey to the West I & II (1986 & 1999) – This is what I call classic. Though Season 2 had some variations but still retained a sense of cleverness from within.

Li Wei’s Resignation – Surprisingly good. I didn’t realize it was that good either. I meant okay, it got random at times too, but it didn’t fall short of quality. The mystery and constant humor kept it going. Not to mention the witty battle between Li Wei and the king.

The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013 – Yeah, I couldn’t help putting this in after finishing it. Seriously, it was a surprise for me–as mentioned in the review. But I just had to make an exception because how they did it, which made sense to me more.

The Story of a Woodcutter and his Fox Wife – So unexpected and surprisingly good. I didn’t realize I would become so addicted to it from the start. It was a lovable folktale and a mix of humor here and there. There were frustrating moments but it wasn’t as unbearable as it seemed. Qiao Zhen Yu and Song Jia Ling were so cute and lovable.

Water Margin 1998 – I haven’t watched the new version yet so can’t comment, but this was pretty good. So awesome with the cast and the plot unfolding. They managed to keep most of the stories intact. Though sometimes you felt there were ‘miscast’ here or there regarding ages, but because they were sticking around until later so it wasn’t too bad.


Detective Tang Lang – It was surprisingly good. Usually, trailers are misleading since it only show exciting parts, but this one was consistent throughout. The suspense and witty humor were what kept the series going. The cast was also likable, at least to me. IF you like detective and action dramas, this might be it.


A Chance of Sunshine – Major skipping around but the ending result was good. Not to mention the Lu Yi and Alyssa chemistry was really addicting to watch so it was worth the wait in a way.

Sound of Colors – Soapy and it has its faults with draggy moments and bloopers but it was good overall. And if you don’t mind sad endings.

*NOTE*: This post will be updated from time to time. Therefore, it will be included in the ‘Helpful + Fun Posts’ section to make it easier to locate – IF anyone’s interested in following. Also, keep in mind that I back-watch from time to time, some might NOT be on the list yet. Others, call it a difference of opinions – IF I didn’t put it on there.


Water Margin

The first few stories were very exciting and intriguing to watch considering how story of the 108 heroes of Liang Shan. (Of course it’s not 100% accurate but the rough story is fine.) However,  things started to turn downhill when they decided to focus too much on a certain character. They really ruined some of the major characters in here, causing frustration and other conflicts to arise. It’s shear stupidity and can’t believe such a brilliant character has been ruined. But it’s all right. At least some of the most favorites weren’t ruined. Average series overall. With Manland China doing the show, there are lots of people to see.
Chao Gai was really a hero, really righteous and always look after his brothers. He’s a very respectable man. Too bad his life ended in tragic. Other memorable characters are Lu Zhi Shen, Lin Chong, Wu Song, Hua Rong, and Xiao Yu (Yan Qing). Others that were the original seven that Chao Gai had recruited at the beginning were also very funny and cool in a way. Too bad.
Xiao Yu’s ending is really nice and touching in a way ’cause he and his sworn sister, Li Shi Shi, get to travel the world together instead of staying behind to get killed.
As I mentioned, a character was ruined so bad, which was Song Jiang. A disappointment, considering he’s supposed to be both kind and clever.
Haven’t read the novel yet but will hunt it down to read later. But my mom gave me a brief summary. Will read it on my own to see what the difference is.
Posted (on Xanga): October 24, 2008
Re-posted: Sunday, April 18th, 2010

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