Joanne Tseng: A Long Journey

(image credit: Shine) I just found this clip that someone put together in regard to Joanne’s journey up until now. Well, for the most part. But it really brought back lots of memories. She had gone a long way, worked really hard, and now becoming an established artist. I’m so proud of her. Advertisements

Midnight Food Store: Poster + Airing Date

(image credit: Weibo) Good news! Finally an airing date for this drama. It’s on June 11, supposedly. Check out the 90-seconds trailer (credit: HLBN Official Channel 華錄百納官方頻道):

Year 2015 in Recap

Oh joy, I’m bringing this back since it’s another year of madness. How did it go? Let’s check the number first, lol. Yes, before I start bragging and realized it wasn’t worth bragging over, lol. But before I actually go into the stats, I would like to thank The New World and iHero for making…

Top 50 Actors of 2015

(image credit: as marked) Just saw this so I decided to share. These are the ones people searched for the most on Weibo, etc. Translations: 1. Li Yi Feng / Lý Dịch Phong 2. Yang Yang / Dương Dương 3. Wallace Chung / Chung Hán Lương 4. Wallace Huo / Hoắc Kiến Hoa 5. Li…