White Fox by Ai Yi Man

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Song Title: White Fox (白狐)

Music by: Li Xu Hui (李旭辉)

Lyrics by: Sun Hong Ying (孙红莺)

Bold = Chinese
Sky Blue = Pin Yin
Grayish Blue = English
Faded Violet = Vietnamese

wo shi yi zhi xiu xing qian nian de hu
I’m only a fox that has mastered the immortality technique by thousands of years
Tôi chỉ là một con chồn tu luyện ngàn năm
千年修行 千年孤獨
qian nian xiu xing   qian nian gu du
Thousands of years of practicing, thousands of years of loneliness
Ngàn năm tu luyện, ngàn năm cô độc
夜深人靜時 可有人聽見我在哭
ye shen ren jing shi   ke you ren ting jian wo zai ku
Within the dead of the night, perhaps, someone heard me crying
Lúc giữa đêm khuya, có lẽ có người nghe thấy được tôi đang khóc
燈火闌珊處 可有人看見我跳舞
deng huo lan shan chu   ke you ren kan jian wo tiao wu
While the lights are waning, perhaps, someone saw me dancing
Lúc đèn tàn đi, có lẽ có người nhìn thấy được tôi đang nhảy múa

wo shi yi zhi deng dai qian nian de hu
I’m only a fox that has been waiting for thousands of years
Tôi chỉ là một con chồn đợi chờ ngàn năm
千等待 千年孤獨
qian nian deng dai   qian nian gu du
Thousands of years of waiting, thousands of years of loneliness
Ngàn năm đợi chờ, ngàn năm cô độc
滾滾紅塵裡 誰又種下了愛的蠱
gun gun hong chen li   shui you zhong xia le ai de gu
Surging within the mortal world, who could plant love’s venom?
Lăn lộn giữa hồng trần, ai có thể trồng nọc độc của tình yêu xuống được?
茫茫人海中 誰又喝下了愛的毒
mang mang ren hai zhong   shui you he xia le ai de du
Within the bustling crowd, who could drink up love’s poison?
Mênh mông giữa biển người, ai có thể uống cạn chất độc của tình yêu được?

我愛你時 你正一貧如洗寒窗苦讀
wo ai ni shi   ni zheng yi pin ru xi han chuang ku du
When I loved you, you were just a poor, hardworking scholar
Lúc tôi yêu anh, anh chỉ là một người nghèo xơ, khổ học chăm chỉ
離開你時 你正金榜題名洞房花燭
li kai ni shi   ni zheng jin bang ti ming dong fang hua zhu
When I left you, you’ve already passed the official exams and earned the highest spot, also gotten married
Lúc tôi xa anh, anh đã được kim bảng đề danh, động phòng hoa chúc

neng bu neng wei ni zai tiao yi zhi wu
Should I dance for you one last time?
Tôi có nên vì anh mà nhảy múa thêm một lần nữa không?
wo shi ni qian bai nian qian fang sheng de bai hu
I’m the white fox that you liberated millions of years ago
Tôi là con bạch hồ mà hàng triệu năm trước anh đã từng phóng sanh
你看衣袂飄飄 衣袂飄飄
ni kan yi mei piao piao   yi mei piao piao
You look ahead with a carefree attitude, letting the wind sway whichever way
Anh nhìn về phía trước một cách vô tư, cứ việc cho gió thổi theo chiều
hai shi shan meng dou hua zuo xu wu
The oath of eternal love has already turned into nothingness
Hải thệ minh sơn đều đã biến thành hư vô

neng bu neng wei ni zai tiao yi zhi wu
Should I dance for you one last time?
Tôi có nên vì anh mà nhảy múa thêm một lần nữa không?
zhi wei ni lin bie shi de na yi ci hui gu
Looking back once more because of the moment of separation
Chỉ vì giây phút biệt ly mà quay đầu nhìn lại một lần nữa
你看衣袂飄飄 衣袂飄飄
ni kan yi mei piao piao   yi mei piao piao
You look ahead with a carefree attitude, letting the wind sway whichever way
Anh nhìn về phía trước một cách vô tư, cứ việc cho gió thổi theo chiều
tian zhang di jiu dou hua zuo xu wu
Eternity has already turned into nothingness
Thiên trường địa cửu đều đã biến thành hư vô

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Liao Zhai 2

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Ending Theme Versions:

Featuring Luo Sha Hai Shi and Yan Zhi: Here

Featuring Yi Ning and Fen Die: Here

Featuring Lian Xiang and Yi Qian: Here

I said that I would do an overall analysis on this one so here goes. I thought this set of stories was quite lacking compared to part 1. Don’t say ‘Duh’ ’cause honestly, it wasn’t a whole story to be on the same scale with the whole ‘sequel’ thing. YES, it was a sequel, BUT because it was not just one story and then this was following it in that matter to be counted that way. It would be more accurate to say that this was another set of stories that followed the previous set of stories. I remember not watching only one story from the last one ’cause I already watched another adaptation elsewhere hence not watching it because it was basically the same with a different cast. However, this one was quite fresh with the set of stories but some of them seriously failed to capture the main points and let it drag on so it was quite disappointing. I will list the order of the stories to which I feel it deserved its place and then provide the reason as to why.

Yan Zhi – I can’t believe this had become my favorite and also earned the first spot. I was really, really surprised that the story was soooo good. Possibly because it stood out from the rest so it seemed really good to me in the end. Because I thought it was average at first but analyzing it more later, it was the only one that I seemed to write an in-depth summary about. It actually had a good theme, a solid story, and was not dragging at all. Things kept happening to drive the plot forward, not letting it dwell on one or another thing for too long. There were frustrating parts, but it soon passed and gave way for other things. It was also my first time watching Cecilia Han Xue and really liked her in here. My second time watching Yan Kuan and really liked his performance, feeling he deserved this lead role.

Lian Xiang – Though I felt the story was strange with them at times and I thought I wouldn’t like the way how things were with them but I finally understand why it must to be that way. One thing drove the other forward and many events were unavoidable. I actually felt that their chemistry wasn’t bad. I actually accepted the ending though it was not a happy one. It did not have to be that way. A possibly typical battle between good versus evil but it was all right. At least it did not drag out to the point of unbearable. There were also enough actions going on to drive the plot forward, keeping it mysterious with providing us with pieces of the puzzle slowly until the end.

Ying Ning – The story became somewhat dragging and repetitive toward the middle and somewhat in the ending parts but I forgave them because somehow the story still made sense. I actually liked the chemistry between June and Zhao Yi–like I said in the other review. It was really cute between them at first and then there was some bitterness. Not too bad at all.

Fen Die – What made this one standing fourth though it was supposed to be one of my most anticipated was its stupidity with dragging on and on about believing too much what the dreams were implying. YES, it could be true and could hint at the future. BUT I felt Fen Die relied so deeply on the dreams to tell her things or let her decide that it was way too pathetic for me to endure. Eddie and Esther still had great chemistry but the story was a bit weak to endure. Not to mention how the ending was a bit weak–to say the least. Though it was a happy ending and it did show how Wang Feng was able to see through their true love and let go but it was too much of a rush.

Yi Qian – Kind of refreshing idea like I said in the other review with the reversed role of letting the girl accepting the guy. However, the plot became sort of weak in the later parts. Though there were some comedic moments, it could not make up for the ending. Too fast and too ‘whatever’  to forgive.

Luo Sha Hai Shi – It was way too obvious from the individual review that I didn’t like it. Or more like I was really disappointed in it. Regardless of how it became so tragic (as most Liao Zhai stories should be) near the end, I could not make myself move it up from the list. It was too dragging to endure. Not to mention though it was a happy ending, it was just too much of a disappointment with the plot and characterization as I said before in the other review.

Just to end this on a positive note, I really liked the ending theme song used for this part. Does that even count? LOL! The song is called “White Fox“, which really suited this kind of theme with the mystical settings.

Seriously though, it would be nice to collect and watch and skip around and then snap some caps to do nice wallpapers or other types of graphics with since the costumes were nice–for the most part. And the scenery was equally mesmerizing. If only they had worked more on the plot development because like I said before, there were a lot of good ideas yet wasted with repetitive scenes or draggy formulas. So recommended or not? If you’re curious, go ahead and hunt for it to watch. Or you could be collecting because you like the artist mentioned. BUT I wouldn’t recommend it for the plot. The good thing is I saw on YesAsia you could buy the stories separately so you could try it out for yourself without having to buy the whole set of stories.