Ken Chang’s New Project: Can’t Tell Anyone

Yes, that’s the title! Stop laughing! Not sure if the title’s going to change later or not. But they finally could start filming. Congrats! And the director is Zhang Rong Hua.

The cast includes familiar faces from his past two self-produced dramas. (One of which couldn’t even see the light of day yet.)

If there are other new updates, I’ll definitely post up. Just excited that he’s working on another movie.

*All images credits go to Ken Chang Official Weibo and Ken Studio Official Weibo.

Yuan Yue Wan Dao: Still Waiting For Airing Dates

While waiting for this to air, I thought I go back to sharing more images. ‘Cause seriously, when in the world is it airing? I swear, if I was more active in translating the novel, I would have been done with it already.

Not sure what’s going on with that scene, but another random image.

Oh, they have a kid!

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

Yuan Yue Wan Dao: 2012 Adaptation

I was doing my typical browsing on Weibo the other day. Well, I rarely browse there anymore since it could get oh-so-addicting and time-consuming. But glad I went back in time to discover this new adaptation. To be honest, I didn’t even read the novel SO I won’t even make any comparison with previous versions. Yet I’m just excited that Ken Chang and some of the cast have a new project. It’s also an ancient one and from the same team who made the recent version of Chu Liu Xiang. But I just hope they improve on the martial arts parts. I meant I was fine with some people’s fighting, especially Louis Fan. But the overly used CGI and other blinding effects made it quite annoying. I liked the qing gong parts, NOT the actual fighting parts. Moving on, there are some of the similar cast from Chu Liu Xiang, but they had somewhat improved on the attires for this one or something. Well, again, I liked some of the costumes from Chu Liu Xiang, but others I thought was too exaggerated, especially some of the combination of colors for the female population. So this might even be more promising. Anyway, looking at some of Ken’s costumes for this series.

The typical Chu Liu Xiang pose, lol.

OMG, something hasn’t changed, he’s still surrounded by the beauties, lol.

He looks so fierce in this one. Probably the Ding Peng attitude?

Taking a stroll in the garden, nice?

This one is actually the same one from the press conference, but posting it again for a closer look.

Then there’s this one, somewhat similar with the above, but different design and shade.

Ding Peng and Qing Qing! They’re so cute already! Can’t wait to see more scenes of them. (The actress is Yang Xue.)

Another one.

One more.

Okay, this is the last one, really. (The above picture they were just being silly behind the scenes, lol. Was waiting for the preparation of the next scene or something? LOL…)

Anyway, I have an urge to go read and translate the story to English at the same time. Nice or what? YET no promises. But if it gets translated, etc, there will be a link.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.