Joanne Tseng: A Long Journey

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I just found this clip that someone put together in regard to Joanne’s journey up until now. Well, for the most part. But it really brought back lots of memories. She had gone a long way, worked really hard, and now becoming an established artist. I’m so proud of her.

NOTE: The video clip has been deleted so it’s not there anymore but still an amazing video highlighting Qiao Qiao’s journey over the years.

Ady An's Wedding

Last weekend (I think), Ady posted a wedding picture of her up and mentioned that she was ready, hoping that Shone was too. It was her special day, so she wanted to share it with Shone too (even if he was attending in spirit). And I think most people already know that Shone passed away due to cancer in 2015. He was a close friend, like a brother to Ady, and the two of them formed a group called “An Corporation”, which they joked it was an exclusive club.

Early members included Kim Hsia and Esther Liu. The later members included Bianca Bai and more. I lost track later on since I sort of neglected my following of Ady. But I got sentimental when Ady and the others posted pictures up.

I think by this time almost every news outlet or popular blog has reported on it. But I just want to put up a congrats notice to her anyway and sort of reminiscing about the good old days of how the group got started.

*All images were from ELLE magazine and Facebook pages of Ady An, Kim Hsia, Esther Liu, and Bianca Bai.

Courageous Happiness by Sweety

(Uploaded by: fahrenheit rox!!)

Song Title: Courageous Happiness (勇敢的幸福)

Original Song: Boku No Senakaniwa Hanegaaru

Music by: Oda Tetsuro

Original Lyrics by: Matsumoto Takashi

Lyrics by: Xiao Shu (小樹)

Bold = Chinese
Purple = Pin Yin
Indigo = English
Lavender = Vietnamese

伴著盛開的花 蝴蝶才能飛舞
ban zhe sheng kai de hua   hu die cai neng fei wu
Only in the company of blossoming flowers that the butterflies could flutter
Chỉ có bên cạnh hoa nở con bướm mới có thể bay lượn
帶著希望 夢想才能飛往高處
dai zhe xi wang   meng xiang cai neng fei wang gao chu
Only carrying hope could allow for dreams to soar high
Chỉ có mang theo hy vọng mộng tưởng mới có thể bay cao
迎著溫暖的風 我們不再無助
ying zhe wen nuan de feng   wo men bu zai wu zhu
Only when facing the warm wind that we wouldn’t feel helpless anymore
Chỉ có đối mặt với gió ấm chúng ta mới không cảm thấy bất lực
因為你的祝福 我的愛不辛苦
yin wei ni de zhu fu   wo de ai bu xin ku
Because of your well-wishing, my love isn’t exhausting
Vì có lời chúc phúc của anh mà tình em không chút mệt mỏi

呼吸感動 我不再退步
hu xi gan dong   wo bu zai tui bu
Heartwarming breaths, I won’t step back again
Hít một hơi tràn đầy cảm động, tôi sẽ không lùi bước
讓音樂 趕走我的孤獨
rang yin yue   gan zou wo de gu du
Let music take away my loneliness
Hãy để cho âm nhạc làm xua đi sự cô đơn
我的勇氣 因為你的保護
wo de yong qi   yin wei ni de bao hu
My courage is due to your protection
Dũng cảm của em là nhờ sự bảo vệ của anh
bu ceng ting xia zhui zhu zhen ai de jiao bu
Never stop chasing the footsteps of true love
Đừng ngừng bước khi đang đuổi theo tình yêu chân thật

種下愛 種下夢 種下我們的心願
zhong xia ai   zhong xia meng   zhong xia wo men de xin yuan
Sowing love, sowing dreams, sowing our wishes
Gieo tình yêu, gieo giấc mộng, gieo tâm nguyện của chúng ta
讓陽光 照亮在我們心靈最深處
rang yang guang   zhao liang zai wo men xin ling zui shen chu
Let sunshine illuminate upon our innermost thoughts
Để cho ánh nắng chiếu sáng tận cùng tâm linh của chúng ta

那些事 那些歌 伴著我們的誓約
na xie shi   na xie ge   ban zhe wo men de shi yue
Those matters, those songs accompany our vows
Những chuyện đó, những bài hát đó đi cùng lời nguyền của chúng ta
不能哭 我們要 挑戰未知旅途
bu neng ku   wo men yao   tiao zhan wei zhi lu tu
Don’t cry, we will fight the unknown journeys
Đừng nên khóc, chúng ta sẽ chiến đấu những cuộc hành trình vô danh
不怕輸 我們有 笑聲交織著淚水 最勇敢的幸福
bu pa shu   wo men you   xiao sheng jiao zhi zhe lei shui   zui yong gan de xing fu
Don’t be afraid of losing, we have laughter intertwined with the tears, the bravest of happiness
Đừng sợ thua, chúng ta có tiếng cười hòa lẫn nước mắt, là một hạnh phúc dũng cảm nhứt

*All translations were done by DTLCT.

Year 2016 in Recap


Year 3 in doing this. I really want to keep doing this, but I felt that 2016 had been a complete letdown on my part. Granted, it was a terrible year on many levels. It had affected me so much, draining me emotionally that I didn’t feel like keeping some kind of streak anymore. I only did some posts when I felt like it. Then I also tried to pick myself up by the end of the year by trying to release songs translations back-to-back at times, not even saving them for later so cushion posts could do the honor. I just didn’t feel like updating a lot of things. At first, I had prepared a post about a particular pairing, but I felt like I’m better than that. Not to mention how I wouldn’t want to cause even more misunderstandings between fans. At times, it’s very hard to restrain. But in the end, real-life got in the way. I took the actions that wonderful couple took, instead of arguing with senseless people who are full of evil thoughts for them. Yet I will say that can’t be epic like them so maybe one day I will break out of my silence to go at it in one post to unleash all the bottled-up frustrations. Because I know one of those days I will just blow up.

Total Posts in 2016: 77 (6.5% of all time).

January: 18 (23% of the year)
February: 3 (4%)
March: 1 (1%)
April: 3 (4%)
May: 9 (12%)
June: 7 (9%)
July: 14 (18%)
August: 3 (4%)
September: 3 (4%)
October: 6 (8%)
November: 2 (3%)
December: 8 (10%)

Notice that I took the poll out for the stars. Partially, it was due to what happened earlier this year. The other part was because I felt kind of wrong with teasing readers about possible updates if they voted more or whatever. I’m grateful to those who participated and continue to follow my blog–even in silence. I appreciate the constant likes and all as well. I really do. It’s just that I don’t want to be leaving you hanging on that. Sure, I will continue to update for my favorites from time to time, but that will depend on how long before I take care of some real-life matters.

Books Reviews:

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries:

Fan Fiction:

I think the year reached a new low for fan fiction updates because of my distractions of other stuff. I can’t promise it’ll get any better this coming year. I’m sorry that I made those of you who are reading those stories wait for too long. But I can promise you that I will finish regardless of obstacles since I don’t usually scrap stories away when it’s well on its way. I’ll try to do a separate fan fiction update later this year to clarify some matters.

  • Payback – Chapters 4-5

Songs Translations:

Using Rebirth to start the year didn’t help at all. Despite the fact that I was having high hopes at that time. The year continued to dive with a lot of forced positiveness. But what else could I do, right? Hopefully the coming year will be better.

So, what now? I don’t think there is any other choice except to move forward. I want to keep being positive, ignoring trolls in general, and just focus on my own matters. I want to get back on writing posts about Jun Ya and Xiao Xiao Yu. I have been active on Xiao Xiao Yu for the first part of the year and then somehow faded. But I did update more on Qiao Qiao in the later parts of the year. I just have to continue on that track. Not to mention getting back into fanfics, because I seriously miss them. Focusing on just real life stuffs really suck all the energy right out of me. I’ll try to work on a balance. Somehow. Because I seriously miss this blog. What I did do though was letting this blog becoming somewhat official with its own domain. Yes, that was a mini-Christmas present for myself since I managed to find a deal. Oh yeah, how could I forget Janine? Although I did update on her this year, I was somewhat neglecting her and only updating randomly. I also want to get back to Penny. More importantly, I want to actually watch and finish reviewing some dramas I’ve been holding back on.

This might possibly be the last year I do this type of update since I don’t find the fun in it anymore. Maybe resorting back to the typical data from WordPress next year. Not sure. But we’ll see.

Green Forest, My Home: Prince William and Sophie’s Reunion


Leon and Esther had a reunion at the Sanlih Drama Awards Ceremony (華劇大賞) the other night, causing an uproar around the fandom since the drama Green Forest, My Home had aired 11 years ago. (Go here and here for articles.)


When asked about their feelings of that year regarding filming the series together, Esther expressed that she didn’t think much of it yet just followed instructions from the director. The reason they asked because Esther was only 17 years old in 2005 (when they filmed the series). Leon expressed that he was touched to have been invited back to be one of the presenters since SETTV was like his second home. He also mentioned that if there was a chance of collaborating in the future, he was excited to collaborate with the new generation, hoping to be portraying the main lead’s brother or father. (LOL!)


Happy about the reunion, both Leon and Esther had shared various links and photos on their respective Facebook accounts. Also, side note, Ady An had also returned to be one of the award presenters. She and Esther are actually good friends since they both are in An Corporation together and Esther was one of the first members to join after its establishment. (Go here for the article relating to Ady.)


*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.