Prince Coffee Lab: Adaptation

This drama is adapted from the Korean version (or supposedly with some posts I read). Anyway, the reason why I was even interested in this drama was because of Jacky. Yes, finally updating on him at long last. I saw some posts about it previously that he updated but wasn’t into it. Yet now that it was coming together already, I could update without feeling like it was just a teaser.

Lulu Xu (徐璐) as Gao Xing (高兴).

Yang Le (杨玏) as Jiang Shang Wu (姜尚武).

Wayne Yang (王阳) as Qin Zhe Mo (秦哲默).

Shi Yu Fei (施予斐) as Han Xiao (韩笑).

Cao Wei Yu (曹卫宇) as Hu Zi Bing (胡子兵).

Jacky Chu as Xiao Jian Feng (萧剑峰).

Johnny Pei (裴立言) as Chen Hai Shen (陈海深).

Chris Chu (朱润) as Huang Huang (黄皇).

Lin Yi Ming (林奕明) as Chen Gang (陈刚).

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

God of War, Zhao Yun: Princess Gongsun Bao Yue

To be honest, I know this drama existed and saw a bunch of people updated on it, but I wasn’t really interested in it. I will admit they do have nice costumes, etc. However, I wasn’t completely sold. At least not until I saw Jia Qing’s participation in it. Sure, I found out that some other people I liked were in here too but that didn’t motivate me to put it on my to-watch list. It was just there. Now that I saw how Huace and Jia Qing had posted stills of Jia Qing in there, my interest went up tenfold.

Her image and outfits for this drama are quite impressive. Here it is, red again, the most overused color of recent. However, this time, they actually do it with the right touch. So yes, finally I’m accepting of it and not going to attack it for this one.

Jia Qing looks fierce and powerful in here, which I’m totally looking forward to. Since she’s back in the ancient world playing some badass role. Hopefully so.

It’s not like she’s wearing red all the time since she has other outfits in here.

Let’s just hope she doesn’t die again like some past productions. Or should I say she has a higher chance of dying in here ’cause it’s a war drama? (LOL) But regardless, can’t wait.

*All images were from Jia Qing’s Weibo.