Top 50 Actors and Actresses of 2019


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This list combines both female and male artists–and it’s top 50 so some from the other lists might not make this one.


  1. Zhu Yi Long / Chu Nhứt Long

  2. Deng Lun / Đặng Luân

  3. Yang Zi / Dương Tử

  4. Zanilia Zhao Li Ying / Triệu Lệ Dĩnh

  5. Jackson Yee / Dịch Dương Thiên Tỉ

  6. Xiao Zhan / Tiêu Chiến

  7. Yang Mi / Dương Mịch

  8. Wang Yi Bo / Vương Nhứt Bác

  9. Di Li Re Ba / Địch Lệ Nhiệt Ba

  10. Ju Jing Yi / Cúc Tịnh Y

  11. Yang Yang / Dương Dương

  12. Hu Ge / Hồ Ca

  13. Li Xian / Lý Hiện

  14. Luo Yun Xi / La Vân Hy

  15. Lin Qin / Lý Thấm

  16. Wang Jun Kai / Vương Tuấn Khải

  17. Luo Jin / La Tấn

  18. Lay Zhang Yi Xing / Trương Nghệ Hưng

  19. Tiffany Tang Yan / Đường Yên

  20. Jin Dong / Cận Đông

  21. Li Yi Feng / Lý Dịch Phong

  22. Angel Wang / Vương Âu

  23. Cecilia Liu Shi Shi / Lưu Thi Thi

  24. Victoria Song / Tống Tây

  25. Alan Yu / Vu Mông Lung

  26. Tamia Liu Tao / Lưu Đào

  27. Zheng Shuang / Trịnh Sảng

  28. Liu Hao Ran / Lưu Hạo Nhiên

  29. Guli Nazha / Cổ Lực Na Trát

  30. Wang Kai / Vương Khải

  31. Angel Zhao / Triệu Kim Mạch

  32. Guan Xiao Tong / Quan Hiểu Đồng

  33. Roy Wang / Vương Nguyên

  34. Zhang Ruo Yun / Trương Nhược Quân

  35. William Chan / Trần Vỹ Đình

  36. Xu Kai / Hứa Khải

  37. Huang Zi Tao / Hoàng Tử Thao

  38. Jiang Shu Ying / Giang Sơ Ảnh

  39. Ray Ma Tian Yu / Mã Thiên Vũ

  40. Li Yi Tong / Lý Nhứt Đồng

  41. Xing Fei / Hình Phi

  42. Yang Chao Yue / Dương Siêu Việt

  43. William Feng Shao Feng / Phùng Thiệu Phong

  44. Vin Zhang / Trương Bân Bân

  45. Yukee Chen / Trần Ngọc Kỳ

  46. Zhu Ya Wen / Chu Á Văn

  47. Lei Jia Yin / Lôi Giai Âm

  48. Jiang Xin / Tưởng Hân

  49. Lu Han / Lộc Hàm

  50. Wendy Zhang / Trương Tử Phong


Handsome Siblings: New Adaptation

Yes, there will be another adaptation of it. However, it is Huace doing it. They’re once again teaming up with Perfect World Pictures–after the success of The Legend of the Condor Heroes. (Go here for article.)

There are no words of the cast involved yet but they’ll be working on the script and other details for now. We’ll just have to wait, lol. But I wonder how they’ll tackle it with this version. On the announcement, it it said to be 50 episodes, but who knows? There was a poll on Huace’s page awhile back asking about possible cast. I think I chose Yang Yang to be Hua Wu Que (花無缺). I don’t know about Xiao Yu Er (小魚兒) since I couldn’t imagine anyone in that role yet.
*All images were around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

The Snow Queen: New Stills

Dylan had recently updated about the drama but I was occupied with other stuffs so of course I’m slow in updating once again.

Before I post more stills, I have to clarify something here. It seemed like the late Qiao Ren Liang was also the main lead or possibly he was the main lead and then Dylan was the second lead. Not quite sure since I’ve been out of the loops as far as dramas are concern of recent.

I also don’t know if the drama was filmed before the tragedy or was in the middle of filming when the tragedy occurred, but I will be looking forward to this drama regardless. I also wouldn’t want to be super insensitive or inconsiderate here with what had happened. I don’t know how to comment to make it more considerate or respectful, because I was not following Qiao Ren Liang actively like most people were with his popularity over quite a few dramas–even though I know who he was. So yes, what I am  saying is it wouldn’t be my place to contribute regarding the matter, but I will say as a follower of Yuan Shan Shan, I was shocked to know what happened. But what happened had already happened and perhaps like Zhang Han said, Qiao Ren Liang is probably at a better place right now. May he rest in peace and wherever he is, hopefully he would be free of all the stress and pressure from the public.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.

The Snow Queen: Dylan’s New Drama

I first noticed about this when Dylan posted pictures on his wall. The drama is produced by Wang Yu Ren (王裕仁) and is directed by Yang Yang (杨阳). The screenwriter is Jia Dong Yan (贾东岩). The theme would be along the line of fantasy, obviously from various stills so far.

Dylan is supposedly the male lead but not quite sure since there is conflicting information elsewhere. I’ll update if there are changes or more clarifications.

Rayza is the female lead. I’ve never watched her before so I’ll hold comments, except for the fact that she looks quite cool as an archer.

What amused me was seeing Yuen Wah. Not quite sure what role he would be portraying in here but the last few years or so, he has been portraying comedic roles mostly.

*All images were collected around the net hence belonging to their rightful owners.