Year 2015 in Recap


Oh joy, I’m bringing this back since it’s another year of madness. How did it go? Let’s check the number first, lol. Yes, before I start bragging and realized it wasn’t worth bragging over, lol. But before I actually go into the stats, I would like to thank The New World and iHero for making some of the impossibles happen. Because if it wasn’t for the dramas, I wouldn’t have updated so much or kept it so consistent for the better half of the year. Also, anyone wanting to check out the stat report from WordPress, click here.

Total Posts in 2015:

365 (35% of all time). Yes, I took the challenge of trying to keep up posts for 365 days SO had to brag here. It wasn’t easy and some posts were less impressive than others. However, I think it was already tough that I managed it all year long. For this year, will I be continuing on this pattern? I want to but I would say no. Since quality trumps quantity so I’ll still be updating, still be my random self at times, but I won’t force it as an everyday thing. If it happens, it happens. Now, moving on to the breakdown of different categories.


Times Updated on People on the Poll:

284 (78% of overall). I took out Ady and Hu Ge early on so I didn’t feel like I needed to include them in this section. Anyway, because I did the 365-day challenge, everyone benefited–one way or another. However, Achel had a surge, leaving Jun Ya behind with only 22 posts, because Wallace, Joanne, Bianca, and Jacky ended up having more posts than him for the year. That knocked him off top 5 for the year yet didn’t damage his overall record too much. Talking about that, he was the reason why I held off so long of not publishing this post since I needed to calculate some of the posts again. Yet I decided to gamble and take out some and possibly double back next year to correct it all. Oh yeah, I didn’t count general updates for some people, especially those with higher numbers already.
Wallace Huo: 26 (9% of the year)
Janine Chang: 16 (6%)
Vic Chou: 12 (4%)
Joanne Tseng: 25 (9%)
Nicholas Teo: 18 (6%)
Xiu Jie Kai: 12 (4%)
Angela Chang: 12 (4%)
Zhao Jun Ya: 22 (8%)
Yvonne Yao: 7 (2%)
Penny Lin: 16 (6%)
Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu: 34 (12%)
Sophia Chou: 6 (2%)
Ruby Lin: 16 (6%)
Van Fan: 9 (3%)
Eric Suen: 5 (2%)
Bianca Bai: 25 (9%)
Jacky Chu: 23 (8%)

Books Reviews:

Music Reviews:

Movies + TV Series Reviews/Episode Summaries:

I will say that I was both proud and also a bit ashamed because I was cheating for several dramas by inserting placeholders. I was trying to motivate myself to watch faster and/or fill the spaces yet things got in the way and I fell behind once again.

Fan Fiction:

Songs Translations:

I think that it was too obvious that it was a Phil Chang year for me. Yes, I love that guy. Okay, mostly his songs, lol. But he is funny. Getting back to this, totally outdone myself on some levels. Overall, I translated 51 songs. OMG, that’s like a major achievement for me in this area. The previous year, I only did 12, but that was because I didn’t really take it as a challenge. I think this number will drop the upcoming year since I won’t be forcing myself to update every day.

Chinese: 46

Vietnamese: 5

Side Updates:

130 posts – My randomness seriously has gone way past normal. I didn’t count some of the side stuff. But The New World and iHero obviously dominated the scene for the beginning of the year.

For this year, I hope to bring out more quality posts, like I said earlier. I also hope to finish up the placeholder posts that I haven’t previously. Wish me luck and see you all next year!


Can’t Cry by Yao Ting

(Uploaded by: YL 奇奇)

Song Title: Can’t Cry (哭不出来)

Music & Lyrics by: Tang Jian (唐健)

Bold = Chinese
Dark Green = Pin Yin
Burnt Orange = English
Green = Vietnamese

na ji nian xing fu shi
Those few years of happiness were
Những năm hạnh phúc đó là
ni di zai wo wan li de gan lan cai
The cabbage that you placed in my bowl
Bắp cải mà anh đã đặt vào tô em
hai you ai
And love
Còn tình yêu
shi ban ye li wei nu er tian de yi chuang bei gai
Was being a girl with only a bedspread in the middle of the night
Là thân gái một mình nửa đêm với một chiếc khăn trải giường
yi xin zhi wei ni an pai
Planned everything with all my heart just because of you
Một lòng an bài tất cả chỉ vì anh
bu ke neng you shen me hui che kai
Cannot just let it all break apart
Không thể nào để cho bất cứ cái gì phá hoại được
tang zai ni de huai zhong xiang zhe ni zai gu wo zai
Lying in your arms, thinking that you wanted me present
Nằm trong lòng anh, tưởng rằng anh muốn có em bên cạnh

wo bu ming bai
I don’t understand
Em không hiểu được
wo jing hui bei ni hong xia le wo men de wu tai
How I unexpectedly got strike down by you off of our stage
Sao em có thể bất ngờ bị anh đánh rơi xuống vũ đài của chúng ta
kan ni jin xian ni de ke ai he bie ren qi qi guai guai
Watching you showing off your cuteness with others, it seemed so strange
Nhìn thấy anh đang biểu lộ sự dễ thương đối với người khác, thiệt kỳ lạ quá
wo zen me neng gou ming bai
How could I possibly understand that
Em làm sao có thể hiểu được rằng
tian ke yi yi ye zhi jian ta xia lai
The sky could fall overnight?
Trời có thể sụp đổ chỉ trong một đêm thôi?
ni zhong yu zhan zai wo mian qian
You’re finally standing in front of me
Anh rốt cuộc cũng đứng trước mặt em
shuo xiang yao zan shi fen kai
Saying that you want to temporarily separate
Nói rằng muốn tạm thời chia tay

ku bu chu lai
Unable to cry
Khóc không ra được
ni zen me ke yi qin shou jiang wo yan mai
How could you bury me with your own hands like that?
Sao anh có thể tự tay chôn em như vậy được?
ku bu chu lai
Unable to cry
Khóc không ra được
yi sheng de zui ai bian cheng ge ye de cai
The most beloved in a lifetime had turned into an overnight course
Cuộc tình của cả một đời đã biến thành món ăn cách đêm
ku bu chu lai
Unable to cry
Khóc không ra được
ni zen me ke neng ye bei shi jie cuan gai
How could you also be tampered with by the world like that?
Sao anh có thể cũng bị thế giới ảnh hưởng như vậy được?
ku bu chu lai
Unable to cry
Khóc không ra được
wo zhi neng yi dian e yi dian
I could only chant a little
Em chỉ có thể hát hò chút đỉnh thôi
chen ru shen hou de ku hai
Submerging into a sea of suffering
Tự mình thâm nhập vào biển khổ thôi

*All translations were done by DTLCT.