The Soul of Porcelain: Jacky’s Cuts

  (Credit as marked) Okay, so after much searching and how I totally forgot about it, lol, I finally found some traces of it. Found Jacky's cuts only though. Still, pretty cool to see some scenes of it. The Bai siblings are at it with the revenge plots and all. I like their filming technique … Continue reading The Soul of Porcelain: Jacky’s Cuts

Ci Hun: The Crossover

Just when I was about to think that this project was like in the 'non-existence' realm just based on news coverage and whatnot, I found a video clip someone shared that had to do with the drama. So when the news talked about it briefly, it didn't seem to be so non-existence anymore. (Click here … Continue reading Ci Hun: The Crossover

Ci Hun: Revenge Plot?

Just call me a hypocrite because I just declared someone into 'exile' and then got pulled in by his new project again.  Is this a temporary title? I can't be sure of anything on this update but was just anxious to post about something. Considering how the production team didn't even create an official Weibo … Continue reading Ci Hun: Revenge Plot?