Jia You Ba! Xiao Xiao Yu

Before she was an adorable young artist, she was a star swimmer. That was the main reason how she got the role of the cute Rui Rui in Legend of Star Apple. Before she was cast as  Cao Ke Rui, she took a small part in Chinese Paladin I as one of Li Xiao Yao’s girlfriends at his home town, the silly Ai Qie. Fellow Tangerine colleague Joanne Tseng was also seen by her side as the other girlfriend, Xiu Lan. Those who have watched Chinese Paladin might not even remember her. So Legend of Star Apple was actually her break and also her first starring role. She proved to have a lot of potentials although some anti-fans who preferred a certain pairing might disagree. She brought out the many sides of Rui Rui very well–from the simple-minded, uncouth yet cute girl at the beginning to the more matured young woman toward the end of the drama.

Around that same time, she also managed to bring out her debut album, titled A Little Fuss (鬧鬧), and coincidentally, it was also the opening theme song for Legend of  Star Apple to which she sang with fellow Tangerine colleagues Esther Liu and Joanne Tseng of the band Sweety. The album also included the ending song of Legend of Star Apple called “The Rainy Season Has Started (雨季開始了).” Other tracks in the album showed different ranges and variety that young fans might enjoy.

As fate has it, her next drama was another collaboration with Ming Dao. However, as fate likes to play with people, she was not paired up Ming Dao, but with 5566 member Jason Hsu in Ying Ye 3 + 1. On a more positive note, it seemed that she and Ming Dao still maintained a good friendship within the set. Luck was more on her side when she brought out another album, Jia You Ba! Xiao Xiao Yu, with four tracks and a special DVD with MVs as well as clips of her working behind the scenes with the crew to make it happen. Her image for this album had transformed from the typical cute girl to the more mature girl. However, there were still traces of cuteness within her that was hard to hide.

While fans are wondering if she will bring out another album, fans could wait to catch her latest drama, Always Smile!, very soon. This is–coincidentally–another collaboration with Ming Dao. And as funny as it gets, she will not pair up with him either. Anyway, she’ll be busy–like the rest of the cast–in promoting the drama and participating in other events. I guess we can wait for the upcoming album since she’s already so busy, right?

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From Jia Hao (家豪) to Feng (豐)

You cannot be a fan of this guy without knowing that he had changed his name. Yes, that’s right. He changed his name since last year from Jia Hao (家豪) to Feng (豐).

If you still have no idea who he is, he was the guy who portrayed Cyndi Wang (Ai Qing)’s brother in Heaven’s Wedding Gown, Tao Ya Qun. Yes, he was the cruel, despicable yet cowardly guy who sold the Tao Mansion to Leon Jay Williams (Lu Zi Hao) in order to get some money so he could pay off his debts. He was also the guy who crawled back later to cry for help when the debt collector, Ying (Jacky Chu), went after him since he managed to get himself into another huge debt again.

He was also the cunning Duan Yan Hao in Mr. Fighting. Yes, he was Lai Wei Ru (Duo Er)’s brother and Tony Sun (Duan Yu Qiao)’s step-brother. He was the one responsible for Tony’s downfall at the beginning of the drama because of jealousy and greed. And who could forget that he fell in love with Qiao Qiao (Tian Xiao Kui) and found a reason to be happy but turned violent again upon many frustrations and unsuccessful courtships?

Call it his lack of luck or the possibility that SETTV favors J-Star guys more than Tangerine guys, but after three back-to-back not so desirable roles–from Snow Angel to Heaven’s Wedding Gown to Mr. Fighting, his fate crossed path more with the villainous roles than the favorable ones. Luckily, his fate changed slightly–just slightly–the following drama when he was cast alongside fellow Tangerine colleague Andy Chen Yi in a hilarious yet witty drama called My Son Is A Mob Boss with the role of Ah Hui, to which although he portrayed someone from a dark side of society yet managed to make people laugh more than hate him.

Despite all the undesirable roles he was given, he managed to deliver each and every time with a great performance, convincing the audience that he was the character–whether it was Ji Jie (from Snow Angel), Tao Ya Qun (from Heaven’s Wedding Gown), Duan Yan Hao (from Mr. Fighting), Ah Hui (from My Son Is A Mob Boss), Lawrence (from Engagement for Love), Xiao Gu (from Yang Ye 3 + 1), Ah Tuo (from Full Count), or Qiu Yi Bai (from Bull Fighting).

His recent project was not another idol drama, but a movie called Our Island, Our Dreams. In it, he worked alongside another fellow Tangerine colleague, Ya Li, as well as many other notable artists and production team.

Perhaps, this will be a good new start for him–with a new name and new projects to look forward to. So what is Mr. Tang Feng’s grand plan for the upcoming project? Accepting another drama or diving into movies wholeheartedly? Whatever it is, hopefully, there will be more good projects to come in the near future.

Anyone want to stalk his blog? (Okay, maybe leave him messages of encouragement.) Here’s the link: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/ppoopp0819

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