My DNA Says I Love You

Not too bad actually though I was sort of grossed out by the slime moles near the end. For once, I was impressed with Terri Kwan since I didn’t really see anything in her after some repetitive characters or possibly too passive of a character that I sort of gave up. But this one, she was capable of portraying the witty type and somewhat on the border of craziness (aka the whole clean freak thing). Her chemistry with Peter wasn’t bad either. It was somewhat funny in a sense.

Eddie and Yu Nan’s story was actually the reason I hung on for this one. Blame it on Eddie for looking so boyish. But I guess that was the whole idea with them, she being the more serious one out of the two. It was really nice seeing their relationship developing throughout.

I thought the whole idea with the pills thing was exaggerated at first but I guess it addressed different insecurities with the characters in here and how resolving it at the end made sense. It was a light romantic comedy and I didn’t expect much but I was entertained. That was it.