Autumn’s Concerto: Episode 2

WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

Episode 2 was getting intense and moving the plot along with more dramas–as expected.

It was only the second episode but I already feel like I will like the character Hua Tuo Ye very much for the upcoming episodes. He sounded so sincere that I could almost disregard his silly rants with his friends from the previous episode. I think it had to do with Chris’ pitiful look but also how brave Tuo Ye was yet he was not arrogant at all. He was just sincere and willing to stand behind Mu Cheng and protect her from harm. Yet…he was just a simple guy–NOT some cool dude like in some other dramas. His character was more real in that sense. He was not trying to be a showoff or to be cool in front of Mu Cheng. He actually focused on what she liked and how to make her happy.

I also like how they did not make Mu Cheng a weakling like often portrayed in other dramas. Yes, she looked petite but she was stronger both internally and externally. She was able to protect herself. She was able to make her own decisions. Though her financial crisis was what tied her down. She was also able to protect those around her, such that of how she used herself as a shield to protect Tuo Ye.

She was also not a doormat that was easily stepped on. She would get mad like anyone and argued with her stepmother like any normal family that had problems. She was not overly optimistic with sunshine attitudes, considering what she’d gone through. In short, she was very down to earth and real, not possessing distant personalities that we ourselves could not relate to.

Guang Xi was equally intelligent, catching on to what was going on in Mu Cheng’s household within several seconds. The fact that he was sensitive in diverting the conversation was quite witty too. Making random jokes to help ease the awkward moment they were in.

That was really fast of Mu Cheng to put two and two together with Guang Xi’s little ghost story. Nice conversation right there. A lot of depth in it. And more development of the two’s relationship as well. (And I must say that Van Ness has a very nice smile. Aww…so cute…)

And he was seriously a sly dude. He had the key the whole night yet did not care to tell her? (You did not ask? Nice.)

For the first time, Guang Xi admitted defeat with the bets and carried out his punishment as was agreed upon. Mu Cheng was watching nearby and was very touched since he had the ability to whip out those photos but did not.

The thing that I hate the most about dramas is the element of third wheel. Why must it be that again? I know it will happen from reading some news, but honestly, why this again? Somehow, He Yi Qian was as equally sincere as Hua Tuo Ye but I have a better feeling toward Tuo Ye than Yi Qian for some reason. Maybe because Tuo Ye was there but did not wish to shine or make an impression, but Yi Qian was? No idea. Have to watch more to know. (Thank you, Guang Xi for asking the most obvious question! Honestly! Someone is seeking for attention major time! Not to mention having such a thick skin too. I was wondering who was the worst of it? He Yi Qian or Zhang Ai Li? At least Ai Li was forward about her witchy nature–even if she was desperate. Yea, yea….so they decided to make Yi Qian’s character as clever and witty but so what? So forced and unconvincing.)

And I was getting ready to pity the mother for having her son misunderstood her. But apparently Guang Xi was right after all. To think that someone was in such a high position within the educational system and used such methods to get out of financial crisis? She actually deserved all the harsh treatments from Guang Xi.
Van Ness got to show off his abilities by running up the flight of stairs in lightning speed. Wow! Must be hard work! (Or did someone run for him?) Crazy stuffs but had to be fast because of the circumstances.

Another touching scene between Guang Xi and Mu Cheng when Guang Xi was trying to shield Mu Cheng from harm with the gang from G Da University stirring up trouble for them once again.

Guang Xi may have stole Mu Cheng’s heart with his bravery but Tuo Ye stole the show with his deceptive tactics on the G Da University’s students. Nice move! They did not even see it coming their way.

Having received its recognition, the rating finally rise a little more for this episode from 2.89 to 3.25. Another good episode.

*All images were captured by DTLCT