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Okay, remember how the last time I did that one post about tags? (Go here if you don’t remember.) Yeah, this time, it’s about the tags that are showing up on the stats page because people have been searching for it. Nice?

Taiwanese Entertainment – No surprise. The majority of my blog is about it. BUT it doesn’t mean that’s it. There are other things too.

Tutorials/Weibo  – Honestly, I wish it would go away but I guess it’s impossible. I wish to see other tags/categories dominate the hit counts, etc.

Mainland China Entertainment – Um, yeah, aside from TW stuff, I get carried away in those productions of recent years. But I usually shuffle anyway. Last year, I blogged a lot more regarding those so it’s not surprising about the hits.

Hong Kong Entertainment – I slowed down already. I did. Considering how it’s getting lamer and lamer lately. It’s not even funny but I’ll check out some stuff in the future if I somehow find the time.

Fahrenheit – Blame it on my Momo Love posts, and somewhat of the pairing up with some of my favorites regarding fanfics.

Jia Qing – Not surprising, considering how I covered a bunch of dramas that she filmed last year. And interestingly enough, I click on it just to check how many posts she has, I realized I had watched her in the past already, way before The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2013. It was just that I didn’t remember. She was in Liao Zhai 2, the Lian Xiang story. Nice? I guess there are always surprises. LOL!

Tang Jia Hao/Tang Feng/Denny Tang Feng – The one and the same. I didn’t change his English name yet for the category. But oh well. I lagged behind on some of his stuff because I got bored, lol. But glad he’s still popular with online presence and all.

Ye Jia Yu – Yeah, my other favorite ‘Xiao Yu’. If you noticed, I’m using her picture as my avatar right now. Nice? I hope to update even more stuff in the future. Especially how I have to finish the Love Together episode summaries.

FTV – No surprise it has a lot of hits since I did blog about the station for a while.

This reflects the popularity around Feb 28. It will probably change from time to time, depending on what people are searching for. But if something totally random pops up or worth an update, I’ll hop back to talk about it more. Anyway, this is just a little snippet and not really specific search terms or anything. But still fun to see which of my tags/categories are more popular.

Sharing is caring!

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