Tagged, You’re It! – Part II

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So here we all are again, visiting tags and its stats of recent. This time though, I’ll list the winner first so less scrolling.

Jun Ya still triumphs with his increase of 18 posts, bringing his total to 146.

The others?

Achel Chang/ Zhang Xin Yu aka Xiao Xiao Yu – 136 posts (+11)

Joanne Tseng aka Qiao Qiao – 117 posts (+7)

Jacky Chu – 114 posts (+17)

Denny Tang Feng (Tang Jia Hao) – 113 posts (+1)

Wallace Huo – 87 posts (+14)

Cyndi Wang – 75 posts (+3)

Nicholas Teo – 54 posts (+6)

Pang Yong Zhi aka Ah Pang – 53 posts – (ADJUSTMENT)

 Angela Chang – 52 posts (+7)

Fahrenheit – 52 posts – NO CHANGE

Fu Zi Chun – 52 posts (ADJUSTMENT)

Ah Gan, Liu Xiang Ci, Qian Jun Zhong – 50 posts (ADJUSTMENT)

Like I said last time, I’m only listing top 10. I must say if I wasn’t so lagging on some updates, some people would already be knocked off the chart. Aside from Jun Ya benefiting with my ongoing dedication to him, Jacky and Wallace had gone up quite insanely, lol. Well, it was more like I had paid more attention after joining a friendly fan forum. For Jacky, it was because of Dong Jiang Heroes. And I guess I’m not feeling so bad regarding Nic since he managed to knock some people out and made the top 10. Probably because of some joint review I managed to get out and the fanfic + poll updates. And thanks to Borrow Your Love, Dylan had gone up in my overall count. Maybe he’ll gain more by next year? Yes, I’m doing this as a yearly thing. It seems better that way. Like something to look forward to each year. So yes, onward!

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