The Dangerous City (城市·獵人)

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Another one of those closer to real-life dramas. The plot indeed lived up to its title.

Main Cast:

  • Lin Qing Tai (林慶台) as Wa Dan (瓦旦). A security guard. A somewhat rouge character. That would mean that he was not the typical hero that would do just the right thing regardless of the situation. It was more about what life offered him and how he should proceed. It was more realistic that way. Since his son needed the money for the educational fees and there was money offered to cover things up, so he took it. He would also use ‘shady’ connections to try and recover his lost money. Though he soon learned a hard lesson that those ‘shady’ characters couldn’t be trusted with handling his problems hence having to rely on himself (with only some help from Hei Song’s son regarding information). He later discovered that the phone he retrieved that one time from Hong Long wasn’t the piece that held important information that could threaten everyone’s lives, but the actual memory card inside. Somehow, he ended up running and everyone wanted to capture someone around him to gain the upper hand, but it worked out fine in the end for him actually. I thought he would end up dying in some dramatic battle so his son would learn, etc. But it wasn’t so.
  • Yin Xin (尹馨) as Amber. An actress who wanted to commit suicide at the beginning. Supposedly, it was just an act yet still nerve-racking because of the person saving her. I was actually quite intrigued with her story at first and how she got conned, etc. Yet, later on, I got really bored and only stuck around to see what other things were going on with several parties plotting against one another. At first, I seriously didn’t feel sorry for her, just like some of the other parties in here. She and the others knew what they were getting into with so many sticky situations involved. Still, have to compliment the actress at some scenes for showing some emotional breakdown or fear, etc. Her second suicide attempt got really repetitive since Wa Dan’s son saw her and saved her. Yet it showed some character for Wa Dan’s son, because he wasn’t a bad kid, just frustrated that his life changed 180 degrees hence taking it out on his father at times. Then as the story progressed along, even more, I was having mixed feelings because most of the characters in here were bordering on gray areas. It was like showing different circumstances in life and how sometimes it wasn’t just so easy with separating the lines between black and white/right and wrong anymore. What won me over with her character was how she slapped Chen Zai and rescued Xia Qing from further abuse. Then her story finally unfolded after she confided in Xia Qing. She managed to start over, later on, depending on herself and working harder to support her parents versus depending on others. After so much had happened, of course, it got her thinking.
  • Xia Hui (夏禕) as Xia Qing (夏青). Wa Dan’s landlady. Kind of sharp with her words at times but really cared for others. I found her witty at times and funny at others, especially the scene where she drove Hei Song insane with her constant chatter. He couldn’t get in a word or two to Wa Dan about his terms–until he finally snatched the phone back from her.
  • Xu Gui Ying (徐貴櫻) as Xu Li Li (徐莉莉). Guo Dong Lin’s wife. I thought she was so crafty and classy until he got the upper hand with the paperwork situation. That sure threw her plans off. Then she totally lost major points from me when she sought out the fortune-teller to ask of her current situations and why her plans were backfiring, etc. Well, I got it that people believe in those stuff in real life, but I didn’t think she would fall for it. Or would seek out such alternatives to change her life. (And probably there are real fortune-tellers out there who know what they’re doing AND NOT just conning others for money but for now, still keeping my doubts about all those.) It was revealed that she was actually pinned onto Guo Dong Lin as a spy yet she ended up siding with him as well. What made it even more interesting in the end was how she confessed at his memorial spot of how she had changed since knowing him, etc. Like a little truth moment from her (if it wasn’t obvious already) and a last piece of the overall puzzle as far as her relation to the Zhang dude in the past, etc.


  • Qu Zhong Heng (屈中恆) as Special Assistant Zhang (張特助). A very cunning and careful person. He worked for the chairman so, of course, he had to be careful. What made him even scarier was how ruthless he was, sacrificing everyone around him. It wasn’t until the end that he dared to cry out because his ‘beloved’ was leaving.
  • Xi Xiang (喜翔) as La Lai Ba (羅賴把). Wa Dan’s co-worker. I first thought he wanted some of the money, etc hence keep urging Wa Dan to hand over the memory card. Yet it wasn’t so. He was actually undercover at the company to unravel all the corruption and conspiracies between Guo Dong Lin and several parties in here. Quite a surprise ending.
  • Tao Chuan Zheng (陶傳正) as Guo Dong Lin (郭東林). A businessman but had ‘shady/complicated’ connections with various parties to advance his cause. He would do anything or use any means for success. Yet he couldn’t win over Zhang because he wasn’t cunning enough. Zhang sure got the upper-hand in the end.
  • Chen Yu Ming (陳煜明) as Hong Long (紅龍). A thief/pocket-picking person. He was a guy but dressed as a girl to con others or get close to them so he could take their money. He got involved in the whole messy main story by pickpocketing Xu Li Li and later on was sought out because the other party wanted the cell phone back. (The cell phone had some important information in it hence ending up becoming a major turn of the story for whoever acquired the phone.)
  • Cai Ba (蔡爸) as Chen Zai (陳仔). Xia Qing’s ex-husband. Annoying at first but turned a new leaf later on. I was really rolling my eyes when he said he was just doing what he could for the people when the reporters asked. Yet he really changed his ways and even helped Xia Qing ran the little shop in the end.
  • Wu Min Fan (吳民凡) as Lao Yang (老楊). I totally forgot who he was and too lazy to go back and check.
  • Lin Yu Shun (林郁順) as Hei Song (黑松). Gangster boss. He was scary in his way, considering who he was, after all. However, the saddest scene and probably bordering on touching was how he discovered his son’s body. Then the flashbacks just did all the talking for us, and the look on his face. A moment to think about. Like money wouldn’t bring his son back. He took the money Zhang offered at last but wanted to add in a little term of his own (aka wanting Zhang to hand Hu Shen over so he could avenge his son’s death).
  • Leo Ding (丁力祺) as Xiao Yao (小姚). Guo Dong Lin’s driver, BUT actually worked for Special Assistant Zhang. I swore I thought he was just taking on a side role since this was a short drama after all. Yet he surprised me when he reached for his cell phone to call Zhang. The scene where he showed Guo the message from Zhang in the end and carried out the command was quite chilling actually. I think it was one of those, “Don’t estimate those people” in a way. Because he was considered just a driver yet he had a major impact on the story throughout, considering how he was spying on Guo and reporting to Zhang from time to time.
  • Ding Fu You (丁富佑) as Hu Shen (虎神). Zhang’s hired gun. Ruthless and fierce. Yet he actually said ‘thank you’ to Xiao Juan after she helped him wrap his wound, strange? Still a very dangerous character though. He was also responsible for killing Xiao Pang later on.
  • Huang Lue Geng (黃略耕) as Xiao Pang (小胖). Hei Song’s son. He was the most innocent among all of the turmoil around them. Stuck in a gang yet couldn’t do anything. His father was fierce toward him at various points, but upon discovering his body, the man completely broke down and later vouched for revenge. He was too nice to his prisoners and at times got conned yet didn’t hold it against them.
  • Gao Jing Yi (高靖榕) as Xiao Juan (小娟). Ya Bu’s girlfriend. Fierce and chatty at times.
  • Ye Yu Jun (葉玉傑) as Ya Bu (雅布). Wa Dan’s son. Supposedly trying to get into college and Wa Dan was trying to make ends meet with supplying the money, etc. Yet he got his girlfriend pregnant and was forced to quit school and seek for a job, trying to take responsibility for what he’d done. In the end, he actually wanted to become a cop like his father, which surprised the old man. But after seeing so much and was influenced by his father’s bravery, he probably had second thoughts.
  • Wang Dao Nan (王道南) as Chairman (主委). Another despicable role for him and he’s done. YES, I guess he could be considered brave to continuously take on not so favorable roles. Yet someone has to do it. The saving point for him was that he only appeared a little throughout so that minimized the hatred for him versus others, I guess, lol.

Overall thoughts? I think I changed my mind about a lot of things throughout. Like several things to ponder about. An interesting take on different parties and how the corruption was spreading but was eventually found out through investigations. (If not, there wouldn’t be a point to the story, of course.) An intriguing drama throughout, trying to keep it real yet didn’t lack in the entertainment department.

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