The Deer and the Cauldron: Fei Chang Jing Ju Li

(*NOTE*: Clip got deleted already so I had to take the broken link out)

I’ve been watching this slowly so didn’t want to blog about it until I was done. But I couldn’t help posting this segment. It let on a lot of stuff about the cast–if you hadn’t really known about them already. But it was a nice coverage of them. A mixture of fun and entertaining performances, plus some very touching stories as well. The guys made their entrance first, but what was hilarious was seeing them holding hands while walking out to greet the others, lol.

What I found cute was how Han Dong was calling Zhang Meng “Meng Meng” while she nicknamed him Shu Shu (叔叔), lol. Han Dong loves to drink tea and do other stuff that is sort of ‘old’ according to them so he was nicknamed “Shu Shu.” Another hilarious part was how Zhang Meng was playing with her phone and the others kept telling her that they were getting ready to shoot. She continued to play with her phone until the countdown and then she just plain hid her phone and jumped right into character. LOL! That was a riot! (Yes, they were reenacting a typical day at work.) Han Dong’s background was seriously worth a few tears and even the background music changed to suit the story yet it had made them laugh more. Don’t want to spoil too much, but the others got to recount of past experiences and some rough starts, etc as well.