The Four Brothers of Peking (京城四少) 1991: Heartache

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One of Zhang Chen Guang’s award-winning moment was probably during this scene when he continuously banged on the door of the De (德) resident, trying to get them to open the door. Yet no matter how hard he pounded on the door and how many times he called out, no one answered. (Though it was somewhat unrealistic that none of the servants from the resident came out with the usual long sticks to beat the world out of him for disturbing their house.)

The reason for the whole rupture started several minutes back at home. Tie Dan (铁蛋 – Zhang’s character in the series) woke up after a drunken night and bumped into his mother when still trying to piece together what really happened the previous night. As he attempted to explain himself to her, he was told Xiao Chai (小钗) was gone. Just by those few words and he thought he’d done something irreversible hence wanting to go search for Xiao Chai and explain. He had misunderstood his mother’s words and she soon clarified herself.

When the truth version came out that Xiao Chai was actually getting married to the old man from the De resident and that the previous night’s meeting was just a little scheme to get him drunk and unconscious long enough so he wouldn’t wake up in time to cause trouble (but it was mostly done out of concern, not some major evil, deceptive plot), the whole world seemed to be crashing down on him and whatever was left of his reasonable side had abandoned him. The only thing he wanted to do at that point was stopping the whole incident from occurring, not knowing it was too late.

After pushing his mother (supposedly his adopted mother but that was another story) and one of the servants out of the way, he fled out the door and ran like the wind.

He was too late. The wedding carriage was very well on its way to the De’s resident. Just a few more steps. But he didn’t give up, running with all his might until he reached the place. (The reason why he even arrived with barely some time to watch her enter the resident though she had supposedly left a long time ago was because of the time needed for preparations on her part and because the resident was just across town.) He was in time to see her getting out of the wedding carriage and stepping into the De resident.

Just as he stopped at the edge of the resident, she turned around and took one last look at the world outside before losing her freedom completely after entering that resident. It was hard to tell if she’d spotted him because of the angle, but it seemed like their official goodbye before the door swung shut with a dramatic bang. That was when Tie Dan raced forward and pounded on the door, demanding that they open the door and return his beloved Xiao Chai to him.

All the while the emotional sequences were taking place, the song “Heartache” (心痛) by Dave Wang played in the background, completing the unsaid words of their story.

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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