The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016: Other Characters

The drama actually wrapped up already but I got lazy with updating. So back to share the rest of the characters that were revealed.

Ying Gu (瑛姑) is portrayed by Zhang Kai Yi (张楷依).

Xia Zi Tong (夏梓桐) is Sha Gu (傻姑).

Zong Feng Yan (宗峰岩) is Wanyan Honglie (完颜洪烈).

Next, major characters within the Mongolian empire. Tay Ping Hui is Temujin (鐵木真) aka Genghis Khan (成吉思汗). His daughter, Hua Zheng (華箏), is portrayed by Dai Wen Wen (代文雯). Fu Tian Jiao (傅天骄) will be Jebe (哲別), Guo Jing’s master–the one who taught him archery. (I’ll circle back later since the fancy writing is killing my eyes, lol.)

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