The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2016: The Seven Freaks of Jiangnan

Okay, more updates.

Wang Kui Rong (王奎荣) as Ke Zhen E (柯鎮惡), the leader of the group.

Ji Chen Mu (姬晨牧) as Zhu Cong (朱聰), the brain of the group.

Wang Chun Yuan (王春元) as Han Bao Ju (韓寶駒).

Ma Jing Jing (马京京) as Nan Xi Ren (南希仁).

Xin Peng (信鹏) as Zhang A Sheng (張阿生).

Long De (龙德) as Quan Jin Fa (全金發).

Xiao Yin (肖茵) as Han Xiao Ying (韓小瑩), the only female member of the group.

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