The New World: A Serious Production

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I was following this last year when Dou Hua Mei and Pan Bo Xi were posting images on their Facebook accounts. It was just that I didn’t get around to blog about it until now. Well, considering how it’s airing soon, it would be better I guess to talk about it. Anyway, anyone who wants to stalk their Facebook page for more active updates, go here or check their official website here.

At first, I just wanted to watch for these two. But then it caught on with me that it was actually focusing on action, among other serious themes. And it seemed serious enough, not just tossing stuff around randomly. Not to mention that it is from Director Huang Zhi Xiang. (If you don’t remember, he also directed Xiao Hai Da Ren, which was an epic drama.) Watching trailers also cranked up the excitement even more. So yes, I’m looking forward to it for the rest of the cast, plus the story to come.

For trailers, go here, here, and here.

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