The New World: Dong Han and Zi Yan – Part II

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Back for more cuteness from them. Even if the previous episodes were nothing but tragic and/or hectic scenes. I just need more focus on them so I could hang on and wait for the last episode. (And yes, I realize it seems like a joke now after what happened with Dong Han’s betrayal or so we learned in the latest episode, but I’m going to ignore that for now.)


Got together.

More off-screen moments:

*All images were from The New World’s Official Facebook Page.

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6 thoughts on “The New World: Dong Han and Zi Yan – Part II

  1. Let’s pretend Yong Mei did not happen XD Zi Yan is so cute when she’s only with Dong Han. Still looking forward to the big finale for them 🙂

      1. I know it’s horrible thinking like this, but I’d rather they die together than be alive but need to cope with “the issue”.

        1. True that! And I wonder if them meeting up later by the bridge (or what it seemed) was an attempt to “complete the plan” OR something else.

          1. Argh my mind can’t link it to the scene where everyone chases Dong Han. Maybe Dong Han and Zi Yan were gonna blow up the reservoir? But then change of plans when the other 2 arrives?

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