The New World: Episode 13

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*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

As it were, the chase began after Xiao He informed Chen Jie and Ah Gang of Zi Hong’s whereabouts. The strangest thing was they soon lost track of Zi Hong. It was because Zi Hong had dodged into a parking lot complex to avoid them. So he didn’t get caught after all. Unlike what it seemed to imply with the intensity of the previous episode’s exit point.

Zi Hong finally met up with Miao Miao and his father. When Miao Miao asked about Zhang Guo Tang, Zi Hong told her that he’d sent Zhang Guo Tang off to the police already. After the initial question though, he didn’t seem to be so chatty or would ask of his father’s well-being like he would usually focus on like in the past. Instead of delaying the matter any longer, Zi Hong went straight to the point, stating what Zhang Guo Tang had said previously to him (aka Shen You Fu’s involvement with the accident 20 years ago). He begged the man to speak up, to just give him one response. Mr. Shen admitted his part in the tragic incident. (So it made sense he seemed more than riled up when Zi Hong said he wanted to seek out Zhang Guo Tang and find an answer. Well, it made a lot of sense that he was worried for Zi Hong’s safety, but it also explained why the old man seemed so panicky.) It was like how Zhang Guo Tang had said, it was just a warning to them so they would move yet a little threat had turned into the worst. (Jeez, dressing up creepy and standing in the middle of the street on a rainy day, and at such a tricky area too, what do they expect? So they did try to undo the damage and save the others but what did they expect to happen? The obvious rainy day, the slippery roads, would the vehicles stop safely in that condition?) Anyway, after the accident, they lied to the police, saying that they heard the news of the accident hence rushing over to help. They were indeed scared and didn’t know it would turn out that way yet the truth was they were all involved right from the beginning. They ended up being written as heroes, trying to save the families instead of murderers. After he was done telling his tale, Mr. Shen said he didn’t deserve to be called “Dad” by Zi Hong, because he was a conspirator. That was the reason why he took Zi Hong in because he wanted to make up for his past wrongdoings. However, Zi Hong knew it wasn’t all fake with Mr. Shen and Mrs. Shen taking him in. He knew because they treated him so well. Then he asked if what Zhang Guo Tang said was true, regarding how they didn’t mean to kill anyone. Mr. Shen confirmed that it was indeed an accident. Even if that was true, Zi Hong still couldn’t believe that an accident had killed 5 people and disabled his mother like that. It indeed was hard to accept. It wasn’t until Miao Miao reached a hand over to comfort Zi Hong that he finally pulled himself together. He then asked if Jiang Jian Ming was the one who had issued the orders. Mr. Shen denied it. Zi Hong said that Zhang Guo Tang said they received a call from Mrs. Jiang. Mr. Shen said that was true, but Jiang Jian Ming didn’t know about the matter until afterward. He really wanted Zi Hong to believe him yet Zi Hong said he was still hiding some things. Zi Hong said that there was some other reason as to why Mr. Shen had adopted Zi Hong, and it wasn’t just to make up for his wrongdoings. Mr. Shen asked what Zi Hong had found out. Zi Hong got up before saying that Zhang Guo Tang couldn’t harm anyone anymore so Mr. Shen could go home by himself since he couldn’t send him off. Zi Hong also told Mr. Shen to send words along to Jiang Jian Ming that he will go see Jiang Jian Ming soon. Then he grabbed Miao Miao’s hand and pulled her along.

So they finally got a chance to interrogate Zhang Guo Tang. Zhang Guo Tang indeed was tough, not cracking at all and was still relaxed like he was on some vacation. He ignored Chief Zheng’s words and seemed not to care. After Chief Zheng was done, Zhang Guo Tang finally spoke up and said that he would be free soon, whether they believed him or not. He continued taunting them by saying that his friend wasn’t just one person like Liu Yue Ying. He then turned to Zi Yan and Dong Han, asking them to say a word or two so he could recognize them. He was definitely having fun with taunting them. What got even more amusing was how he said that the voice was very familiar, turning back to Chief Zheng. Chief Zheng said to keep his attitude up when he stand in front of the judge because he would definitely get the death sentence that he wanted. Zhang Guo Tang said he only wanted freedom.

Back outside, Dong Han said that they should transfer Zhang Guo Tang to the secret headquarter so it would be safer. Chief Zheng agreed and told Dong Han and Zi Yan to keep guard for the night. Chief Zheng said that he would be more at ease with the two being there. After Chief Zheng left, Zi Yan said she initially wanted to go buy the gift but can’t anymore. Dong Han asked her what she meant with the ‘gift’. She had to remind him about his birthday being the next day. He then realized it and said he had forgotten about it. She hit him before saying that he was such a workaholic that he had forgotten his own birthday. She scanned the surrounding area before lacing her hand with his, saying that they should go. Dong Han told her to go first since he wanted to call his mother first. She said she would wait for him yet he turned her down, saying that he would meet her there after the call. She agreed and headed off. And Dong Han indeed called his mother. Yet it wasn’t what Zi Yan would imagine about the conversation. Ms. Liu said that she heard the news regarding Zhang Guo Tang’s arrest and asked if he ratted out Dong Han already. Dong Han said no, but Zhang Guo Tang had implied that they would save him soon or he would rat them out thus sabotaging their plans. Ms. Liu asked about their next move. Dong Han said he would take care of it. Ms. Liu, worried, asked if Dong Han really wanted to risk his career and release Zhang Guo Tang. Dong Han reassured her that nothing would happen. She attempted to convince him otherwise yet he said he had to go. Not long after, he received some more text messages from Yong Mei. She mentioned about Zhang Guo Tang’s arrest but was also saddened that the mission would be over leading to his departure. She asked if they could meet one more time. Dong Han indeed took full advantage of the situation, finally responding back to her, saying that he would meet up with her tomorrow. Yong Mei, indeed, was very happy, not knowing what she was walking into.

Meanwhile elsewhere, Miao Miao was questioning Zi Hong about what happened earlier. When she asked him about the incident of 20 years ago really being an accident, he shook his head. She then asked him what he had found out. A brief silence between them before he spoke up. He said that since little, he had thought of Zhang Guo Tang and the other two as murderers because he had remembered clearly what had happened. When he’d grown up, he often thought back of what happened. The images of Zhang Guo Tang and the other two were blocking their path, Xiao Cao’s father was the one who swerved in fear that he would hit the three. Every time he thought of that part, he didn’t dare to think anymore. He couldn’t believe it was just an accident, just like how he’d said previously when they were still with Mr. Shen. If it was an accident, who would he seek justice with? He also pondered how Dong Han would react if he knew the truth. He said that during the accident, Dong Han was asleep so he only learned of the details from Zi Hong afterward. Zi Hong also said that if Dong Han knew it was just an accident, Dong Han would definitely go crazy. Then Ms. Liu called, asking to meet up the next day.

When Zi Hong and Miao Miao went to meet up with Ms. Liu the next morning, she asked them if they wanted to join their Project Returning Home. Then she told them that she wanted them to meet some old friends. They were all from their town ages back. Ms. Liu soon elaborated that they were all living evidence of Project Jing Hai. Zi Hong asked her what she meant. What shocked Zi Hong and Miao Miao the most was seeing Grandpa Yang showing up. Yes, a major surprise indeed. He explained how he found out about Project Jing Hai or more like the lack of knowledge and how he got conned–along with the others. Miao Miao’s father’s death wasn’t that simple, i.e. the man died because of poison. Grandpa Yang got forgiven by his son before the latter died. However, he told Grandpa Yang to gather the townspeople together and ask for forgiveness. Since then, he’d been trying to seek justice for them. Yes, the leader behind Project Returning Home was Grandpa Yang. So he was the person who sought out Zhang Guo Tang and got him to come back. (Getting confusing again but makes sense, lol.) When Zi Hong asked why, Grandpa Yang said it all started with the song “The New World.” He then reminisced about fifty years ago. It had to do with the young head of the town, who often brought along a gramophone and introduced the song “The New World” to them. Of course, the townspeople didn’t understand those types of music or heard of the musician Antonín Leopold Dvořák (the song is actually called “From the New World”). Anyway, that was also around the same time that the land redevelopment project came about, and that young man had tried to persuade them to cooperate with the project. At first, the townspeople were really against him yet he used the song “The New World” to get on their good side. That young man was Jiang Jian Ming. After many heartbreaking recounts, Grandpa Yang finally mentioned the details regarding the accident of twenty years ago. He said he returned on the second day of the accident, but it was still raining so most of the traces of the accidents had been washed away. Therefore, he wasn’t able to investigate anything. Ms. Liu interfered when Grandpa Yang blamed himself. She said he was able to investigate the whereabouts of the three kids, allowing the others to adopt them so he had done all he could. That was when Zi Hong and Miao Miao reacted. Grandpa Yang clarified how he and Ms. Liu had found Zi Hong’s mother and were heartbroken with how the lady had turned out. When he saw the music box on her lap, he remembered back to the song Jiang Jian Ming had given them, a big lie. He was unwilling to let the others off so easily after how people were hurt. He finally initiated the plan when the head councilman was about to accept his new rank. He also contacted Zhang Guo Tang. His initial plan was to let Zhang Guo Tang go after Jiang Jian Ming and exposed Jiang Jian Ming. Yet what was unexpected was how Zhang Guo Tang didn’t keep his words with how they didn’t plan to hurt anyone. That was when things went haywire. So Jiang Jian Ming’s assistant’s death was all Zhang Guo Tang’s doing and the beginning of the torn between the two sides, i.e. Grandpa Yang was upset over the move hence Zhang Guo Tang going after Miao Miao. Zi Hong finally reacted and said that they were acting like a bunch of terrorists and that they shouldn’t seek out Zhang Guo Tang, causing so many problems. Zi Hong pointed out that Zhang Guo Tang obviously understood that Grandpa Yang and the others were just using him to go against Jiang Jian Ming. Grandpa Yang didn’t care, he wanted to seek justice for all the others. Ms. Liu also jumped in to back Grandpa Yang up. Zi Hong once again repeated what he had said to Dong Han initially, about how innocent would be hurt, etc. Grandpa Yang reminded Zi Hong to think about his mother. Zi Hong didn’t care for Grandpa Yang’s justifications. Grandpa Yang then disclosed a secret that he accidentally found out and didn’t mean to keep it from Zi Hong. Yet now, he had to say it out, which had to do with the music box Zi Hong’s mother treasured so much since ages back. Grandpa Yang had seen it somewhere before and claimed it was identical. The person who had it made said that there were only two of those music boxes. Grandpa Yang wanted to pause for effect, asking Zi Hong if he could say it out. Grandpa Yang realized Zi Hong must have known so he asked about it. Zi Hong said he wasn’t sure, but he could only guess. Ms. Liu jumped in to ask how long had he known. It had been 10 years already. Grandpa Yang said if Zi Hong didn’t want him to say it out, he wouldn’t. Zi Hong blurted out, at last, not wanting to delay any longer. It was Jiang Jian Ming. (So if Jiang Jian Ming’s Zi Hong’s biological father, then Zi Hong’s Yong Mei’s uncle? Nice, lol. Or not.) So their last resort was having Zi Hong go and confront Jiang Jian Ming of the matter. (Wow, tragic.) Zi Hong, after much hesitation, finally accepted to join them. He was their last ‘peaceful’ plan with forcing Jiang Jian Ming to admit his part in all the tragedies since ages ago, not just what happened twenty years ago. Zi Hong wanted to use that chance to delay the madness and their other bizarre plans. Miao Miao, of course, was on the same side as Zi Hong, not wanting them to continue on like that. Grandpa Yang went ballistic saying that what he wanted to do, no one could stop, even if it was Miao Miao. Yet soon, the others departed, leaving Zi Hong and Miao Miao behind.

Mr. Shen finally got the chance to report to his boss about what happened. He said that Zi Hong knew already. Chairman Jiang asked Mr. Shen if Zi Hong hated him. Mr. Shen replied that he didn’t know. Chairman Jiang then asked if Zi Hong hated Mr. Shen. He didn’t know either but he said Zi Hong didn’t call him “Dad” anymore. Chairman Jiang said that Zi Hong had gone overboard, and continued on with how Zi Hong could hate him but shouldn’t hate Mr. Shen.

Then it was back to Zi Hong and Miao Miao again. Miao Miao was saying how she finally learned of her father’s real death cause. She understood why her grandpa was so upset, and even conjured up such a plan. After some more pondering about Grandpa Yang and her situation, they moved on to discuss Zi Hong and Jiang Jian Ming. Miao Miao pondered if Zi Hong wanted to know about the other reason that Mr. Shen adopted Zi Hong was because of Jiang Jian Ming wanting him to. Zi Hong admitted it. He then recounted one of the times he followed Miao Miao during high school. That was the time that he had told Miao Miao before. The time he almost followed her to her home yet didn’t want to enter. He gave up and went to visit his mother yet didn’t want to come in. He then turned back out to the old path to exit the place. Yet he spotted his mother being wheeled by someone. That person looked familiar from behind and when that person turned around, he realized it was Jiang Jian Ming. Jiang Jian Ming probably thought it was safe to visit that day. Zi Hong didn’t know what Jiang Jian Ming was saying to his mother but also saw the man cried. He guessed that Jiang Jian Ming was his father. Then Zi Hong talked about his conflicting feelings at times with Jiang Jian Ming.

So they finally escorted Zhang Guo Tang to the secret headquarter. Before getting out of the van, Dong Han had used his phone. It was kind of hard to tell which one though. Yet Xiao He’s call to Chen Jie after they got out of the van confirmed that it was the secret cell phone Dong Han used on several occasions already. Chen Jie reassured Xiao He that Zhang Guo Tang was already handcuffed and secured already so it wasn’t his cell phone or anything like that. Xiao He wanted Chen Jie to come and check it out. Chen Jie told Dong Han and Ah Gang to be careful as he told Zi Yan to follow him. When they entered the control room, Xiao He quickly pointed out the signal of an unknown cell phone appearing on the radar. Zi Yan spoke up to say what if it wasn’t Zhang Guo Tang’s. Back outside, Dong Han and Ah Gang were dragging Zhang Guo Tang in. Zhang Guo Tang asked to go to the restroom. Ah Gang turned him down, telling him to wait. Zhang Guo Tang continued with taunting them. Ah Gang didn’t want to play games with him. As he turned to taunt Dong Han, Xiao He was saying how if it wasn’t Zhang Guo Tang, it could be Dong Han or Ah Gang. Chen Jie said it couldn’t be Dong Han. Xiao He was pondering about Ah Gang. Zi Yan said they should be careful and alert the other two regarding some suspicious activities. Chen Jie agreed, telling Zi Yan to call Dong Han and he would call Ah Gang. So while Ah Gang was pushing Zhang Guo Tang along, Dong Han fell back and turned off his secret cell phone. He then tackled Ah Gang, apologizing to him and took his gun before freeing Zhang Guo Tang. Zhang Guo Tang said he recognized Dong Han’s voice. Dong Han told him that they didn’t have much time so he shouldn’t spout nonsense. Inside the control room, Xiao He couldn’t scan the signals from the secret cell phone anymore. That was when Chen Jie told Zi Yan to go and check it out.

Dong Han led Zhang Guo Tang outside yet it wasn’t to release him. He tossed Zhang Guo Tang a wooden tag, telling him to read the names on the tag. Those were his family members. So while Dong Han was confronting Zhang Guo Tang, Chen Jie and Zi Yan finally found Ah Gang on the floor. They rushed over to him and asked about what happened. Ah Gang blurted out “Dong Han”. Zi Yan asked him what happened to Dong Han. Ah Gang said that Dong Han was the mole. That sure shocked the other two. However, what was more shocking was what Dong Han did next outside. After Dong Han told Zhang Guo Tang about the three people who were killed twenty years ago, Dong Han said they were waiting for him. Dong Han retrieved his gun and shot Zhang Guo Tang. It wasn’t too surprising, considering his past actions. It was still shocking in the sense that it was Zhang Guo Tang, and it was right there. Zhang Guo Tang definitely didn’t see that coming. The other three heard the shot, but only Chen Jie and Zi Yan rushed outside to check. Dong Han, of course, fled. He was indeed cautious and natural. He walked out of there like nothing happened. He only had to dodge Chen Jie and Zi Yan, after all, considering how he was still a cop to the other officers so they only rushed by him to check things out when they heard the gunshot.  When Chen Jie and Zi Yan were by Zhang Guo Tang’s body, Chen Jie was beyond himself. He blurted out, “How could it be Dong Han?” He had every right to be furious, considering how he’d been so deceived. Yet he was still their leader and quickly called Xiao He up. Then he rushed out of there, making up for the lost time–with Zi Yan in toll. As for Dong Han, he tossed his badge and phones (yes, both the official one and the secret one) and got in his car to escape. And what was so grand about it was that he deceived the guards along the path too, saluting to them as he drove past. Then there was Chen Jie and Zi Yan, rushing outside–with Chen Jie yelling out Dong Han’s name with much rage.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Yang and Ms. Liu finally made it back to their place. Ms. Liu was convincing Grandpa Yang not to be upset, saying that Miao Miao was also right with her thoughts. She also reminded Grandpa Yang that he initially didn’t want Miao Miao too involved. Before long, Grandpa Yang’s cell phone rang. It was Dong Han calling in. Dong Han had called Grandpa Yang “Teacher.” (So he had another backup phone. Okay, that made sense. He had to be prepared, considering how he was in a dangerous spot.) Dong Han first reassured Grandpa Yang that it was safe since he was using a different phone to call. Then he asked to speak to his mother. Grandpa Yang placed him on speaker. Dong Han told his mother that the cops will come to look for her soon. She asked why, and he had to confess that he just killed Zhang Guo Tang. He said that Zhang Guo Tang was out of control already so Zhang Guo Tang would rat them out regardless. Dong Han then told his mother to tell the cops that she didn’t know anything if they were to ask. He also told them that Project Returning Home must be carried out to the end and that he could take the blame/face the punishment if it were to come to that. He said his next step was to take along Yong Mei as a hostage. Grandpa Yang told him not to go too far. He said that it was too slow, and then he confessed to the other two murders. He said it would even out with his family members. Grandpa Yang told him he and Zhang Guo Tang were the same now, both were equally insane. Dong Han said that he couldn’t let his teacher take the fall for it, because he knew Grandpa Yang would have to take care of Zhang Guo Tang sooner or later, considering how Zhang Guo Tang was a threat to their side too (possibly exposing them and preventing them from carrying out the plans). He continued by saying how he didn’t have a choice anymore but to proceed with the next step. Grandpa Yang pointed out that Yong Mei was innocent. Grandpa Yang said that Zi Hong and Miao Miao already agreed to join and would go confront Jiang Jian Ming. Dong Han said that with Yong Mei, they have a higher rate of success. He also didn’t want to wait anymore. Ms. Liu was beyond tears now, begging Dong Han not to do it. Yet Dong Han said he couldn’t wait anymore, and hung up after a few more words. Grandpa Yang finally realized what he had done with dragging in the third generation. He said if he had carried out the plan himself, this wouldn’t happen. He then turned to Ms. Liu and apologized to her.

Dong Han proceeded as planned. He got to the Luo resident and flashed out his smile to the officers on duty and breezed past the entrance in no time. As he entered the place, he called out Yong Mei’s name several times. It wasn’t long before Yong Mei stepped out to greet him with her usual bright smile. What now?

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12 thoughts on “The New World: Episode 13

  1. Percy says:

    This episode is such a ride, man. The already complex relationships got more complex. I had a hunch that Jiang Jian Ming could be Zi Hong’s father but I’m still so surprised. The age gap… But obviously it’s not going to work, because Jiang Jian Ming wouldn’t care even if Zi Hong is his son.

    I actually rewatched some of the previous episodes and everything seem to fall into place, including how Ah Gong was so offended when Zi Hong accused him…So he was the mastermind behind everything afterall!! I just wanted to swear. So he protected Miao Miao from everything, the hatred, revenge, plotting, but not Dong Han!! What were these people thinking?! Zhang Guo Tang and his minions weren’t even the main culprit. I feel so sad for Dong Han right now, but I’m still averse to the things he’s about to do. Isn’t three lives enough? By putting the whole city at stake…it’s the least I wanted to see.

    And poor Zi Yan! Having to find out her boyfriend is a traitor over a dead body. Not to mention a murderer! I’ll have to pull out enough tissues for the next episode. WHY ON EARTH ARE THEY FACING OFF EACH OTHER??!! I don’t want either of them hurt!! I know I know, I watched all of the previews but I can’t help being torn down inside.

    This is a bummer, but it’s a sad ending, period.

    1. DTLCT says:

      I totally agree on the whole Ah Gong protecting Miao Miao YET he didn’t think to do the same for Dong Han. Possibly because it was his own grand-daughter versus Dong Han was just another guy? Or more like he liked to use the excuse of Dong Han avenging his parents and brother so it seemed okay to include Dong Han? I think he trained Dong Han well to do the dirty works for him. OR he was just bizarre. What was crazy and ironic about it was how he said he would resort to anything when he was standing in front of Zi Hong and Miao Miao, talking about the plans YET he later told Dong Han over the phone NOT to do anything rash. What? He messed up Dong Han real bad. All right, I know Dong Han’s his own person and should be responsible for his own actions, BUT I think Ah Gong’s rage sort of fueled his hatred more.

      Dong Han and Zi Yan facing off – I wonder if the part where Zi Yan got shot was because of Dong Han. Wahhhh…that means it would be hard to forgive him. Well, it’s a SAD ending for them if the wrap up isn’t clever or attempts to explain or undo all damages. But regardless, Miao Miao and Zi Hong got the better ending all right. I know I’m petty to be picking on them again. But I couldn’t help but think if Zi Hong wanting to let go of the violence/revenge schemes was because of what Miao Miao said OR was it because he wanted to let his father off? Yeah, yeah, I got it that poor Zi Hong had to face so many tragedies too, but I was just feeling sore that Dong Han got the worst fate ever.

      Oh yeah, I think Zi Yan wouldn’t have it any other way so the face-off made sense. She can’t let anyone else do it, because she has to be the one confronting him first.

      Regardless of how bad or tragic it’s going to turn out, I think Dong Han and Zhang Guo Tang were the main two who ended up driving the plot forward for the past few episodes or since whenever. Because seriously, from the beginning, it kept jumping back and forth between Zi Hong’s triangles OR it was Zi Hong and Miao Miao’s arguments/making up. I’m sorry, it’s a cop/crime series, I don’t want to see those side unnecessary scenes dragging episode after episode.

      1. Percy says:

        Truthfully, I never worried for Zi Hong and Miao Miao, because whenever did the main leads not get the good end of the stick, huh? They get to be the good guys and the hero. So in the end I guess Dong Han’s approach won’t work and they will have to maneuver the truth out of Jiang Jian Ming plus stop Dong Han from blowing up the place. It’s so unfair. Oh and Jiayuan died for nothing, because although Zhang Guo Tang is a bloody criminal the ultimate blame isn’t on him anyway, urgh.

        Anyway, who are you betting to be Xiao Cao? My bet is still on Zi Yan although they keep dropping these (fake) hints that Yong Mei is a great possibility. Please, Yong Mei, no one wants to know your secret. Lol. It’s much more dramatic if they make Zi Yan Xiao Cao, since she’s already in this epic showdown with Dong Han. No more Yong Mei/Dong Han insipidity, yawn.

        Seriously, this script is imbalanced. They create the dramatic face-off of the whole series for the pair that gets the least screen time? I mean, it would make sense if it was Zi Hong and Miao Miao doing it, seeing that they had all these tedious arguing angsty scenes beforehand and now they’re just being comfy with each other’s company? Whereas Zi Yan and Dong Han rarely gets scenes together and they have zero(sorry, that’s an exaggeration on my part) build up and then they were asked to do each other in? Where’s the angst? Where’s the overflooding of previously accumulated emotions? It’s not enough for the general non-ZY/DH-loving audience.

        1. DTLCT says:

          OMG, I think in one of my past posts that I did regarding Xiao Cao, I had guessed it was a possibility it could be Yong Mei, because that was the only reason it could make sense with stopping Dong Han from proceeding forward with his mad plan AND actually feel guilty for dragging her into it all. Because it’s just too WAY past the reasonable persuasion point, he can’t turn back. Well, Zi Yan could get him to do it but because of the previews and how he would eventually blow out the power source, I don’t know if they could turn the plot around for him anymore. Unless they say that someone else blew up the place. But still, he committed 3 murders SO good luck on getting out unharmed.

          Regarding Zi Hong and Miao Miao – Honestly and meanly (lol, is that even a word?), I never cared for Zi Hong and Miao Miao’s romance. Zi Hong alone and his mystery and his story with his mother? I was intrigued since he started investigating. But Miao Miao, no thanks.

          And if I were in charge of editing or manipulating the plot, I would have cut it 8 episodes just like their previous production, editing out all Miao Miao/Zi Hong soapy makeups/arguments. I don’t mean to cut them out as characters but just make it less repetitive and focus on the main plot.

          They seriously kept Zi Yan’s identity or whatever else of her secret background in the dark for too long. I just hope they tell us the reason why they reduced her screen time soon. OR just plain cut us loose already. ‘Cause it is indeed annoying. So yeah, two more eps. But how could they do it? They have about an hour each episode, so better make it interesting instead of just dragging out more Zi Hong and Miao Miao scenes. I initially sort of like how they do flashbacks and let us into Zi Hong’s world, i.e. his scenes of how he felt and coped after his mother ended up like that. But it seemed to be just dragging on as episode fillers now. I don’t see them focusing on Dong Han’s inner emotions or Zi Yan’s world. But then again, if Zi Yan’s Xiao Cao, they needed to keep it a secret. But seriously? If Xiao Cao’s a major character, they should let it out already. The series is almost over. Okay, so they had to keep some of Dong Han’s stuffs a mystery because of how we learned several eps back that he was responsible for some stuffs, but I felt they wasted his story regarding the Yong Mei involvement for nothing. The ending better be epic or I would swear off Director Huang’s productions for good, lol.

          Oh, almost forgot about Jia Yuan. I rather Zhang Guo Tang’s the main culprit BECAUSE that would make it less stupid. Like you already said, Jia Yuan’s death was for nothing. Or more like I’m back to blaming Ah Gong for her death since he brought Zhang Guo Tang back. Ah Gong better pay for it. I don’t care how old he is. He started the madness.

          1. Percy says:

            Well, you’re right because Dong Han doesn’t care for Yong Mei, what he does care about is his guilt of one day having to kidnap her, and she is an innocent person. But regarding Dong Han’s ending, I’m inclined toward a sad ending for the show being realistic and reflective of society and all. Do you remember in one of the previews Yong Mei asked Zi Yan whether Dong Han liked her as well(seriously, girl, as well? Whatever fantasy were you putting into your head?) and Zi Yan was on her ear and saying it’s a secret? I can’t help having this ominous thought that Dong Han would eventually die as befitting a tragic antihero’s catharsis.
            Dong Han’s portrayal and mystery are reasonably acceptable, because as you said he’s one of the main drives for the plot and it keeps the suspense. Dong Han’s revelation is an important kernel so naturally it’s held back, so consequentially his inner world is held back as well because that would leak the story, plus at least they have Dong Han pining for Zi Hong’s attention(sorry that sounded gay). For Zi Yan, I just couldn’t see the harm from giving us the info on her identity. Even if it’s Yong Mei, I still think there’s no need for them to keep the fact that she’s Xiao Cao away from us. Unless, Xiao Cao carries the final piece of important lead towards the truth Jiang Jian Ming’s hiding, then it would explain the choice. But for the moment, Zi Yan and Yong Mei are still behaving like outsiders all this time it doesn’t make sense. They have to give us something to chew on. Why haven’t we got that? Why does Xiao Cao exist at all? Lol. I seriously hope we get some answers next episode and not the last.

          2. DTLCT says:

            I seriously hope it’s the next episode too! It’s driving my patience to the extreme with the suspense. I meant suspense is good in a sense, but it had dragged on long enough.

            Oh, that scene with Zi Yan and Yong Mei, yeah. That part was really creepy/ominous/haunting. But that scene with Dong Han and Zi Yan meeting up again and hugging, I thought that would be like the ending. Or would that be a hopeful part of Zi Yan’s imagination?

            Regarding Xiao Cao, good point on why they have to hold Xiao Cao’s identity a secret until now. Hope that means the secret with her identity played a big part. In one of the trailers, I saw Zi Yan talking to Ah Gong and he advised her to be careful about something, I forgot. But I thought that would make sense if she’s Xiao Cao and another piece of puzzle that he used to get his ‘grand’ plan going? shrugs That’s just a far-fetch guess from the little scene.

            If Yong Mei’s Xiao Cao, I’m guessing she might have lost her memory after the accident, and her new family thought it suitable to protect her from any connections to the past hence it made sense with the note Dong Han said he got earlier? shrugs

  2. Percy says:

    Some viewers thought that Zi Yan and Ah Gong scene was just a montage of Ah Gong speaking to Miao Miao and another Zi Yan scene. Dunno.

    But I don’t like the idea of Yong Mei losing her memory, that’s so cliche. And I’m really questioning Jiang Jian Ming’s motives for taking Xiao Cao under his wing. That’s just…(shivers) creepy.

    1. DTLCT says:

       photo dhm_scene27.jpg
      Possible, but there still two episodes so I just want to see if it does come up at all.

      The losing memory formula is indeed very cliche and overused. SO yes, I don’t want it to be that way either, but screenwriters love to use that one as an easy way out. That’s why I’m even putting that in.

      About the ending, I agree that it’s better to reflect reality/society, etc. So death might be a path for Dong Han. However, I hope everything makes sense at the end. If it turns out to be some lame misunderstanding or some easy way out, I would be so pissed off. Well, it is a misunderstanding with the incident of twenty years ago actually being an accident, but it’s just for that one-time situation. People still got hurt or died. Like I said in my post, what do they expect with standing in the middle of the road like that on a rainy/slippery day? So it’s not like all are that innocent. But what about the whole other conspiracy that Jiang Jian Ming seemed to be behind? Again, it better makes sense once it’s out. I get it that sometimes in life, it’s just plain lame and not everything has an explanation. But they (the show creators) put us through so much already for 13 episodes, they better have a nice twist to it all.

  3. Percy says:

    Have you seen ep14’s synopsis? It seems like it’s close to what I predicted. Xiao Cao does have the ultimate answer/clue. I will kill the director if Zi Yan is anyone other than Xiao Cao ><

    1. DTLCT says:

      Glimpsed it a bit but didn’t really want to read the whole thing, LOL! Sometimes when I read too much, it discourages me from watching, lol. So yeah.

  4. Percy says:

    Hi DTLCT,
    Wondering if you’ve seen the new episode yet. I’ve nearly died of frustration and shock.

    1. DTLCT says:

      Whoa! Sounds extreme! But then again, the past few eps have been quite frustrating so I don’t blame you. And no, I haven’t seen it yet. I had to attend a birthday party yesterday so need to catch up. Will try to watch in the morning.


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