The New World: Episode 6

*WARNING*: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, please DO NOT read. You have been warned.

This episode, unlike the past, didn’t repeat some of the previous parts or continued from the previous scene but ended up going toward another scene. Chen Jie and Chief Zheng were having a meeting with just the two of them. Chief Zheng was saying how trust couldn’t be bought with money or based upon someone’s status. Then he went into asking Chen Jie about his opinions of the rest of the team. Chen Jie said that he agreed with Zi Yan that there was indeed a mole among them all. Chen Jie also said that he trusted Zi Yan yet not so much with Dong Han. (Um, that justified his slapping Zi Yan previously?) Chief Zheng warned Chen Jie that he was treading into a very serious territory after he conjectured that Dong Han was probably trying to bid some time with leading them around in circles by opening the old case while trying to report to Zhang Guo Tang of their latest moves. Chief Zheng said that he trusted Chen Jie–and that Chen Jie should give the others more time to trust him as well. Then Chief Zheng received a call from his senior. It was Miao Miao’s grandpa. Chief Zheng obviously had to go tend to it, so the meeting was halted.

Meanwhile, Zi Yan came to Dong Han’s room to talk. She asked if he was leaving just because Chen Jie told him to. Dong Han said he could still investigate on his own, without having to see Chen Jie’s face. Zi Yan said that their boss was back, and he was talking to Chen Jie at that point. Zi Yan also said that she already talked to their boss, explaining to him of their actions. She disclosed that Chen Jie didn’t have any power over them, only their boss did. Therefore, Dong Han didn’t need to leave. Dong Han contradicted her by saying that no one had any power over his staying or leaving. After saying that, he left since he was done packing. However, Zi Yan reached out to grab a hold of his hand, stopping him. Dong Han obviously looked annoyed with her action. She told him that Yong Mei won’t let him leave, because she knew that Yong Mei likes him. He didn’t seem to care (or maybe he was still fuming from the fight with Chen Jie earlier), so he told Zi Yan to apologize to Yong Mei for him. Zi Yan tried another tactic, telling Dong Han that what if she wanted him to stay. He turned around to look at her once again before saying that it would be the same, he apologized to her as well. Yet she didn’t let go of him. In fact, she grabbed on even tighter than before. Then what she did next stunned him even more than all her previous actions. He no longer looked pissed off, but his face mirrored that of shock. What did she do? She gave him a kiss on the cheek before letting go of him. Yet he didn’t leave. He was still standing there, thinking of what just happened. He finally spoke up, asking her what she was doing. She didn’t know either, but she only knew that it felt lonely to be there yet it was fine afterward because of him. That was it, and she smiled. His expression was back to annoyed. He told her that she shouldn’t have any type of fantasies toward him because she would eventually be disappointed. She asked him why. But when he turned to face her, trying to get his point across, her phone rang. It was their boss. After Zi Yan got off the phone, she told Dong Han that Zhang Guo Tang had attacked again. It was the previous incident regarding Miao Miao. Zi Yan asked Dong Han if he still wanted to leave. He tossed his bag back on his bed before heading off to the scene with Zi Yan.

At the newspaper place, Miao Miao was still in shock and Zi Hong was waiting for the others to arrive. At that same time, Jia Yuan was seen preparing some milk tea for Miao Miao to calm her nerves. Miao Miao’s grandpa soon arrived, and Miao Miao rushed to his side, seeking some comfort. Soon, Miao Miao’s grandpa focused on Zi Hong. He wanted to thank Zi Hong for saving his granddaughter and offered a hand for Zi Hong to shake, which Zi Hong avoided completely and walked away. When Chief Zheng arrived with the others, they were stationed outside while Chief Zheng went in to do the questioning. Chief Zheng was pondering why Zhang Guo Tang was targeting Miao Miao. Miao Miao’s grandpa had two theories: a) because Miao Miao and Yong Mei were coworkers hence wanting to get to Miao Miao or b) Miao Miao was investigating Zhang Guo Tang hence Zhang Guo Tang wanted to give her a warning. Chief Zheng was surprised that Miao Miao didn’t contribute yet, considering her nature. Miao Miao soon jumped in to say that her grandpa had stopped her from investigating. Chief Zheng asked Miao Miao why she thought that the attacker wanted to kill her. She said Zi Hong said so, and even she thought that was exaggerating.

Outside, Zi Yan was taking Zi Hong’s statements while the others were dusting for prints. Dong Han walked over to the two while Zi Yan carried on with her questioning. She was asking how Zi Hong come to the conclusion that the attacker was going for the kill and not just kidnapping or other reasons. Zi Hong said that the other party didn’t care to wear a mask or tried to conceal himself because it seemed like the other person saw no need for it. Yes, going for the kill so it didn’t matter if Miao Miao saw his face or not. Zi Yan jotted down some notes before telling Zi Hong to sign if he didn’t have any problems with it. Zi Hong hesitated before taking his hands out of his pockets to sign. It was also then that Zi Yan realized he had hurt his hand. It was probably from the fight earlier. Zi Yan asked him how bad was his injury, suggesting that he head to the hospital to have it checked out. He said no need before rushing off. Zi Yan and Dong Han looked worried. Zi Yan even voiced her opinion about how much blood Zi Hong was losing–and wanted to rush after him yet Dong Han stopped her. He said he would. He increased his pace and asked Zi Hong where his car was, wanting to send Zi Hong to the hospital himself. He said he insisted so even if Zi Hong gave him a fierce look, it didn’t matter. While all that was going on, Zi Yan stood by with an amused smile on her face. And while they were on their way, Dong Han loosened his tie and tried to make conversation, but Zi Hong wasn’t biting. Not the least bit. But Zi Hong had to face Miao Miao’s wrath over the phone when Jia Yuan called him. Miao Miao questioned him why he was so impolite with her grandpa. She wanted to meet up later to straighten things out. He couldn’t say no. (And before that, Chief Zheng had a talk with Miao Miao’s grandpa, wanting to ask if he and Zhang Guo Tang had any disagreements in the past that had led to Zhang Guo Tang targeting Miao Miao. None at this point, but Chief Zheng promised to send a team over to protect Miao Miao all the same.)

Zi Yan was finally free and came inside to comfort Miao Miao. She found Miao Miao and Jia Yuan joking and laughing so she was reassured that Miao Miao was no longer frightened. Miao Miao joked that she had internal injuries, and wanted sweets to soothe those injuries after Zi Yan asked if she was still able to write. Zi Yan soon brought out some sweets to bribe both Miao Miao and Jia Yuan. After some more joking, Zi Yan and Miao Miao sat down at the table to talk while Jia Yuan prepared a teacup for Zi Yan. Zi Yan explained that she often ate sweets (from the tube she brought out earlier) when she didn’t have time for a meal. She soon handed Miao Miao a tissue to wipe her mouth (from the chocolate residues that she just snacked on). Zi Yan also grabbed a tissue to wipe her pen. Miao Miao saw the blood residues on the pen and asked if Zi Yan was injured. Zi Yan said no, it was from Zi Hong’s. That was when Jia Yuan brought over the teacup for Zi Yan and had to stop short upon hearing that Zi Hong was injured. Miao Miao was also no longer smiling. Of course, Zi Yan saw Miao Miao’s reaction and immediately asked Miao Miao about it. Miao Miao, of course, didn’t know about it. She probably had put two and two together, understanding why Zi Hong didn’t shake her grandpa’s hand earlier.

Elsewhere, Dong Han was saying how luckily Zi Hong was there to save Miao Miao or she would’ve been done for already. Dong Han asked if Zi Hong knew why Zhang Guo Tang was targeting Miao Miao. Dong Han stated that Zhang Guo Tang had been overseas lately so he couldn’t have any grudges with Miao Miao. Zi Hong pointed out it could have to do with her grandpa. Dong Han asked Zi Hong what their grudges were and Zi Hong told Dong Han not to ask him. Dong Han said that Zi Hong must know a lot. He asked if Zi Hong still remembered the accident of twenty years ago–and if Zi Hong wanted to seek revenge. He then mentioned Zi Hong’s mother, and if it wasn’t for the accident, his mother would still be normal, living her life, etc. Zi Hong asked where Dong Han was going and he could drop Dong Han off before walking away. Dong Han walked after Zi Hong, images of the past flashed in his mind. He was indeed hurting as bad as Zi Hong, and possibly worst because he had lost both of his parents. From his eyes, it could be seen that he wanted to reach out and reconnect with his childhood friend, but couldn’t.

At the Yang resident, the confrontation between Zi Hong and Miao Miao finally occurred. Miao Miao was, of course, upset over the fact that Zi Hong didn’t tell her that he was injured. She not only chided him for not telling her, but she had to hear it from someone else of his injury. Grandpa Yang soon came and dissolved the matter. They all sat down at the table afterward and Grandpa Yang got right down to business, saying that he heard Miao Miao said that Zi Hong wanted to ask him some questions. Zi Hong whipped out a piece of paper that he had acquired when he was in high school. It was the list with all the names of the ones who signed, agreeing to move out 20 years ago regarding the land redevelopment project. Apparently, Miao Miao had already asked him regarding the matter earlier, but he wanted to wait for Zi Hong before answering. Grandpa Yang said at first he didn’t want to sign either but he was told by his superior to do it, and that it was an order. After he did it, even his son scolded him. Yet because he had some reputation at that time around town so the townspeople soon signed, except for 3 households, which were Xiao Cao’s family, Xi Shuai’s family, and Zi Hong’s mother. Grandpa Yang asked if Zi Hong wanted to make him pay for what had happened. Zi Hong said he’d guessed that already so he wanted to ask Grandpa Yang another question. He wanted to know what Project Jing Hai (靖海計劃) was. Grandpa Yang said he didn’t know. Zi Hong couldn’t believe that he didn’t know, considering how it was probably linked to the redevelopment project. He said that before the signing, everyone was against the project, even Grandpa Yang himself (just like what Grandpa Yang said earlier). Yet afterward, Grandpa Yang just signed away. Grandpa Yang reminded Zi Hong that he had no choice but to obey at that time because it was an order from his superior. But Zi Hong wasn’t satisfied with the answer. Zi Hong said what was suspicious was how afterward, Grandpa Yang had a promotion. He suspected those incidents were linked, and it had to do with Project Jing Hai, considering how the files were sealed regarding that. Grandpa Yang lost his patience and lashed out at Zi Hong, telling Zi Hong that he’d been honest all his life, etc. But Zi Hong said he just wanted to know about Project Jing Hai, not caring what Grandpa Yang’s reputation was on the surface. It got to the point that Miao Miao had to stop the fight and told Zi Hong to stop attacking her grandpa. Zi Hong told the two that he would continue to investigate regardless before leaving the place.

Back at the secret headquarter, they had another meeting. Chen Jie said that Zi Hong and Miao Miao had already confirmed of Miao Miao’s attacker–and that they could disregard the reason for the attack being that Miao Miao was a newspaper reporter. Chen Jie further disclosed that Zhang Guo Tang, Yang Yong Zhao (楊永照 – aka Grandpa Yang), Jiang Jian Ming, and Shen You Fu (Zi Hong’s adopted father) were all from the same town. They didn’t want to admit their relations, but there was a definite link. Chen Jie suspected that Zhang Guo Tang’s main target wasn’t Jiang Jian Ming, but Yang Yong Zhao. Chief Zheng asked Chen Jie what he thought the reason was for the attacks. Chen Jie conjectured that it was either because of the whole cop/gangster relation that they could never break from, or it was because they were in a conspiracy together. Dong Han interrupted Chen Jie with his snarky remarks, saying that Chen Jie was once again trying to push blame on fellow cops. He used Chen Jie as an example, stating that he could just suspect Chen Jie because of his behaviors, and listed the way Chen Jie was doing with trying to kick him and Zi Yan off the team. Yet he said he chose to believe Chen Jie because Chen Jie was a fellow cop. Chen Jie said he wasn’t falling for Dong Han’s trap. Before it got any more out of hand, Chief Zheng jumped in to stop them from fighting, and even stated his reason for believing Yang Yong Zhao, because he said Yang Yong Zhao wouldn’t accept any money from anyone – even if his son had been hospitalized due to illness and ended up dying, etc. Chen Jie relented and said he was just guessing. Chief Zheng said he understood yet he wasn’t buying it. He said why didn’t they just plain suspect him too, considering how they already suspected Yang Yong Zhao. They were all quiet by that time, and Chen Jie once again sent Dong Han an evil glare. Yet Zi Yan soon broke the intensity by drawing out the formulas on the board, stating that the third possibility with Zhang Guo Tang’s attacks was to test them (aka their team). It was because Yang Yong Zhao was also currently a consultant to the police hence attacking him could be part of the whole testing the police force, not because of a personal reason. Indeed, that got the others thinking even more. It was about playing games with the police, not just some personal grudge with Jiang Jian Ming or Yang Yong Zhao.

While Miao Miao and Grandpa Yang were eating dinner at home and talking about the disagreements earlier with Zi Hong, Zi Hong was home talking to Jia Yuan. She, of course, worried for him and asked about his wound. They talked some more and ended up joking around. She noticed how he was so close to Miao Miao and wondered if they were friends for a long time. He admitted it yet dodged her question about his relationship or lack of one. Zi Hong finally confided in Jia Yuan of his high school crush when Jia Yuan promised not to tell anyone. He described how he followed her from behind when they were riding their bikes, etc. Jia Yuan was disappointed that he didn’t make a move yet didn’t blame him too much since it was only two months. He corrected her by saying that it was two years, not two months. She was indeed shocked. After some more joking, they settled down. Then Zi Hong drove Jia Yuan home. As he walked her to her place, she hooked her hands through his, even stopping to look at their shadows before stating how it would be nice to keep continuing like that. He didn’t say anything. Soon after, she asked him about them being together, which he denied. She asked if he didn’t like her, and he said it wasn’t so. She soon let go of him and apologized. He said it really wasn’t so and when she asked him why, he stated that he couldn’t be depended on. He went on to say that he treated her like his little sister. She made her request again about them getting together. She said that they could leave the place together with Xuan Xuan. He said he couldn’t leave yet. She asked if it was because of Miao Miao. He said it wasn’t like that, but it didn’t have to do with Miao Miao. She apologized and said it was all right before biding him goodbye and good night. They went their separate ways, but she soon texted him. The message said that it was all right that he didn’t tell her the reason why, but she promised him that she wouldn’t bring it up again in the future. She also hoped that he would be happy.

Hua Jie soon appeared, offering Jia Yuan a handkerchief and asked who had upset her. They moved on to discuss business. Hua Jie asked if Jia Yuan could travel, and Jia Yuan said no, considering how there was still Xuan Xuan. Hua Jie had other alternatives. Jia Yuan said she could do all that was asked, but she still wanted to work for the newspaper place from time to time, on top of caring for Xuan Xuan. Hua Jie promised.

Back at the Yang resident, Yong Mei came to see Miao Miao, asking about her well being. Yong Mei then apologized for dragging Miao Miao into the situation. Yet Miao Miao said it didn’t have anything to do with Yong Mei. Yong Mei was still feeling guilty about it, not convinced and knew that Miao Miao was just reassuring her. Yet Yong Mei soon turned to Dong Han and said that she knew it would soon end because the team was there to protect them and solve the case. And then when they got to the Luo resident, Yong Mei asked Dong Han when it would all end. Dong Han hesitated before saying that he didn’t know. She wanted him and Zi Yan to go and protect Miao Miao yet he told her that their orders were to protect her. Seeing her devastated state, Dong Han soon told her that they had come to the conclusion that this situation wasn’t related to her. He said it was because Grandpa Yang being a cop previously that Zhang Guo Tang wanted to target and test the cops, not having to do with Yong Mei’s side. Yong Mei burst out saying that she didn’t know what was Zhang Guo Tang’s problems with targeting people, but she told Dong Han to pass the words to his superiors to protect Miao Miao or she’ll…she had to stop herself from lashing out at Dong Han, considering how it wasn’t his fault. It was hard to blame her for the outburst because of recent events surrounding her and her family and friends, but she seriously was starting to sound like her mother, lol. She needed some time to pull herself together before apologizing to Dong Han for her actions, but he said it was no problem. She then asked him for his help tomorrow, and surprisingly, he agreed. And interestingly, he turned that sweet smile off after he left the Luo resident and got into his car. He was being followed by Chen Jie while he was driving away from the resident. However, he wasn’t heading back to the headquarter but went to a public phone and used a phone card to make a call. Chen Jie was still spying.

Next morning, Zi Yan was seen carrying two cups of beverage while Ah Gang was working at his desk. It was soon revealed that Zi Yan’s other cup was for Dong Han. He was working at his desk also and had stopped briefly to stare at Zi Yan before resuming his work. Yet he soon grabbed onto Zi Yan’s cup for him and placed it on the other side of his desk. Chen Jie was still watching Dong Han from upstairs. He soon descended the steps and called for everyone’s attention. He said that they should fight back, not standing around and taking Zhang Guo Tang’s blows anymore. He told Ah Gang that Ah Gang didn’t need to go spy on Zhang Guo Tang’s henchman anymore and that he could leave it to other fellow cops. He told them Xiao He had some leads, and that he and Ah Gang should go check it out. He then turned to Dong Han and told Dong Han to follow them as well. Dong Han said that he was supposed to go with Yong Mei, but Chen Jie said it had been changed. Dong Han didn’t give up, saying that Yong Mei needed his help with something. Chen Jie returned it by saying how Zi Yan could take care of it. Dong Han said Chen Jie should ask Yong Mei about it. That got to Chen Jie, and he confronted Dong Han, wondering if Dong Han was using Yong Mei to put some pressure on him. Dong Han said he wasn’t trying to use any pressure on anyone. Chen Jie said that with the current situation, Dong Han didn’t have any say any more. Dong Han asked Chen Jie what he was trying to get at. Chen Jie asked Dong Han where Dong Han went after leaving the Luo resident. Dong Han said, of course, he came back to the headquarter, but Chen Jie said it wasn’t so. Dong Han got up and asked Chen Jie what he was getting at with following him, etc. Chen Jie asked who Dong Han was calling when he stopped to use the public phone. Dong Han said that he was calling home. Chen Jie pointed out why Dong Han didn’t use his cell phone. Dong Han said his cell phone had run out of battery. Chen Jie asked him why he didn’t wait to return to the headquarter to call, etc. Dong Han said his family’s schedule wasn’t as abnormal as his to be up at that time, considering what time he returned. He even urged Chen Jie to investigate, handing over his own cell phone. Chen Jie still didn’t believe Dong Han, asking Dong Han his family’s home phone. Dong Han chanted off the number, which matched the number on the piece of paper Chen Jie had jotted down. However, Chen Jie still declared that he didn’t believe Dong Han. He asked why Dong Han dialed it twice. Dong Han said he couldn’t get through hence trying again. Dong Han knew it was hopeless so he said he would do whatever Chen Jie told him to do. Then he turned to Zi Yan, saying that what he promised Yong Mei, he had to trouble Zi Yan to fulfill it for him. Zi Yan asked him what he had promised Yong Mei, but Dong Han said to ask Yong Mei, not him.

Meanwhile, Zi Hong finally took Miao Miao to see his mother. Miao Miao tried to communicate with the old lady, trying to resurrect her memory or movement by telling her of old stories. However, it was as useless as when Zi Hong communicated with her. Then Miao Miao helped Zi Hong with massaging his mother, trying to keep her muscles active. Miao Miao tried to make a conversation with Zi Hong again, especially about her grandpa. When they brought Zi Hong’s mother back to her room, Miao Miao discovered the old music snow globe on the desk. She was moved to tears that the music box was still there.

At the Luo resident, Chen Jie was trying to convince Yong Mei not to meddle into their internal affairs. However, Yong Mei stated her respect for the team and her gratitude for their protection, etc. She also went on further to say that if Dong Han wanted to harm her, he would’ve already, he didn’t need to wait for Zhang Guo Tang to make a move. She even recaptured the situation of how she and Miao Miao had been in danger. She rather believed in Dong Han with having jumped out to protect her than all the other cops, including Chen Jie. Then they went outside and Dong Han asked what was their conclusion. Yong Mei spoke up to tell Dong Han to follow her, and Zi Yan took the chance to gave Dong Han a thumbs up. So Yong Mei entered the car and Dong Han followed, turning to see Chen Jie still frowning at him. Yong Mei sent Zi Yan a sweet smile before the car sped off. Chen Jie then told Zi Yan to keep her distance from Dong Han, and it was for her own good. Zi Yan frowned again, asking if Chen Jie was still suspicious of Dong Han. Chen Jie said sometimes suspicions didn’t need an explanation before walking away. Zi Yan shook her head at him. And back in the car, Dong asked Yong Mei what she told Chen Jie earlier. Yong Mei had on a cunning smile and said she wasn’t going to tell him.

Elsewhere in another car, Miao Miao was giving Zi Hong a hard time again. It was hard to blame her, considering how he did kiss her that one time and then shrugged it off as if it was nothing. And he was still acting it was nothing unusual. The most important thing was it was her first kiss. He said it was also his. She didn’t care, and she said she was a girl after all. Okay, it trudged past relationships and all as well. She asked if he’d ever been in love. He said in high school. She asked if he liked that girl more or her. He said, of course, the other girl. She kicked him out of the car, lol. Then she took off. Then it was revealed in the flashback that his high school crush was actually Miao Miao. It was just that she didn’t realize it was him. Or more like she didn’t realize she was being stalked, lol. Zi Hong had on a secret smile as he headed back home. It showed that he was working on a new music card, which coincidentally got sent to a certain someone.

And that person got murdered. The special team arrived at the scene to check it out. The music card was still present at the scene, which Zi Yan picked up and asked the others about it. Was it really Zi Hong? Or was it Dong Han? Considering how Dong Han had previously come to Zi Hong’s lab and discovered a lot there.

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