The New World: Promo Clips

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Couldn’t resist so going to post. And it’s a delayed posting since I was holding back to see other pages’ updates, etc.

Introductions, they introduced themselves and their characters, plus take pictures.

(Clips Credit: eTV行動傳媒)

The hilarious thing about this part was how the male population didn’t get to talk much. Well, Ah Ben was able to get in a few words or so versus Pan Bo Xi was just holding the microphones and smiling, lol. Well, he got to talk more during the first clip though. So that wasn’t all lost, lol. Oh yeah, what was bugging me (sort of) was Pan Bo Xi’s bowtie and I was like why was he wearing that since he was obviously wearing another one (the one in the picture above) that looked better with his suit.

Then I soon figured out that the picture above was taken behind the scene for another event (above picture). And then I realized something else (yeah, absent-minded), that he was matching with Dou Hua Mei. Might just be for this promotional event and fitting into the relations to their characters so don’t say stuff like I’m trying to stir things up, lol. What was interesting though (yes, now I’m stirring things up, lol) was that he was seen getting Angela’s attention in the first part of the interview while Rabbit was talking. I swear, what was going on? It wasn’t until the second clip that he stopped since he had swapped places with Rabbit by then. Nice?

But yay! Finally, the whole cast (almost) got together to promote the drama.

*All images were from The New World’s Official Facebook Page, Dou Hua Mei’s Official Facebook Page, and Pan Bo Xi’s Official Facebook Page

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