The Official Meeting

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The second encounter between Xing Wang and Yin He was because of another misunderstanding. Yin He was on her way to meet a potential client while Xing Wang was just cruising around town on another adventure. Yin He misunderstood her client when that person decided to get ‘smart’ and told her of an ambiguous answer, causing her to think otherwise. An instruction of “Look around and check for the most handsome guy and that is me” caused Yin He to climb onto Xing Wang’s motorcycle while he was sitting casually on his motorcycle and looking afar for something to do. Surprised upon someone’s presence on his bike, he turned around to see her smiling at him. He was stunned into speechlessness. But he was secretly glad to have met her again so he rode off with her behind him.

It was until they were walking through a night market and eating various foods from different stalls that they got to know each other more. When Yin He playfully asked Xing Wang what she should call him by, “Xing Wang, Ah Wang, or…” He then requested that she called him “Sha Mao.” Although it sounded strange, she didn’t inquire any further. While they were talking happily, she received a call from her supposed client, Dino, and finally found out that she’d mistaken. Scolded by Dino, she apologized rapidly, trying to calm him down. Xing Wang, half jealous and half furious that someone should speak in such tones to Yin He, grabbed the phone from Yin He to shout back at Dino for his rude behaviors. It wasn’t until he hung up on Dino that he realized of his actions. He apologized while handing the phone back to her. She shrugged and disregarded it. However, she was a bit disappointed that she could not earn any money that day–because of the misunderstanding–and wanted to leave the scene. Eager for company, Xing Wang offered to pay her to take him on a tour around the city. They ran into Dino at the KTV lounge and had a dispute. Luckily, Xing Wang–with his martial arts–managed to fight them off and they fled to his motorcycle, making a clean getaway.

Finally safe at last, Xing Wang stopped casually at one of those shopping centers so they could rest. Pretending to be a money-grubber, Yin He window shopped at different boutiques, hoping that Xing Wang would catch the hint to purchase them for her. She even directly pointed out after he spoke up about it. However, being intelligent that he was, he was able to see through her act. He knew that she was not that kind of person. He then took her away from the scene and back to his bike. They rode through the streets and finally stopped at a library. After Xing Wang parked his bike, Yin He told him to hide–to which he was suspicious of, but still obeyed. An interesting scene unfolded because out came the security guard to give Yin He the key. He exchanged some words with her before disappearing again. Xing Wang watched from afar, amused at her schemes, emerged immediately with a bright smile on his face after the security guard was gone. Yin He returned the smile and jiggled the key in her hand to signify victory.

In the library, Yin He whipped out a lighter and started to light candles that were set around the table. She handed Xing Wang another lighter to help her with the task. Soon, they have the room lit up with such a romantic mood. It was so perfect for reading, right?

NOTE: Will add remaining images in the future (IF I can).

*All images were captured by DTLCT

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