The Two of Us (願望清單)

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It has been a long time since I watched anything relating to Ming Dao. But it was only one episode so I thought I gave it a go. Then I realize there were also some others in here that I enjoyed so the better. How was it? It was interesting, to say the least. It was confusing at first with some of the sequences and events going on. However, I got used to the style.

Anyway, this tele-movie reminded me of why Zhang Chen Guang is my all-time favorite Taiwanese actor. Each time he tried a new role, he always managed to impress. It was amazing to see how he acted out various scenes. The length of the drama didn’t mean it lacked depth because there was plenty of time for the development of characters and plot. In fact, because of the short length, it allowed for some of the crucial elements to come into play, instead of plugging in some unnecessary details over and over again in a longer drama.

Phoenix Chang was awesome as well in her performance. She totally brought out the many sides of her character in here. Her suffering was done alone for the most part, but out in the world, she covered it all up. Until she wasn’t able to take it anymore. Talking about that, the drama really covered the differences in how people cope through loss. Some cried it out, some just didn’t cry. Or was too numbed or tried to distract themselves with other stuff. It didn’t mean that one way or another was wrong. It was how they were. So who was to say that either party was wrong?

The theme of cheating was also covered in this drama. Although cheating had been done so many times in past dramas, this time, it brought us toward a different direction. I thought it was well done. There were too many complications going on. There were the wonderful feelings of past memories, but then came those feelings of betrayal, resentment, and much more.

I think that people who like happy dramas shouldn’t watch. Because you might be disappointed. Do not watch either if you think Ming Dao would be a big part of this. Well, he was in a sense, because his character held a key in the story–and he did quite well alongside the other veteran stars. However, he didn’t appear as much because this was definitely the stage for Phoenix Chang and Zhang Chen Guang. This was a great drama with the theme of reflection and other elements of life.

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